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An underground restaurant, sometimes known as a supper club or closed door restaurant, is a social dining eating establishment operated out of someone's home, generally (though not invariably) bypassing local zoning and health-code regulations. They are, in effect, paying dinner parties. They are usually advertised by word of mouth or guerilla advertising, often on Facebook, and may require references to make a reservation. An underground restaurant is also known as a guestaurant, which is a hybrid between being a guest in a dinner party and a restaurant.

Underground restaurants are popular in Latin America, where they're known as either a paladar or a restaurante de puertas cerradas (closed door restaurant). Depending on local licensing laws, they may or may not be illegal; either way, they've been built into the culture for decades, and often have higher standards than many licensed establishments.[1] They are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S.[2]

The attraction of the underground restaurant for the customer is the opportunity to sample new food, often at low cost outside the traditional restaurant experience,[3] which can be expensive and disappointing—underground restaurants have been described as "anti-restaurants." They also generally provide a more intimate, dinner party style experience. For the host, the benefit is to make some money and experiment with cooking without being required to invest in a restaurant proper. "It's literally like playing restaurant," one host told the San Francisco Chronicle, "You can create the event, and then it's over."[4]

By country[edit]


United Kingdom[edit]

In the UK, Underground Restaurants and Supper Clubs have started to blossom, with reviews in leading newspapers such as The Times and The Guardian. They range across the UK[12] but are mainly concentrated in London.[citation needed]

  • Parkholme Supper Club, London - the first UK charity supperclub, raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières[13]
  • The Underground Restaurant, London [14]
  • Charlie and Evelyn's Table, Edinburgh [12]
  • Kitchen Porter, Edinburgh [12]
  • The Underground Supper Club, Walthamstow - Dining on a London Underground Tube Carriage, London [15]
  • Find a Supper Club [16]

United States[edit]

  • Chef DAT Underground Dinners, Dallas, Texas[17]
  • FRANK, Dallas, Texas,[18] named "Best Restaurant in DFW" by Yelp,[19] and "Best of the City 2014" by Modern Luxury,[20]
  • CULINARY MISCHiEF, Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; London, United Kingdom; Florence, Italy [21][22][23]


  • Guerilla-Kochen – The first legalized underground restaurant in Germany serves fine menus with selected wines and accompanied by live music. "[24]
  • Zum röhrenden Hirsch - Underground Restaurant in Krefeld [25]
  • C like Chef - Underground Restaurant in Munich [26]

armeritta supper club // Dortmund
b.alive dinner club // Berlin
Ceci n'est pas un restaurant // Cologne
Ceci n'est pas un restaurant // Frankfurt
Chicoree // Dresden
Daniel's Eatery // Berlin
Die WeinKüche // Berlin
green cookery lounge // Düsseldorf
Hidden KItchen // Mainz
I EAT YOU // Berlin
innen schön rosa // Göttingen
Katchina Supper Club // Cologne
Kitchen Guerilla // Hamburg & Istanbul
Kouzina Marina // Cologne
Krauted Haus // Berlin
Magic Garden Supper Club // Düsseldorf
Metti una sera a cena // Berlin
Mother's Mother // Berlin
My Flying Table // Wildeshausen
Secret Supper Club // Munich
Secret Dinner // Hannover
Sophiencafé // Berlin
Sweet Potato Supper Club // Passau
The Bread Exchange // Berlin
The Green vs. The Greek // Berlin
Tischgeflüster // Augsburg
Zuhause // Berlin
Herdheimchen // Heilbronn


Spice Lounge Supper Club // Zürich

Hong Kong[edit]

First, Li Cheng's(崩牙成) underground restaurant, tradional Cantonese cruisine. .

In 1998, Liu Jien-Wei and Wang Hai couple restaurant, Sichuan cruisine,於上環鴨巴甸街

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