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Category:M-Rated Marvel Comics video gamesCategory:M-class destroyers (1913)Category:M-class destroyers of the Polish Navy
Category:M-class destroyers of the Turkish NavyCategory:M-estimatorsCategory:M-flo albums
Category:M-flo songsCategory:M-type asteroidsCategory:M-type bright giants
Category:M-type brown dwarfsCategory:M-type giantsCategory:M-type hypergiants
Category:M-type main-sequence starsCategory:M-type main sequence starsCategory:M-type stars
Category:M-type subdwarfsCategory:M-type supergiantsCategory:M.2
Category:M.A.C.E. Music albumsCategory:M.A.C.E. Music compilation albumsCategory:M.A.S.K.
Category:M.E.N.T. B.C. coachesCategory:M.I.A. (rapper)Category:M.I.A. (rapper) albums
Category:M.I.A. (rapper) concert toursCategory:M.I.A. (rapper) songsCategory:M.I High images
Category:M.Montt administrationCategory:M.Montt administration personnelCategory:M.O.D. albums
Category:M.O.P. albumsCategory:M.O.P. compilation albumsCategory:M. C. Escher
Category:M. E. Sharpe academic journalsCategory:M. Pokora albumsCategory:M. Pokora songs
Category:M. R. JamesCategory:M. Ward albumsCategory:M101 Group
Category:M109 GroupCategory:M15-class monitorsCategory:M1 motorway service stations
Category:M20 motorway service stationsCategory:M25 motorway service stationsCategory:M29-class monitors
Category:M2M albumsCategory:M2M songsCategory:M2 motorway service stations
Category:M3 motorway service stationsCategory:M40 motorway service stationsCategory:M42 motorway service stations
Category:M4 corridorCategory:M4 motorway service stationsCategory:M50 motorway service stations
Category:M51 GroupCategory:M5 motorway service stationsCategory:M61 motorway service stations
Category:M62 motorway service stationsCategory:M6 motorway service stationsCategory:M74 Group
Category:M81 GroupCategory:M83 (band) album coversCategory:M83 albums
Category:M83 songsCategory:M94 GroupCategory:M96 Group
Category:MAAC Hockey standings templatesCategory:MAAC Men's Basketball TournamentCategory:MAAC Men's Ice Hockey Tournament
Category:MAAK – Conservative Party politiciansCategory:MACOSACategory:MAC Championship Game
Category:MAC aircraftCategory:MAD Dragon Records artistsCategory:MAD Secret Concerts
Category:MAD Video Music Award for Best Duet/Collaboration VideoCategory:MAD Video Music Award for Best Female ArtistCategory:MAD Video Music Award for Best Pop Video
Category:MAD Video Music Award for Video of the YearCategory:MAD Video Music AwardsCategory:MAD Video Music Awards winners
Category:MADtv seasonsCategory:MAGIX softwareCategory:MAIET
Category:MAJCOM temporary units of the United States Air ForceCategory:MAM Records albumsCategory:MAN SE
Category:MAN vehiclesCategory:MAPPACategory:MARA Junior Science College alumni
Category:MARA Junior Science College in MalaysiaCategory:MARCACategory:MARC Train templates
Category:MARC train line mapsCategory:MARRS songsCategory:MASN
Category:MAS Fez playersCategory:MAXJAZZ albumsCategory:MAXX (Veolia) templates
Category:MAX Blue LineCategory:MAX Green LineCategory:MAX Light Rail
Category:MAX Light Rail line templatesCategory:MAX Light Rail templatesCategory:MAX Red Line
Category:MAX Yellow LineCategory:MAX albumsCategory:MAX songs
Category:MAX stationsCategory:MAX video albumsCategory:MAZK albums
Category:MAZ busesCategory:MAZ trucksCategory:MBC (Mauritius) television series
Category:MBC Chungyong playersCategory:MBC NetworksCategory:MBC television network
Category:MBC television networksCategory:MBLAQCategory:MBLAQ EPs
Category:MBLAQ albumsCategory:MBLAQ membersCategory:MBNA
Category:MBNA peopleCategory:MBTA Commuter RailCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations
Category:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Barnstable County, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Boston, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Bristol County, Massachusetts
Category:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Essex County, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Category:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Norfolk County, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Plymouth County, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Rhode Island
Category:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Suffolk County, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Commuter Rail stations in Worcester County, MassachusettsCategory:MBTA Rapid Transit
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Category:MC5 membersCategory:MCA ArtistsCategory:MCA Records
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Category:MCOTM candidatesCategory:MCX motorcyclesCategory:MC 900 Ft. Jesus albums
Category:MC AlgerCategory:MC Alger managersCategory:MC Alger players
Category:MC Breed albumsCategory:MC Breed compilation albumsCategory:MC Ceja albums
Category:MC Eiht albumsCategory:MC El Eulma managersCategory:MC El Eulma players
Category:MC Frontalot albumsCategory:MC HammerCategory:MC Hammer albums
Category:MC Hammer compilation albumsCategory:MC Hammer songsCategory:MC Lars albums
Category:MC Lars compilation albumsCategory:MC Lars songsCategory:MC Lyte albums
Category:MC Lyte songsCategory:MC Magic albumsCategory:MC Mario albums
Category:MC Mekhadma playersCategory:MC Miker G & DJ Sven songsCategory:MC Mong albums
Category:MC OranCategory:MC Oran Handball playersCategory:MC Oran managers
Category:MC Oran matchesCategory:MC Oran playersCategory:MC Oran templates
Category:MC Paul Barman albumsCategory:MC RenCategory:MC Ren albums
Category:MC Ren songsCategory:MC Saïda playersCategory:MC Shan albums
Category:MC Skat Kat albumsCategory:MC Skat Kat songsCategory:MC Solaar albums
Category:MC Solaar songsCategory:MDC (band) albumsCategory:MDFMK albums
Category:MDO albumsCategory:MDV 1200-class fast ferriesCategory:MD Helicopters aircraft
Category:MEAC Men's Basketball TournamentCategory:MEAP NisouCategory:MEAP Nisou players
Category:MEKO 140 frigatesCategory:MEMUCategory:MENC: The National Association for Music Education
Category:MENT B.C. playersCategory:MEP stubsCategory:MEPs
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Category:MEPs for Austria 1996–99Category:MEPs for Austria 1999–2004Category:MEPs for Austria 2004–09
Category:MEPs for Austria 2009–14Category:MEPs for Austria 2014–19Category:MEPs for Austria by party
Category:MEPs for Austria by termCategory:MEPs for Belgium 1958–79Category:MEPs for Belgium 1979–84
Category:MEPs for Belgium 1984–89Category:MEPs for Belgium 1989–94Category:MEPs for Belgium 1994–99
Category:MEPs for Belgium 1999–2004Category:MEPs for Belgium 2004–09Category:MEPs for Belgium 2009–14
Category:MEPs for Belgium 2014–19Category:MEPs for Belgium by partyCategory:MEPs for Belgium by term
Category:MEPs for Bulgaria 2007Category:MEPs for Bulgaria 2007–09Category:MEPs for Bulgaria 2009–14
Category:MEPs for Bulgaria 2014–19Category:MEPs for Bulgaria by partyCategory:MEPs for Bulgaria by term
Category:MEPs for Croatia 2013–14Category:MEPs for Croatia 2014–19Category:MEPs for Croatia by party
Category:MEPs for Croatia by termCategory:MEPs for Cyprus 2004–09Category:MEPs for Cyprus 2009–14
Category:MEPs for Cyprus 2014–19Category:MEPs for Cyprus by partyCategory:MEPs for Cyprus by term
Category:MEPs for Denmark 1979–84Category:MEPs for Denmark 1984–89Category:MEPs for Denmark 1989–94
Category:MEPs for Denmark 1994–99Category:MEPs for Denmark 1999–2004Category:MEPs for Denmark 2004–09
Category:MEPs for Denmark 2009–14Category:MEPs for Denmark 2014–19Category:MEPs for Denmark by party
Category:MEPs for Denmark by termCategory:MEPs for East FranceCategory:MEPs for East France 2004–09
Category:MEPs for East France 2009–14Category:MEPs for East France 2014–19Category:MEPs for Estonia 2004–09
Category:MEPs for Estonia 2009–14Category:MEPs for Estonia 2014–19Category:MEPs for Estonia by party
Category:MEPs for Estonia by termCategory:MEPs for Finland 1996–99Category:MEPs for Finland 1999–2004
Category:MEPs for Finland 2004–09Category:MEPs for Finland 2009–14Category:MEPs for Finland 2014–19
Category:MEPs for Finland by partyCategory:MEPs for Finland by termCategory:MEPs for France (constituency)
Category:MEPs for France 1958–79Category:MEPs for France 1979–84Category:MEPs for France 1984–89
Category:MEPs for France 1989–94Category:MEPs for France 1994–99Category:MEPs for France 1999–2004
Category:MEPs for France 2004–09Category:MEPs for France 2009–14Category:MEPs for France 2014–19
Category:MEPs for France by constituencyCategory:MEPs for France by partyCategory:MEPs for France by term
Category:MEPs for Germany 1958–79Category:MEPs for Germany 1979–84Category:MEPs for Germany 1984–89
Category:MEPs for Germany 1989–94Category:MEPs for Germany 1994–99Category:MEPs for Germany 1999–2004
Category:MEPs for Germany 2004–09Category:MEPs for Germany 2009–14Category:MEPs for Germany 2014–19
Category:MEPs for Germany by partyCategory:MEPs for Germany by termCategory:MEPs for Greece 1981–84
Category:MEPs for Greece 1984–89Category:MEPs for Greece 1989–94Category:MEPs for Greece 1994–99
Category:MEPs for Greece 1999–2004Category:MEPs for Greece 2004–09Category:MEPs for Greece 2009–14
Category:MEPs for Greece 2014–19Category:MEPs for Greece by partyCategory:MEPs for Greece by term
Category:MEPs for Hungary 2004–09Category:MEPs for Hungary 2009–14Category:MEPs for Hungary 2014–19