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BermudianBermudian, Pennsylvania
Bermudian American
Bermudian CreekBermudian English
Bermudian LandingBermudian Premier Division
Bermudian Springs High SchoolBermudian Springs School District
Bermudian cricket team in Canada in 2008
Bermudian cricket team in Kenya in 2006–07
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Bermudian general election, 1968Bermudian general election, 1972Bermudian general election, 1976
Bermudian general election, 1980Bermudian general election, 1983Bermudian general election, 1985
Bermudian general election, 1989Bermudian general election, 1993Bermudian general election, 1998
Bermudian general election, 2003Bermudian general election, 2007Bermudian general election, 2012
Bermudian independence referendum, 1995
Bermudian passportBermudian pound
Bermudian records in athletics
Bermudiana (disambiguation)
Bermudians Against the Draft
Bermudians in the Canadian Expeditionary Force