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Marine, &c., Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967
Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences
Marine, IllinoisMarine, West Virginia
Marine (Scotland) Act 2010
Marine (book)
Marine (given name)Marine (ocean)
Marine Academy Plymouth
Marine Academy of Science and TechnologyMarine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science
Marine Accident Investigation Branch
Marine Aerial Navigator insignia
Marine Air-Ground Task Force
Marine Air Control Group 18Marine Air Control Group 28
Marine Air Control Group 38Marine Air Control Group 48Marine Air Control Squadron 1
Marine Air Control Squadron 2Marine Air Control Squadron 23Marine Air Control Squadron 24
Marine Air Control Squadron 4Marine Air Control Squadron 5Marine Air Control Squadron 6
Marine Air Control Squadron 7Marine Air Control Squadron 9
Marine Air Support Squadron 1Marine Air Support Squadron 2Marine Air Support Squadron 3
Marine Air Support Squadron 6Marine Air Terminal
Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment
Marine Aircraft Group 11Marine Aircraft Group 12Marine Aircraft Group 13
Marine Aircraft Group 14Marine Aircraft Group 15Marine Aircraft Group 16
Marine Aircraft Group 24Marine Aircraft Group 26Marine Aircraft Group 29
Marine Aircraft Group 31Marine Aircraft Group 32
Marine Aircraft Group 36Marine Aircraft Group 39Marine Aircraft Group 40
Marine Aircraft Group 41Marine Aircraft Group 42Marine Aircraft Group 46
Marine Aircraft Group 49Marine Aircraft Group 93
Marine Appeal TribunalMarine Aquarium Council
Marine Artillery Scout Observer CourseMarine Atlantic
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 16Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 26Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 29Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 36Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 39Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 40
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 41Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 42Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 49
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 21Marine Aviation Training Support Group 22
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 23Marine Aviation Training Support Group 33Marine Aviation Training Support Group 53
Marine Band of AllentownMarine Barracks
Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.
Marine Barracks (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Marine Biological Association of the United KingdomMarine Biological Laboratory
Marine Biology (journal)
Marine Bolliet
Marine BoyMarine Boy (film)
Marine BrevetMarine Building
Marine Cano
Marine Casualty Investigation BoardMarine Chapter House
Marine City, Michigan
Marine Club FC
Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival
Marine Commando RegimentMarine Commandos
Marine Connection
Marine Conservation AllianceMarine Conservation Institute
Marine Conservation SocietyMarine Conservation Society South East GroupMarine Conservation Zone
Marine Cooks, Bakers and Butchers' Association of Australasia
Marine Corps 230th Anniversary silver dollar
Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum
Marine Corps Air Facility CorvallisMarine Corps Air Facility Newport
Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico
Marine Corps Air Facility Walnut Ridge
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort
Marine Corps Air Station Camp PendletonMarine Corps Air Station Cherry PointMarine Corps Air Station Eagle Mountain Lake
Marine Corps Air Station El Toro
Marine Corps Air Station EwaMarine Corps Air Station Futenma
Marine Corps Air Station IwakuniMarine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
Marine Corps Air Station New River
Marine Corps Air Station Santa BarbaraMarine Corps Air Station TustinMarine Corps Air Station Yuma
Marine Corps Association