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Murder of Adam WalshMurder of Adrianne Reynolds
Murder of Agnès Marin
Murder of Airi Kinoshita
Murder of Alex Meschisvili
Murder of Alexander MontgomerieMurder of Alexandra Zapp
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Murder of Anuj BidveMurder of April JonesMurder of Aqsa Parvez
Murder of Ariel SelloukMurder of Arlene Fraser
Murder of Arthur Warren
Murder of Axel BlumbergMurder of Balbir Singh Sodhi
Murder of Barbara BarnesMurder of Ben KinsellaMurder of Benjamin Hermansen
Murder of Betty ShanksMurder of Billie-Jo Jenkins
Murder of Bobby KentMurder of Bobby ÄikiäMurder of Brenda Sue Brown
Murder of Brian BishopMurder of Brian Deneke
Murder of Brian GlickMurder of Brian StidhamMurder of Brianna Denison
Murder of Brooke Wilberger
Murder of Carol JenkinsMurder of Carol Wardell
Murder of Cassie Jo StoddartMurder of Catrine da Costa
Murder of Celia DoutyMurder of Celine Figard
Murder of Charles Bennett
Murder of Charlie Keever and Jonathan Sellers
Murder of Chrissie VennMurder of Christian PrinceMurder of Christie Marceau
Murder of Christy Sarah Jones
Murder of Colette AramMurder of Connie Franklin
Murder of Constable Thomas KingMurder of Craig Sorger
Murder of Dale Harrell
Murder of Daniel HandleyMurder of Daniel MorcombeMurder of Daniel Pelka
Murder of Daniel TupýMurder of Danielle Jones
Murder of Danielle van DamMurder of Danilo AndersonMurder of Danny Katz
Murder of Darrell Lunsford
Murder of David GunnMurder of David Lynn Harris
Murder of Dawn Magyar
Murder of Deanna CreminMurder of Deborah Gardner
Murder of Denise Amber LeeMurder of Dennis Jurgens
Murder of Derrion AlbertMurder of Destiny NortonMurder of Diane Maxwell
Murder of Diane and Alan Scott JohnsonMurder of Donna Jones
Murder of Dru SjodinMurder of Dwayne Jones
Murder of Eamon RyanMurder of Ebony SimpsonMurder of Egor Sviridov
Murder of Emily Sander
Murder of Eve Carson
Murder of Faiza Ashraf
Murder of Farah Noor Adams
Murder of Fernando Balderas Sánchez and Yolanda FigueroaMurder of Fernando Martí
Murder of Francesca BimpsonMurder of Gareth O'Connor
Murder of Garry NewloveMurder of Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder
Murder of George DuncanMurder of George E. BaileyMurder of George Harry Storrs
Murder of Gerd Johansson
Murder of Gillian JohnstonMurder of Girly Chew HossencofftMurder of Glenn Kopitske
Murder of Grace BrownMurder of Gramoz Palushi
Murder of Gwen AraujoMurder of Hailey OwensMurder of Hannah Foster
Murder of Hannah WilliamsMurder of Harriet StauntonMurder of Hatuel family
Murder of Heather RichMurder of Heather Strong
Murder of Helen McCourt
Murder of Helena RappMurder of Helle Crafts
Murder of Hilda Feste
Murder of Holly BoboMurder of Huang Na
Murder of Ibrahim AliMurder of Imette St. Guillen
Murder of Jaclyn DowalibyMurder of Jacqueline ThomasMurder of Jaidyn Leskie
Murder of James BulgerMurder of James Byrd, Jr.
Murder of James Craig AndersonMurder of James Curran
Murder of James Sanders
Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak
Murder of Jane LonghurstMurder of Jane Tipson
Murder of Janine BaldingMurder of Jason Gage
Murder of Jason Hudson
Murder of Jean McConvilleMurder of Jean Townsend
Murder of Jeff HallMurder of Jeff WhittingtonMurder of Jeffrey Howe
Murder of Jenjira Ploy-angunsriMurder of Jenna Lepomäki
Murder of Jennifer CaveMurder of Jennifer Daugherty
Murder of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth PeñaMurder of Jennifer Mills-WestleyMurder of Jennifer Moore
Murder of Jesse DirkhisingMurder of Jessica Lal
Murder of Jessica LunsfordMurder of Jill-Lyn Euto
Murder of Jim PouillonMurder of Jimmy Mizen
Murder of Joanna ParrishMurder of Joanna Yeates
Murder of Jodi JonesMurder of Jody Dobrowski
Murder of Joe Campos TorresMurder of John Alan West
Murder of John Goosey and Stacy BarnettMurder of John Hurford
Murder of John MoncktonMurder of John R. Bitzer
Murder of Johnathon Robert MaddenMurder of Jon-Niece Jones
Murder of JonBenét RamseyMurder of Jonathan Henry
Murder of Joseph Rafferty
Murder of José Luis Cerda Meléndez and Luis Emanuel Ruiz CarrilloMurder of João Hélio
Murder of Julia Martha Thomas
Murder of Julie JensenMurder of Julie Ward
Murder of Junko FurutaMurder of Karel Van Noppen
Murder of Karen PriceMurder of Karyn Hearn Slover
Murder of Katherine Ann OlsonMurder of Kathryn Faughey
Murder of Keith William AllanMurder of Kelly Ann TinyesMurder of Kelly Anne Bates
Murder of Kelsey Smith
Murder of Kelso CochraneMurder of Ken Tillery
Murder of Kitty GenoveseMurder of Knut Grøte
Murder of Koby Mandell and Yosef IshranMurder of Kris KimeMurder of Kriss Donald
Murder of Krista HarrisonMurder of Kristine Fitzhugh
Murder of Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-KodieMurder of Kyle DinkhellerMurder of LaToyia Figueroa
Murder of Laci PetersonMurder of Lakhvinder CheemaMurder of Laree Slack
Murder of Larry KingMurder of Larry McNabney
Murder of Laura DickinsonMurder of Laurie Show
Murder of Leanne Tiernan
Murder of Lee RigbyMurder of Leiby Kletzky
Murder of Leigh LeighMurder of Leigh MatthewsMurder of Lesley Molseed
Murder of Lesley WhittleMurder of Letisha Shakespeare and Charlene EllisMurder of Liam Ashley
Murder of Linda AndersenMurder of Linda Cook