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Salvadoran American
Salvadoran ArmySalvadoran Australian
Salvadoran Canadian
Salvadoran Civil WarSalvadoran Constitutional Assembly election, 1939
Salvadoran Constitutional Assembly election, 1944Salvadoran Constitutional Assembly election, 1961Salvadoran Constitutional Assembly election, 1982
Salvadoran Democratic FrontSalvadoran Departments by HDI
Salvadoran Football Federation
Salvadoran Lenca
Salvadoran Lutheran Church
Salvadoran Primera División
Salvadoran Rugby AssociationSalvadoran Sign Language
Salvadoran Spanish
Salvadoran colónSalvadoran cuisineSalvadoran diaspora in Los Angeles
Salvadoran general election, 1931
Salvadoran general election, 1950Salvadoran general election, 1994Salvadoran hip hop
Salvadoran immigration to MexicoSalvadoran legislative and local elections, 2012Salvadoran legislative election, 1928
Salvadoran legislative election, 1932Salvadoran legislative election, 1936Salvadoran legislative election, 1952
Salvadoran legislative election, 1954Salvadoran legislative election, 1956Salvadoran legislative election, 1958
Salvadoran legislative election, 1960Salvadoran legislative election, 1964Salvadoran legislative election, 1966
Salvadoran legislative election, 1968Salvadoran legislative election, 1970Salvadoran legislative election, 1972
Salvadoran legislative election, 1974Salvadoran legislative election, 1976Salvadoran legislative election, 1978
Salvadoran legislative election, 1985Salvadoran legislative election, 1988
Salvadoran legislative election, 1991Salvadoran legislative election, 1997
Salvadoran legislative election, 2000Salvadoran legislative election, 2003Salvadoran legislative election, 2006
Salvadoran legislative election, 2009
Salvadoran literatureSalvadoran passport
Salvadoran pesoSalvadoran presidential election, 1915
Salvadoran presidential election, 1919Salvadoran presidential election, 1923Salvadoran presidential election, 1927
Salvadoran presidential election, 1935Salvadoran presidential election, 1939Salvadoran presidential election, 1944
Salvadoran presidential election, 1945Salvadoran presidential election, 1956Salvadoran presidential election, 1962
Salvadoran presidential election, 1967Salvadoran presidential election, 1972Salvadoran presidential election, 1977
Salvadoran presidential election, 1982Salvadoran presidential election, 1984Salvadoran presidential election, 1989
Salvadoran presidential election, 1999Salvadoran presidential election, 2004
Salvadoran presidential election, 2009Salvadoran presidential election, 2014
Salvadoran real
Salvadoran women's football championship
Salvadorans in Guatemala