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Calvary, GeorgiaCalvary, VirginiaCalvary, Wisconsin
Calvary-St. George's ParishCalvary (Angel)
Calvary (CRT station)Calvary (disambiguation)
Calvary (film)Calvary (sanctuary)Calvary (sculpture)
Calvary Baptist AcademyCalvary Baptist Academy, New Braunfels, Texas
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church (Manhattan)
Calvary Baptist Church (Ocean View)Calvary Baptist Church (Oklahoma City)
Calvary Baptist Church (Ossining, New York)Calvary Baptist Church (Providence, Rhode Island)
Calvary Baptist Church (Washington, D.C.)Calvary Baptist Church (Wichita, Kansas)
Calvary Baptist SchoolCalvary Baptist School (Pennsylvania)Calvary Baptist School (Wisconsin)
Calvary Baptist Theological SeminaryCalvary Bible College
Calvary Cathedral (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)Calvary Catholic Cemetery (Pittsburgh)
Calvary CemeteryCalvary Cemetery, Atuona
Calvary Cemetery, East Los Angeles
Calvary Cemetery, Youngstown, OhioCalvary Cemetery (Cleveland)
Calvary Cemetery (Milwaukee)
Calvary Cemetery (Queens, New York)Calvary Cemetery (Seattle)
Calvary Cemetery (St. Louis)Calvary Cemetery (Tacoma, Washington)
Calvary ChapelCalvary Chapel Bible College
Calvary Chapel Christian Schools MurrietaCalvary Chapel Costa Mesa
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
Calvary Christian Academy
Calvary Christian High School (Clearwater, Florida)Calvary Christian School
Calvary Christian School (Covington, Kentucky)
Calvary Church
Calvary Church (Charlotte)
Calvary Church (Manhattan)
Calvary Church of Santa Ana
Calvary Day SchoolCalvary Episcopal Church
Calvary Episcopal Church (Cincinnati)Calvary Episcopal Church (Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee)
Calvary Episcopal Church (Golden, Colorado)Calvary Episcopal Church (Louisville, Kentucky)
Calvary Episcopal Church (McDonough, New York)Calvary Episcopal Church (Memphis, Tennessee)
Calvary Episcopal Church (Pittsburgh)Calvary Episcopal Church (Summit, New Jersey)
Calvary Episcopal Church (Utica, New York)
Calvary Episcopal Church and Churchyard (Tarboro, North Carolina)
Calvary Holiness Association
Calvary Holiness ChurchCalvary Holiness Church (Philadelphia)
Calvary Hospital
Calvary Hospital, CanberraCalvary Hospital, Hobart
Calvary Hospital, Wagga WaggaCalvary Hospital (Bronx)
Calvary Hospital Adelaide Inc
Calvary Lutheran Church and Parsonage (Silverton, Oregon)Calvary Memorial ChurchCalvary Methodist Church
Calvary MorrisCalvary Presbyterian Church
Calvary Presbyterian Church (Milwaukee)Calvary Presbyterian Church (Portland, Oregon)
Calvary Presbyterian Church (San Francisco)Calvary Presbyterian Church (Staten Island, New York)
Calvary Radio Network
Calvary Reformed ChurchCalvary Schools of Holland
Calvary United Methodist ChurchCalvary United Methodist Church (Philadelphia)
Calvary Wakefield Hospital