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Louis David Cennamo (born 5 March 1946, Hornsey, North London) is an English bass guitarist.


He played with an early line up of The Herd (1965-66),[1] the original line-up of Renaissance (1969-70), and later Colosseum (1970), Steamhammer (1970-72), Armageddon (1974-75) and Illusion (the reformed Renaissance) (1977-79). He also worked with his colleague from Renaissance, Jim McCarty in Stairway (1986-1995) and the short-lived Bogomas with Barry Wilson and Ivan Zagni from Jody Grind.[2]

The song "Bullet", on the first Renaissance album, includes an extended unaccompanied bass solo by Cennamo.

In 2001 the four key members of Illusion issued the album Through the Fire under the name Renaissance Illusion, which opened with Cennamo's bass-led introduction to "One More Turn of the Wheel".

On 3rd April 2014 he performed a one-off gig at the Eel Pie Club in Twickenham with Jim McCarty's "Flip Side" band, which included songs from the two Illusion albums and the Renaissance Illusion album.

Special Edition[edit]

For a number of years Louis has played jazz with a variety of line-ups, most recently with Special Edition.

Special Edition was formed by Cennamo as a jazz band and was originally called Limited Edition. They featured jazz poetry written by Angela Elliott and include horn/harmonica player Graham Pike, who wrote the theme tune for the BBC children's show The Tweenies, and a number of their other 'hits'; keyboard player Barry Parfitt, and drummer Tim Stephens. In recent times Angela Elliott has moved away from poetry to focus on her other writing.


When playing with Special Edition Cennamo's current (March, 2013) instrument of choice is a Warwick Corvette $$ fretless four-string - a model characterised by its double humbucker pick-up layout. This is an custom-built model whose body is unusually constructed of ovangkol wood - in contrast with the more common swamp ash or bubinga models. The result is a warmth and richness of tone which complements Cennamo's fluid jazz-style playing.

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