Special Forces Group (Belgium)

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Special Forces Group
S.A.S emblem.svg
Special Forces Group badge is identical to that of its Second World War-era ancestor, 5th Special Air Service
Country Belgium Belgium
Branch Land Component
Type Special forces
Role Direct Action, Unconventional Warfare, Special reconnaissance, Hostage rescue, Foreign internal defense, Personnel recovery
Garrison/HQ Heverlee[1]
Motto "Far Ahead"; "Who Dares Wins"; "Never Surrender"[2]

The Special Forces Group is a special forces unit in the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces.

Members of the Special Forces Group are normally selected from the paracommando units of the Belgian Army. They must have at least four years experience as a paracommando to join the Special Forces Group.[3]

Belgian Special Forces Group operator with the SCAR rifle


In April 2000, the Special Forces Company became a part of the 3 Régiment de Lanciers Parachutists based in Flawinne. When the regiment was dissolved in February 2003, the unit was renamed the Special Forces Group. It took on the history and traditions of the 1e Bataljon der Parachutisten (1 Para), adopting the badge of its ancestor, the 5th Special Air Service. [4][5][6][7] [8][9][10][1]


This training consists of 20 weeks of physical and psychological endurance. In addition to physical conditioning, the Special Forces learn hand to hand combat, survival techniques, military tactics, map reading and radio transmission.

In real situations, the Special Forces have to perform reconnaissance and surveillance missions in small groups deep into enemy territory, enact small offensive actions to arrest or free people, or to sabotage or impound materials. They are also trained to gain intelligence disguised as a civilian.

After the main Special Forces course, a Special Forces operator can choose between three specialities. These are free fall from high altitude HAHO/HALO, underwater fighting skills or operating in mountainous terrain. Also, they all have to choose a team speciality: communications, explosives, armament, medical training or sniper.



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