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Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger is a 2004-2005 Japanese children's television series in the Super Sentai series. In an iteration of the planet Earth when extraterrestrial contact has been made, the Dekaranger force battles the criminal syndicate of Alienizer.

Special Police Dekaranger[edit]

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (from left to right: Deka Master, Deka Blue, Deka Yellow, Deka Break, Deka Red, Deka Pink, Deka Green and Deka Swan) (without Deka Gold and Deka Bright)

Special Police Dekaranger (スペシャル・ポリス・デカレンジャー Supesharu Porisu Dekarenjā?, S.P.D.) is a police force who make sure that all aliens abide by intergalactic laws.


All the Dekarangers almost never use their real names in the show and use nicknames instead. The six main Dekarangers have name puns where their first names are based on different types of tea while their last names are based on mystery/crime genre authors.


Nicknamed "Ban" (バン?), although Jasmine has called him "Ban-chan" on one occasion. Banban Akaza/Deka Red (赤座 伴番/デカレッド Akaza Banban/Deka Reddo?) was training in space until he was assigned to the Earth Unit. He has a chaotic, but fiercely loyal and friendly personality. However, in the Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie, Ban is significantly more mature and does not seem to be as fiery as he was before. It took a while before he gained Hoji's trust, often irritating him by calling him "aibou", which translates to "buddy", "pal" or "partner". His number is 1.

Ban uses a space martial arts technique called Juu Kun Do (modeled on Jeet Kune Do) when he blends his martial arts skills with his gunfire. Ban rides in Machine Doberman with Jasmine when patrolling. In the "Girls in Trouble! Dekaranger" and "The Movie Version! Dekaranger" ending sequences, Ban plays drums in the Dekaranger band. In the series finale, Ban joined the SPD Fire Squad as a new elite officer. In Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Ban returns to help his old team when Jasmine gets kidnapped though he's on the search for Agent X at the time. During his time with FireSquad, he gained an upgrade called Deka Red Battlizer (This was the first use of Battlizers in Super Sentai, as they were Power Rangers exclusives before this), where the modified Murphy becomes a suit of armor and powerful sword for him to use in the fight.

In both of the teamups, Ban notably had initial trouble in getting along with the red ranger members Ryouga and Kai from the Abaranger and Magiranger teams at first, which led to an argument, until they bonded with him seeing how similar their goals were. Ban also called Kai "aibou" in the team-up, his affectionate term usually reserved for Hoji, much to the latter's annoyance. He has a crush on Mari Gold. In Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, there's implications of Ban and Mari being together. For one, Ban carries a Picture of Mari with him and Hoji asked him if Ban "popped the question" to her.

Ban's alternate catch phrase after transformation is, "Justice will win!" (正義は勝つ! Seigi wa Katsu!?). After deleting an Alienizer, Ban's ending catch phrase is "Japan's Megalopolis is the best!" (メガロポリスは日本晴れ! Megaroporisu wa Nihon bare!?).

Ban is portrayed by Ryuji Sainei (載寧 龍二 Sainei Ryūji?).


Nicknamed "Hoji" (ホージー Hōjī?), Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue (戸増 宝児/デカブルー Tomasu Hōji/Deka Burū?) is the most professional member of the team and second-in-command, Hoji tends to be arrogant of his skills, and is extremely stubborn. He also does not allow his emotions and personal life to interfere with his job as a detective. Prone to blurting out English phrases, his catchphrases are "Perfect!" and "Super cool!", commonly said after finishing a criminal. He also tends to say "Unbelievable!" at things out of the ordinary, and when shocked or dismayed has yelled "Oh my God!". His number is 2.

He is an excellent sniper with superb accuracy when shooting. He clashes with Ban from the beginning, but it is later revealed that Ban has replaced his commanding officer as Deka Red and Hoji has a hard time accepting it. He hates Ban even further as the latter constantly annoys him by calling him "aibou (partner)", but he soon warms up to Ban throughout the series, and eventually returns Ban's friendship. The two of them share noticeable relationship developments, and while they constantly have their fights and squabbles, it is obvious that they do care about each other deep down (refer to Episode 42 and 43). Hoji plays keyboard in the Dekaranger band in the "Girls in Trouble! Dekaranger" and "The Movie Version! Dekaranger" ending sequences. At the end of the series, Hoji finally returns Ban's affection by calling him "aibou." During the teamup with the Magirangers however, Hoji becomes prominently annoyed and jealous when Ban announces Kai to be his new 'aibō' and calls Hoji his 'moto aibō' (ex-partner).

In episode 37, Hoji is dating a Mikean named Teresa. However, it turns out that she is suffering from a rare disease and her younger brother Clord has been murdering young women as a means to find a cure for her. At the same time, Hoji is assigned to solve this particular case as the final test for his gold badge promotion from the Tokkyou division. In the end, his relationship with Teresa ends in tragedy, as he is given no choice but to delete Clord for his crimes. Despite solving the crime and passing the Tokkyou tests, Hoji ultimately refuses to accept his gold badge.

It is revealed in episode 42 that Hoji has a younger sister named Miwa, who is getting married, but he refuses to attend her pre-wedding dinner - citing his duty as a Dekaranger being top priority. In the end, however, he manages to finally meet her fiance's family after the dinner. Like Hoji, Miwa also tends to speak English phrases during conversations.

Hoji is portrayed by Tsuyoshi Hayashi (林 剛史 Hayashi Tsuyoshi?).


Nicknamed "Sen-chan" (センちゃん?), Sen'ichi Enari/Deka Green (江成 仙一/デカグリーン Enari Sen'ichi/Deka Gurīn?) was born in a poor family as one of seven siblings, he's the brains of the team with a remarkable ability to think things through. Oddly, he does his best thinking when he's upside down, calling this pose the "Thinking Pose". His number is 3.

He has a fear of dark, enclosed spaces that was caused by an incident of falling into a well when he was younger. He was rescued by a policeman, who inspired him to work for the police department. Sen usually maintains a calm, eccentric composure, but he is said to be pretty scary when he is angered. He mentions that he used to be a 'combi' with Gyoku Ryou as did Jasmine and Hoji and that they both used to argue with each other. But he forgot at first who Sen was which hurt his feelings quite a bit which led to Gyoku being punished by Umeko. In the "Girls in Trouble! Dekaranger" and "The Movie Version! Dekaranger" ending sequences, Sen plays bass guitar in the Dekaranger band. Has a bit of a crush on Umeko, but doesn't show it outright. By Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, he and Umeko are together. However he forgot about their date and she put him in a headlock.

Sen-chan is portrayed by Yousuke Ito (伊藤 陽佑 Itō Yōsuke?). As a child, he is portrayed by Kengo Tajima (田島 健吾 Tajima Kengo?).


Nicknamed "Jasmine" (ジャスミン Jasumin?), Marika Reimon/Deka Yellow (礼紋 茉莉花/デカイエロー Reimon Marika/Deka Ierō?) is a psychic (ESPer), as she can pick up sensory impressions of others through handling an object or visiting a location her target has touched or been to, although she can get exhausted if she overuses them. Jasmine wears gloves to help control her powers when she doesn't need to use them. Her number is 4.

She's a calm, collected individual, though in the past considered suicide by letting an Alienizer kill her because of the depression her inability to control her powers had caused. However, she was rescued and recruited by Doggie at that moment. Jasmine is also tight friends with Umeko, forming an unbeatable tag-team called "Twin Cam Angels". She used to ride in Machine Doberman with Ban during patrols, but in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Tetsu now drives with her. One of her known antics is nicknaming every Alienizer before a fight (she once named a Kaijuuki Jumble-kun, due to it being a composite mash-up of previous Kaijuuki destroyed by the Dekaranger), and has even nicknamed the Abarangers (Red Saw-kun, Blue Saw-kun, and Yellow Saw-kun) and the Magirangers (Fluttering Cape Hero-kun). She is also known to throw Japanese puns (Fluttering Cape Hero-kun = Hiro hiro hero-kun). In the "Girls in Trouble! Dekaranger" and "The Movie Version! Dekaranger" ending sequences, Jasmine plays guitar and shares lead vocals with Umeko in the Dekaranger band.

Jasmine delivers a larger sense of humor in the two VS. films she appears in. In Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, after reading Ryoga Hakua's mind, she suddenly breaks out into dancing and singing the Abaranger ending theme. In Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Jasmine breaks the fourth wall twice while being held captive with Magi Blue, first saying to the audience that Tetsu dressing like a woman was not very surprising, since he did it twice before, and asking the audience if she should say Maji?, which translates into "For real?". She also has shorter hair in the film than in the series.

Jasmine is portrayed by Ayumi Kinoshita (木下 あゆ美 Kinoshita Ayumi?). As a child, she is portrayed by Risa Asagi (浅黄 理紗 Asagi Risa?).


Nicknamed "Umeko" (ウメコ?), Koume Kodou/Deka Pink (胡堂 小梅/デカピンク Kodō Koume/Deka Pinku?) rides the Machine Bull with Sen-chan and often is partnered up with him. She tends to be a ditz, but she has a good heart, and can often bring the team together under the most dire of circumstances with her perkiness. She spends every moment she can in a bubble bath with her three rubber ducks, whom she calls Umeyo, Umenosuke, and Umegoro. Her number is 5.

While Doggie Kruger is the leader of Earth's Dekarangers, Umeko claims to be the "field leader" of the team. She is a master of disguise and is able to instantly change outfits even in a bubble bath. Kruger gave her responsibility for Murphy, who was originally undisciplined to the point she put him into an armbar. However, since then, she and Murphy became close, until Murphy was transferred to Fire Squad and reformatted to become Ban's Battlizer Mode. Umeko plays guitar and shares lead vocals with Jasmine in the Dekaranger band in the "Girls in Trouble! Dekaranger" and "The Movie Version! Dekaranger" ending sequences.

Umeko had been dating a man named Hironobu, but was heartbroken when she heard him bragging to Sen-chan about fooling women. Although she was angry at Sen-chan for suspecting Hironobu to be a criminal, she later realizes that she has feelings for him. By Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, she and Sen are together, so to speak; however, Sen had forgotten about their date, and angered her. As a result, she put Sen in a headlock. She also had a brief crush on Mikoto Nakadai/AbareKiller in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger but though upset of having him return to the afterlife she had to accept his request of letting him go back.

Umeko is portrayed by Mika Kikuchi (菊地 美香 Kikuchi Mika?).


Nicknamed "Tetsu" (テツ?), Tekkan Aira/Deka Break (姶良 鉄幹/デカブレイク Aira Tekkan/Deka Bureiku?) is a super elite from SPD's Tokkyou division who was sent to Earth to fight the Hell Siblings, an elite group of Alienizers who have already destroyed seventy-nine planets, Earth being their next target. His number is 6, written as the Roman numeral VI.

An Alienizer named Genio killed Tetsu's parents when he was about five years old. Tetsu was raised by the Space Police off-planet. He pilots the Deka Bike. His catchphrase is "Nonsense!", which is said in English. His fighting style is Seiken Accel Blow ("Justice Fist Acceleration Blow"), a style of Kempo that all elite SPD officers (or "Tokkyou") use when battling very deadly Alienizers and better handling the BraceThrottle. Initially, he was distant toward the other Dekarangers, but he becomes good friends with them. In addition, he treats Umeko like a baby sister. He also develops a strong friendship with Ban, calling him "Senpai", and promptly replaces him as Jasmine's partner when Ban joins the Fire Squad. In "The Movie Version! Dekaranger" ending sequence, Tetsu plays keytar in the Dekaranger band.

In episodes 26 and 45, as well Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Tetsu dressed up in drag to disguise himself. Normally, he has black hair, but in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, he dyed it light brown. Tetsu appeared in the GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai movie when he was investigating a case then Eiji came in. Later on he is seen with Tsubasa, Nanami, and Asuka as they aid Eiji in defeating Chronos. He transferred his "Justice Spirit" power to AkaRed to power DaiVoyager.

When he is with the other Dekarangers, Tetsu's transformation catch phrase is, "Six! It's good to be invincible!" (六つ! 無敵が何か良い! Muttsu! Muteki ga Nanka Ii!?).

Tetsu is portrayed by Tomokazu Yoshida (吉田 友一 Yoshida Tomokazu?). As a child, he is portrayed by Yuta Komuro (小室 優太 Komuro Yūta?).

SPD Staff[edit]

Doggie Kruger[edit]

Nicknamed "Boss" (ボス Bosu?), Anubian Chief Doggie Kruger/Deka Master (ドギー・クルーガー/デカマスター Dogī Kurūgā/Deka Masutā?) is an alien from the Planet Anubis of the Shep Tribe and the much decorated commander of Earth's SPD unit. He was a legend in his day as a Dekaranger, earning his other nickname, Hell's Guard Dog (地獄の番犬 Jigoku no Banken?). Doggie is a tough leader and being honorable, he will do anything to save the ones he cares about. He seems to have feelings for his assistant Swan, panicking whenever he hears that Swan has an admirer. He also occasionally assists the Dekarangers as Deka Master, wielding the powerful D-Sword Vega. His number is 100 (which comes from his ability to strike down 100 consecutive foes without defeat, as shown in episode #13).

His fighting style is Ginga Ittoryuu or Galaxy Sword, chosen by his Sensei to learn the style's secret technique, Vega Impulse. It was revealed in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger that Doggie suffers from a backbone problem which causes him to miss once in 2,000 attacks, which was cured by Yukito Sanjyou/AbareBlue. Incidentally, Doggie is friends with Ryunnosuke Sugishita, the owner of the DinoHouse restaurant and friend of the Abarangers, who in turn, was friends with Miyuki Ozu, the mother of the five Ozu siblings. When Doggie, Swan, and Miyuki met, they all quickly became close friends when Miyuki attempted to entrust the two with the Heaven's Flower. Doggie also fought Wolzard for a short time, both proving to be evenly matched. His appearances in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger show that he is also friends with Signalman and Space Sheriff Gavan.

Doggie is portrayed by Hideaki Kusaka and is voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹 Inada Tetsu?).


Nicknamed "Swan-san" (スワンさん Suwan-san?), Cignian Swan Shiratori/Deka Swan (白鳥スワン/デカスワン Shiratori Suwan/Deka Suwan?) is known as "The Immaculate Healing Star". She is Kruger's assistant from the Planet Cigno, though Swan herself is half human. She's the one who provides the Dekarangers with their arsenal, and constantly amazes the others with her amazing intellect. Swan can transform into Deka Swan. Although she says it is her policy to only do it once every four years, in Episode 49, she attempts to transform again when a Batusroid breaks into her command center. It has been suggested that Doggie and Swan may be "more than just friends", but they both would hastily deny it. Her surname, Shiratori, can also be read hakuchō, meaning swan. Her number is either 7, (which is represented by the geometrical figure of a heptagon instead of a number), or 99, (the heptagon vaguely resembles the character for "white" ( shiro?), which is one stroke short of "100" ( hyaku?)).

  • Attacks: Swan Illusion, a feather mist attack; Swan Rainbow, a spinning kick which acts like a deletion attack; Swan Fantasy.

Swan-san is portrayed by Mako Ishino (石野 真子 Ishino Mako?).

Marie Gold[edit]

Exclusive to the movie, Marie Gold/Deka Gold (マリー・ゴールド/デカゴールド Marī Gōrudo/Deka Gōrudo?, Movie) arrived from Planet Leslie and had entered an alien's bar. She has the power to stop time for a short while. She had feelings for Ban. Her time transformed was very brief, as she was shot repeatedly after transforming, forcing her to power down. Her name is a play on marigold. It was hinted in the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie that she and Ban are now in a relationship. Her number is 10, which is written as the Roman numeral X.

Marie is portrayed by Chiharu Niiyama (新山 千春 Niiyama Chiharu?), with her singing voice performed by Sae (小枝?).

Lisa Teagle[edit]

Lisa Teagle/Deka Bright (リサ・ティーゲル/デカブライト Risa Tīgeru/Deka Buraito?, 40) is the Supreme Chief over all Counter Special Criminal activity. Referred to as "Chief" by Tetsu and is the "Daylight Officer". She's a top rank SPD officer from the Planet Lumiere with a gold badge like Tetsu and is Tetsu's mentor. Her number is 7, where the Roman numeral VII is rearranged stylistically as IVI. Her BraceThrottle has this same design, just as Tetsu has VI on his.

She trained Tetsu to be passionless and efficient; the kind of police officer most people think as the "perfect officer". All that was put in jeopardy when he came to Earth. She's on equal ground with Kruger and Swan, and could have taken Tetsu away with her, but decided against it after learning firsthand how passion can be a benefit for a Deka, rather than a hindrance.

Lisa is portrayed by Mie Nanamori (七森 美江 Nanamori Mie?), who previously portrayed Ra-Baruba-De, the Rose-Tattooed Woman, in Kamen Rider Kuuga.


K-9 Murphy (マーフィー Māfī K9?, 5-50, Magiranger vs. Dekaranger): Mechanical dog used to track criminals and objects using his enhanced sense of smell. Murphy is known as the "latest model Ultra-Performance with A.I. and talented Robot police dog". It can move extremely fast, and is loyal to his friends (especially Umeko), often detecting when they're in danger from great distances and running to assist.

When given the Key Bone, Murphy transforms into the D-Bazooka, a powerful weapon which can be used by the Dekarangers. Has a tendency to try to show dominance over Doggie Kruger by raising his leg and releasing coolant fluid on Kruger's feet. Prior to the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie, Murphy was transferred to Fire Squad and modified to transform into a suit of armor for Deka Red in Battlizer Mode.


Supreme Commander Horusian Numa-O (ヌマ・O Numa Ō?) is an alien from Planet Horus and Supreme Commander of the entire S.P.D. He is on very good terms with both Doggie and Swan and is very professional with his job.

He is voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino (岸野 一彦 Kishino Kazuhiko?).


Porupo was Ban's former instructor. He is ordered by Numa O to transfer Ban to Earth, although he feels that Ban's reckless impulsiveness warrants him being thrown out of the force.


Tortorian Buntar is an old friend of Kruger's from Planet Torto and owns a mean K-9 Unit named K-9 Clarence. He trained the Dekarangers to assume SWAT Mode. He also stood in for Swan when she returned to Earth after an award gala, trying to think of a speech to say in her place.

Gyoku Rou[edit]

Leonian Gyoku Rou was Ban's predecessor from Planet Leon. He was originally assigned as Deka Red for Earth, prior to the invention of the Deka Suits and Deka Machines, but badly injured his leg protecting Jasmine and Hoji from Terry-X's assault, forcing him to retire. Shortly afterwards, he went underground, having been assigned by Numa-O to prepare an all Red Ranger elite team known as the Special Police Dekaranger Fire Squad (S.P.D. Fire Squad).

He was later forced to come out of hiding by Ban after Terry-X returned, and later successfully recruited Ban to his team, after becoming impressed with his successor's fiery passion and drive for crimefighting. Sen-chan had claimed that Gyoku and himself used to be a combo just like how Hoji and Jasmine are. But to Sen's dismay, he forgot who Sen was which led to Sen crying in the corner of the Deka Room (a reference to Dororo of Keroro Gunso fame). Gyoku at that point remembered and began to mutter apologies to Sen for not remembering him, but unfortunately he was punished by Umeko by being punched in the gut.

He is portrayed by Hirofumi Fukuzawa and voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.


  • SP Shooter: Each Dekaranger has an SP Shooter, one of the weapons they put on their regular hostlers when not transformed.
  • D-Schop: A collapsible shovel with SPD markings. "Schop" means "shovel" in Dutch.
  • D-Wapper: Every Dekaranger has D-Wapper handcuffs built into his or her belt buckle to arrest criminals. Tetsu has his own gold colored version of the D-Wapper. "Wappa" means ring in Japanese.
  • SPD Arms: The Dekarangers' transformation devices and badges. Divided into the SP License (used by the core five Dekarangers), the Master License (used by Deka Master), the Swan License, the MariGold License, and the Fire Squad License (used by Deka Red Battlizer). Since the License is a Dekaranger's life, losing it for even a second is a great offense. Deka Yellow's SP License uses the Mirage Dimension deletion attack which can create illusions and trap enemies in a yellow energy sphere which shrinks and destroys the enemy. Deka Pink's SP License uses the Masquerade Mode technique, which enables Umeko to instantly change her outfit for disguise purposes.
    • Change Mode: The "Change" option transforms the Dekarangers into their Deka Suits or to SWAT mode. The transformation call is "Emergency! Dekaranger!" This applies to the core Dekarangers, as well as Deka Gold, while the others say "Emergency!" and their Ranger designation, (such as "Emergency! Deka Master!" and "Emergency! Deka Swan!") although just saying "Emergency!" will suffice. Ban usually says "Change Standby" before saying the transformation call. To finish the transformation, the Rangers say "Face On!", which makes their helmets materialize. To activate SWAT mode, the core Dekarangers either individually or as a group say "SWAT mode on!"
    • Phone Mode: The "Phone" option serves as basic communication allowing the Rangers to contact each other or Deka Base, as well as summon the Deka Machines. It can also be used to record short videos and analyze any Alienizer and Kaijuuki that the Rangers face.
    • Judgment Mode: The "Judge" option allows the Dekaranger to judge Alienizers from a higher court. If it lands on a blue O, the suspect is innocent and is to be set free, or its crimes are not so grave that deletion is not required. If it lands on a red X, the criminal in question must be "deleted" ("terminated") on the spot.
  • Hybrid Magnum: Made up of D-Magnum 01 & 02, Deka Red's personal sidearms. Attacks are Hybrid Charging Shoot, Moonsault Shot, Moonsault Galaxy Shot, Hurricane Shot, and Endless Shot attacks.
  • D-Knuckle: A knuckle weapon which increases an individual's punch.
  • D-Rods: Baton weapons shaped after jittes used by Hoji and Sen. Hoji's attack with the weapon is called Blue Finish and Sen's attack is called Green Cut. When combined with their D-Knuckle, it creates their D-Arms; Hoji's is the D-Sniper and Sen's is the D-Blaster.
  • D-Stick: Baton weapons shaped after foils used by Jasmine and Umeko. Also has little coin bombs, named Zeni Bombs, that are attached to the handles. When combined with their D-Knuckles, it creates their D-Arms, the D-Shot. With the D-Shot, they enable the Twin Cam Shot team up attack.
  • D-Bazooka: After giving Murphy the Key Bone, he becomes the D-Bazooka, a high powered double-barreled cannon that the main Dekaranger use as their primary finisher weapon. Once in Episode 42, the SWAT Mode Dekaranger were forced to use the D-Bazooka against the older Browgoul as an alternative after it's acid spray had damaged their D-Revolvers.
  • D-Sword Vega: A sword wielded by Deka Master. When sheathed, its appearance is that of dulled metal, but when Deka Master activates it, silver metal is revealed. Like Bisques' Sword Altair, Doggie's sword also has a Gun function as seen in the movie and in Ep 50. D-Sword Vega has three techniques seen in the series, two of them are Judgment finishers. Vega Slash is a powerful slice attack that defeats Alienizers. (Default deletion attack); in Vega Tornado Slash, Deka Master creates a circle with his sword and spins it repeatedly until a tornado is created. The attack is then focused on the opponent with an upward slash, which blows them away. Ginga Ittoryuu Shiki (Secret Technique of the Galaxy Sword Style) "Vega Impulse" is where Deka Master uses this move in which he lifts his sword up and as it goes down, the blade extends slicing his opponent in half and in the process destroys him/her (Secondary deletion attack). When wielded by Deka Red, it allows him to perform the Raijin Slash attack that he learned from his predecessor.
  • BraceThrottle: The personal changer of a Tokkyou which allows him/her to change into a Deka suit. Henshin call is "Emergency! Deka Break!". When the throttle is turned it enables for the user to use specialized punch based attacks. The BraceThrottle has built in Communicator and Judgement Mode functions as well. In given times, the device is also used as a life support system and fire extinguisher. Lisa, who is also a Tokkyou, also possesses a BraceThrottle of her own, although hers has a slightly different design. Lisa's transformation call is "Emergency! Deka Bright!".
    • Throttle Techniques
      • Kousoku-ken "Lighting Fist"/Chou Kousoku-ken "Super Lightning Fist": Speed Increase
      • Goriki-ken "Power Fist"/Chou Goriki-ken "Super Power Fist": Strength Increase
      • Dengeki-Ken "Electro Fist"/Chou Dengeki-ken "Hyper Electro Fist": Electric Shockwave (can also be used as a defibrillator, as demonstrated on Ban in episode 48)
      • Shakunetsu-ken "Fire Fist": Fireball Attack
      • Tatsumaki-ken "Tornado Fist": Cyclone Blast
      • Funsha-ken "Impulse Fist"/"Super Impluse Fist": Fire Extinguisher
      • Raigeki-ken Thunder Fist: Electric Punch
      • Bougo-ken "Barrier Fist": Force Field
    • Deletion Techniques/Seiken Accel Blow Ougi
      • Hissatsu-ken "Sonic Hammer": Flying Punch Finisher (Tetsu's default deletion attack)
      • Kosouku-ken "Lightning Upper": Uppercut Finisher (Active while Tetsu is using "Super Lighting Fist". Used to delete Genio)
      • Senkou-ken "Plasma Fist": Rushing Punch Finisher (seen in the Deka Red vs. Deka Break special)
      • Shikou-ken "Highest Hammer": Energy Punch finisher
      • Shining Fist: A rapid-fire Punch attack when being launched from the Magi Lamp Buster (seen in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger). Unfortunately, Tetsu had to deal with Smoky the Magical Cat first.
  • D-Revolver: A high-powered beam machine gun that the Dekarangers use when they are in SWAT Mode. Its power is far greater than the Hybrid Magnum. When used at its full power it has the ability to delete Alienizers. The Dekarangers also use the D-Revolver with the Deka Wing Cannon.
  • D-Smasher 01 & D-Smasher 02: Deka Gold's personal sidearms.
  • Battlizer: Exclusive to the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie. A weapon provided to Ban as a member of the SPD Fire Squad which enables him to enter "Battlizer Mode". The Battlizer enhances Ban's agility and fighting ability to superhuman levels and enables Murphy to transform into a set of armor complete with a rocket booster pack, siren lasers, and a flaming sword rifle, which enables the Battlizer Fire Drive deletion attack.


  • Deka Vehicles (デカビークル Deka Bīkuru?): Vehicles that the Dekarangers use as transportation. Each is named after a certain breed of dog.
    • Machine Doberman (マシンドーベルマン Mashin Dōberuman?): Toyota Celica used by Deka Red and Deka Yellow (and later Deka Break and Deka Yellow after Ban joined the Fire Squad). Can travel at 500 km/h.
    • Machine Bull (マシンブル Mashin Buru?): Toyota WiLL VS used by Deka Green and Deka Pink. Travels at 350 km/h.
    • Machine Husky (マシンハスキー Mashin Hasukī?): Kawasaki motorcycle used by Deka Blue. Travels at 300 km/h.
    • Machine Boxer (マシンボクサー Mashin Bokusā?): Motorized unicycle used by Deka Break. Travels at 330 km/h.
  • SPD Helicopter (SPDヘリコプター Esu Pī Dī Herikoputā?): A helicopter used by Deka Master. Seen in movie and in the last episode.
  • SPD Spaceship (SPDスペースシップ Esu Pī Dī Supēsushippu?): A spaceship. Buntar blew up it to test the Dekarangers.

SPD Mecha[edit]

The mecha made by SPD and used by the Dekarangers. "Pat" is a shortened form of "Patrol."

Dekaranger Robo[edit]

Deka Machines (デカマシン Deka Mashin?) are five machines that are dispatched from the Deka Base. They come when the command "Deka Machines, launch!" (デカマシン発進! Deka Mashin hasshin!?) is given. They can combine to form Special Investigation Combination Dekaranger Robo (特捜合体デカレンジャーロボ Tokusō Gattai Dekarenjā Robo?), which stands 45 meters tall, weighs in at 4600 tons and power of 15,000,000 hp (11 GW). It carries the Judgement Sword (ジャッジメントソード Jajjimento Sōdo?) (which performs the Flying Crash (フライングクラッシュ Furaingu Kurasshu?) attack and the Judgement Crash (ジャッジメントクラッシュ Jasutisu Kurasshu?) finisher), the Gyro Wappa (ジャイロワッパー Jairo Wappā?) (giant handcuffs; "wa" (環) means "ring" in Japanese) and the Signal Cannon (シグナルキャノン Shigunaru Kyanon?) (has normal gun (red muzzle), Catch Rope (キャッチロープ Kyatchi Rōpu?) (yellow), and Water Splash (ウォータースプラッシュ Wōtā Supurasshu?) (blue) functions). Its finisher is where it can use its Signal Cannon at full power for its Justice Flasher (ジャスティスフラッシャー Jasutisu Furasshā?) attack. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by Abutrex near the finale, but eventually rebuilt to assist the Magirangers in a fight against Abutrex.

Pat Striker becomes Dekaranger Robo's head, main torso, upper legs. Pat Gyror becomes Dekaranger Robo's lower left leg. Patrailer becomes Dekaranger Robo's lower right leg. Pat Armor becomes Dekaranger Robo's right arm. Pat Signar becomes Dekaranger Robo's left arm.

  • Pat Striker (パトストライカー Pato Sutoraikā?): Deka Red's six-wheeled police car - able to use its Striker Arms (ストライカーアーム Sutoraikā Āmu?) to manipulate objects. By combining with the Judgement Sword, the Pat Striker uses the Driving Sword (ドライビングソード Doraibingu Sōdo?) formation on Kaijuuki by running into them.
  • Pat Gyror (パトジャイラー Pato Jairā?): Deka Blue's gyrocopter, armed with the Gyro Vulcan (ジャイロバルカン Jairo Barukan?) guns and Gyro Wappa. Has a Magnet Wire (マグネワイヤー Magunetto Waiyā?) used carry large objects.
  • Patrailer (パトレーラー Patorērā?): Deka Green's armored trailer - carries the blade of the Judgement Sword and the Signal Cannon into battle.
  • Pat Armor (パトアーマー Pato Āmā?): Deka Yellow's armored car - armed with flood lights that blinds its target (Light Flash (ライトフラッシュ Raito Furasshu?)) and becomes the handle of the Judgement Sword. Its Armor Attack (アーマーアタック Āmā Atakku?) is another move used where Pat Armor rams the enemy head-on.
  • Pat Signer (パトシグナー Pato Shigunā?): Deka Pink's sign car - equipped with a large retractable signboard used to redirect traffic and warn civilians, as well as serves as a giant-sized version of the Judgement Scanner when Judgement Mode is activated. In episode 17, Deka Master was the substitute driver of Pat Signer, as Deka Pink got herself drunk to combat the Alienizer Ial's drunken-fist kung fu.

Deka Base Robo[edit]

The Deka Base (デカベース Deka Bēsu?) is the primary headquarters for the SPD Earth Branch, and base of operations for Doggie Kruger. In base mode, it can attack with its Base Beam (ベースビーム Bēsu Bīmu?). But it can transform into a rover vehicle, Deka Base Crawler (デカベースクローラー Deka Bēsu Kurōrā?), by the command "Special Investigation Maneuver, Deka Base Crawler!" (特捜起動、デカベースクローラー! Tokusō Kidō, Deka Bēsu Kurōrā!?), for mobility (the top half of the base becomes the front half of the rover, and Crawler Beam (クローラービーム Kurōrā Bīmu?) cannons come out of the back half) and the Deka Base Robo (デカベースロボ Deka Bēsu Robo?), by the command "Super Giant Maneuver, Deka Base Robo!" (超巨大起動、デカベースロボ Chō Kyodai Kidō, Deka Bēsu Robo!?), (the back half of the rover becomes the legs, with the Crawler Beams as the knees, the front tread wells become the arms, with the back half's side lights as its hands, the dog head becomes the breast, and the front windows become the back, revealing the head), which is twice the size of its fellow mecha. It was stolen in the finale by Agent Abrella, but later recovered after Deka Red uses the hidden secondary control system to regain control and then shut down the Deka Base Robo.

It is only used when the enemy is too big for Dekaranger Robo, or when the Dekaranger Robo is unavailable, as seen in Episode 22, where however it is mentioned that the Deka Base Robo is not as mobile as the Dekaranger Robo to fight a smaller enemy. Deka Base Robo is also suited for providing backup to the other Deka Robos such as in Episode 38 as well as destroying regular incoming planetary threats, like the planet destroying missile in Episode 30.

It uses its Finger Missiles (フィンガーミサイル Fingā Misairu?) and Knee Brace Beams (ニーブレスビーム Nī Buresu Bīmu?) to attack enemies, and then finish them with its Volcanic Buster (ヴォルカニック・バスター Vorukanikku Basutā?) attack (the younger Browgul could withstand this attack, however). When the Deka Machines are docked inside it (Pat Striker/Pat Wing 1: central; Pat Gyror/Pat Wing 2: rear right; Patrailer/Pat Wing 3: rear left; Pat Armor/Pat Wing 4: front left; Pat Signer/Pat Wing 5: front right), the Deka Base Robo can achieve 200% of its normal power output.

Deka Bike Robo[edit]

The Deka Bike (デカバイク Deka Baiku?) is a giant motorcycle piloted by Deka Break (except in episode 29, when Deka Red piloted it while Deka Break was ordered to stay in Deka Base), and comes when the command "Deka Bike, launch!" (デカバイク、発進! Deka Baiku, Hasshin!?) is given. When the command "Special Investigation Transformation!" (特捜変形! Tokusō Henkei!?) is given, it can become Special Investigation Transformation Deka Bike Robo (特捜変形デカバイクロボ Tokusō Henkei Deka Baiku Robo?), which possesses two Sleeve Sword (スリーブソード Surību Sōdo?) jackknives and can initiate either its sonic boom or its Sword Tornado (ソードトルネード Sōdo Torunēdo?) finisher. It can be ridden on by Dekaranger Robo, known as Riding Dekaranger Robo (ライディングデカレンジャーロボ Raidingu Dekarenjā Robo?), where it can use the Dekaranger Robo's Signal Cannon for its Riding Justice Flasher (ライディングジャスティスフラッシャー Raidingu Jasutisu Furasshā?) attack and through this formation it can combine with the Dekaranger Robo to form Super Dekaranger Robo.

Though Deka Bike is never seen flying in Earth's atmosphere, it is capable of interstellar flight, and is used as a means of interstellar transport on several occasions. It was destroyed in the finale when Tetsu set it to remote control and had it ram into the Deka Base Robo with Agent Abrella at the controls in a kamikaze attack, which only proved to be futile. However, like Dekaranger Robo, it was rebuilt to help the Magirangers in a fight against two Alienizers and a Hades Beastman.

Blast Buggy[edit]

Exclusive to the Dekaranger movie, Blast Buggy (ブラストバギー Burasuto Bagī?) is one of the remaining Deka Machines on Planet Leslie that was found and piloted by Deka Break. It can combine with Dekaranger Robo to create Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom (デカレンジャーロボ フルブラストカスタム Dekarenjā Robo Furu Burasuto Kasutamu?) when the command "Special Investagation Armament!" (特捜武装! Tokusō Busō!?) is given. When combined it splits into the Blast Shield (ブラストシールド Burasuto Shīrudo?) (which replaces Pat Signer's signboard) and Blast Launcher (ブラストランチャー Burasuto Ranchā?) (double barrel gun), with the rear bumper forming a chest ornament for Dekaranger Robo.

Attacks are Spinning Blast (スピニングブラスト Supiningu Burasuto?), (planting the shield on the ground to spin around and fire in all directions) and Blast Launcher Full Blast (ブラストランチャー・フルブラスト Burasuto Ranchā Furu Burasuto?) finisher in Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom Final Mode (デカレンジャーロボ フルブラストカスタム ファイナルモード Dekarenjā Robo Furu Burasuto Kasutamu Fainaru Mōdo?) (placing the launcher on the shield to fire a supercharged shot, calling it the Full Blast Launcher (フルブラストランチャー Furu Burasuto Ranchā?)).

Super Dekaranger Robo[edit]

When Dekaranger Robo combines with Deka Bike through the Riding Dekaranger Robo formation, it can create the Super Special Investigation Combination Super Dekaranger Robo (超特捜合体スーパーデカレンジャーロボ Chō Tokusō Gattai Sūpā Dekarenjā Robo?).

Pat Striker becomes Super Dekaranger Robo's head and main torso. Pat Gyror becomes Super Dekaranger Robo's left arm. Patrailer becomes Super Dekaranger Robo's right arm. Pat Armor goes on top of Super Dekaranger Robo's right shoulder. Pat Signer goes on top of Super Dekaranger Robo's left shoulder. Deka Bike Robo becomes Super Deka Ranger Robo's helmet, chest armor, back, shoulders, fists, and lower legs.

It can use its jet engines to maneuver at superhuman speeds and it can perform its finisher, Gatling Punch (ガトリングパンチ Gatoringu Panchi?), where it strikes with a barrage of high speed punches, and Dynamite Upper (ダイナマイトアッパー Dainamaito Appā?), a powerful uppercut punch.

Deka Wing Robo[edit]

The Pat Wings (パトウィング Pato Wingu?) come when the command "Pat Wings, Take Off!" (パトウィング、テイクオフ! Pato Wingu, Teiku Ofu!?) is given. They combine into Special Investigation Combination Deka Wing Robo (特捜合体デカウィングロボ Tokusō Gattai Deka Wingu Robo?). Created by Swan for cases involving aerial and outer space battles, since it is better equipped for midair combat. Designed to be used with the Deka Rangers' SWAT Mode. It can perform the Double Heel Smash (ダブルヒールスマッシュ Daburu Hīru Sumasshu?). Armed with its two Pat Magnum (パトマグナム Pato Magunamu?) guns and can transform into the Deka Wing Cannon (デカウィングキャノン Deka Wingu Kyanon?) to delete its opponent with the Final Buster (ファイナルバスター Fainaru Basutā?) finisher. Deka Wing Cannon is an homage to the Vavilos Big Magnum of Uchuu Keiji Shaider. The Deka Wing Robo was used in the finale by Deka Break to hold off the stolen Deka Base Robo so the others could reclaim it from Agent Abarella. Though the Deka Wing Robo was badly damaged to where it was rendered immobile, it was later repaired and used again in "Magiranger vs. Dekaranger".

The command for the Deka Wing Cannon formation is "Special Investigation Transformation!" (特捜転換! Tokusō Tenkan!?)The Deka Wing Cannon can also be held by another mecha and combine energies to enhance the cannon's power, these other variations are All Star Ultimate Buster (オールスター・アルティメットバスター Ōru Sutā Arutimetto Basutā?) (with Dekaranger Robo, Deka Bike Robo and Deka Base Robo), Twin Robo Ultimate Buster (ツインロボ・アルティメットバスター Tsuin Robo Arutimetto Basutā?) (with Deka Bike Robo), and Magi Final Buster (マジファイナルバスター Maji Fainaru Basutā?) (with the Magirangers' Magi Legend).

Pat Wing 1 forms Deka Wing Robo's head, torso, and upper legs. Pat Wing 2 forms Deka Wing Robo's arms and Deka Wing Cannon's handle. Pat Wing 3 forms Deka Wing Robo's lower legs and Deka Wing Cannon's barrels. Pat Wing 4 forms Deka Wing Robo's right foot and Deka Wing Cannon's right muzzle. Pat Wing 5 forms Deka Wing Robo's left foot and Deka Wing Cannon's left muzzle.

In one instance, Pat Wing 5 was used as a missile to ram into the enemy where Deka Pink promptly threw out the Mechahuman out of the cockpit.

  • Pat Wing 1 (パトウィング1 Pato Wingu Wan?): Piloted by Deka Red. Is the fastest flyer of the five Pat Wings, and has also high mobility.
  • Pat Wing 2 (パトウィング2 Pato Wingu Tsū?): Piloted by Deka Blue. Has high stability, able to do a hovering flight. Equipped with wingtip blasters.
  • Pat Wing 3 (パトウィング3 Pato Wingu Surī?): Piloted by Deka Green. Has high confidentiality, is suitable for conveyance of dangerous goods. Carries the container and accumulates the energy of Deka Wing Cannon in it.
  • Pat Wing 4 (パトウィング4 Pato Wingu Fō?): Piloted by Deka Yellow. Able to do a stealth flight and has the strongest body of the five Pat Wings. Equipped with special arms, like flares or tear-gas bombs.
  • Pat Wing 5 (パトウィング5 Pato Wingu Faibu?): Piloted by Deka Pink. Equipped with a huge speaker, able to emit warning to Alienizers or tell citizens refuge advice. The fire-extinguishing activities by water-drainage are also possible. In episode 39, Deka Break was the substitute pilot of Pat Wing 5 when Umeko was in a coma while investigating the case involving Yuilwerian Mime.

Other combinations[edit]

Three combinations never seen in the show are given in the toy instructions. The first combines Pat Striker with Pat Wings 2-5, the second combines Pat Wing 1 with four of the Deka Machines (sans Pat Striker), and the third is the combination with the Pat Wing 1 and the Deka Machine limbs combined with the Deka Bike in a riding mode. Additionally, though also never seen in the footage, the toy the Deka Base Crawler is able to be converted slightly to allow it to carry the Deka Bike atop itself.

Space Criminals Alienizer[edit]

Space Criminals Alienizer (宇宙犯罪者アリエナイザー Uchū Hanzaisha Arienaizā?) is the generic name given to aliens that commit various forms of crime, on Earth and on other planets in the setting of Dekaranger.

Agent Abrella[edit]

Agent Abrella (エージェント・アブレラ Ējento Aburera?, 2-50)is an Alienizer agent who arrives at Earth from his homeworld, Planet Rain (a world that constantly rains, evident that Abrella needs an artificial environment of rain to sustain himself). The most sinister figure in the galactic black market, he is solely responsible for the outbreak of wars in seven galaxies, destroying billions of lives in the process. He is usually seen offering his services to the alien criminals there, providing Mechanoids and Kaijuuki for the right price. Acting behind the shadows, Abrella gathers info on the Deka base from his clients who made it in and escaped with their lives, setting up a plan over time to fulfill his desire for a "world of just currency and crime". Eventually making his presence known to the Dekarangers during the Faraway incident, Abrella starts taking their interference personally after the Browgoul incident, leading a campaign against the Space Police through Kruger's former friend Bisques and piloting a Big Drawer until he finally executes his master plan, busting out a quartet of Alienizer criminals and taking over the Deka Base while he used another Alienizer criminal Jellyfis to keep the Dekarangers busy. From there, he uses Deka Base Robo to rampage Megalopolis so to lure the bulk of SPD to Earth, using their own planetary forcefield against them. However, he meets his end at the hands of the Dekarangers, thus finally bringing him to justice through the D-Bazooka. However, true to his final words, his pupil Apollos would carry on in his stead. His name is a pun on the word umbrella, which makes sense considering his planet of origin.

Abrella is voiced by Ryūsei Nakao (中尾 隆聖 Nakao Ryūsei?).


The Mechanoids (メカ人間 Meka Ningen?) are android Foot Soldiers created by Abrella and used by the Alienizers whom he offers his services to.

  • Igaroids (イーガロイド Īgaroido?, 8-50): The highest rank out. Use swords to attack, has an attack called Cross Burst. Able to speak human languages (including Japanese). They sometimes use swords which are really re-colored versions of the Spark Vectors used by the Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Jasmine calls them "Igaiga Kun"
  • Batsuroids (バーツロイド Bātsuroido?): Androids who lead the Anaroids. Can use hand-mounted gun to blast enemies, later on swords, which are re-colored versions of the Spark Vectors used by the Mirai Sentai Timeranger.
  • Anaroids (アーナロイド Ānaroido?): Androids that appear from the grenades thrown by an Alienizer or a Batsuroid.

Special Criminal Alienizers[edit]

Sadistic Alienizers who have committed high-profile crimes. The most evil Alienzers in the universe, these figures are pursued by SPD's Tokko forces.

  • The Three Hells Siblings (ヘルズ3兄弟 Herusu Sankyōdai?): From the Planet Reversia, they are wanted on 79 Planets on charges of marauding and murder. Their method is that Succubus and Bon-Goblin arrive on an ideal planet, then contact Blitz so they can have their way with the planet and its people before they get tired of it and destroys the entire planet to find another world to repeat the process. Due to their arrival on Earth, Deka Break appeared.
    • Reversian Bon-Goblin Hells (リバーシア星人ボンゴブリン・ヘルズ Ribāshia Seijin Bon-Goburin Heruzu?, 21-22, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): He is the middle child, the strongest and always hungry (he could devour entire buildings and his hunger wouldn't be satisfied). Most of his body is unaffected by most blade weapons, including Deka Master's D-Sword Vega, but luckily he has weak spots amongst these rare muscles. The only weak point is his throat, but if filled up enlarges into a "ugly body". He is deleted by Deka Bike Robo. Bon Goblin is briefly resurrected in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, but is killed for good by Aba Red, Abare Blue, Abare Black, and Deka Yellow.
    • Reversian Succubus Hells (リバーシア星人サキュバス・ヘルズ Ribāshia Seijin Sakyubasu Herusu?, 21-23, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): The youngest of the Hell Siblings, drains the lifeforce out of those she touches. She disguises as a human called Camille. She first wants to devour Jasmine, but then becomes interested in the girl's ESP and wanted her as a partner/pet instead. She is the first to pilot the God Pounder robot. Succubus is mortally injured by Blitz during her fight with Deka Break. Despite her injury, Succubus survives long enough to revive her brother by transferring all the life energy she has absorbed into him. Succubus is briefly resurrected in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger to gather lifeforce, but is killed for good by Deka Pink, Deka Yellow, and AbareYellow.
    • Reversian Blitz Hells (リバーシア星人ブリッツ・ヘルズ Ribāshia Seijin Burittsu Herusu?, 21-23): The eldest brother, the most evil of the trio with the title "Outer Space Grim Reaper". Cold and ruthless, he even uses/attacks his younger siblings, not caring if they die or not. Deleted by Riding Dekaranger Robo when he attempted to escape in God Pounder. Later on Pouchien Balipen copied his D.N.A. and took on his form and piloted a second version of God Pounder.
  • Algolian Gas Drinkers (アルゴル星人ガスドリンカーズ Arugoru Seijin Gasu Dorinkāzu?, Movie): Living robots from the Algol star, they stole the deadly Golden Snow virus that transformed anyone infected into living robotic slaves, testing it on planet Leslie, in order to sell the vaccine for it at a high price, once they released it. Their names are puns on alcoholic beverages. In fact, Algolian is a pun itself in alcohol.
    • Algolian Winsky (アルゴル星人ウインスキー Arugoru Seijin Uinsukī?): The deranged member of the group, deleted by Deka Blue. Name is a pun on whisky.
    • Algolian Zeen (アルゴル星人ジーン Arugoru Seijin Jīn?): She is the only female of the group. Name is a pun on gin. Deleted by Deka Yellow & Pink.
    • Algolian Brandel (アルゴル星人ブランデル Arugoru Seijin Buranderu?): He is the first of the Algolians to fight against the Dekarangers. Name is a pun on brandy. Deleted by Deka Green.
    • Algolian Volger (アルゴル星人ヴォルガー Arugoru Seijin Vorugā?): Leader of the Algolians. His name is a pun on vodka. Like Ban he also uses the Juukundo fighting style. He easily damaged Deka Gold's license, intimidating her to help him when his lackeys lost the virus to the Dekarangers. When she has second thoughts, he infected her with Golden Snow to be its carrier on Earth. After his minions are deleted and he is defeated by Ban, Volger returned to Leslie to pilot a Killer Tank with intent on destroying Earth. Deleted by Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom.
    • Algolian Babon (アルゴル星人バボン Arugoru Seijin Babon?, Magiranger vs. Dekaranger): Buildjick's partner, he worked for Agent X so they can obtain the Flower of Heaven. He uses missile barrels on his shoulders and an arm mounted blaster. Babon eliminated Buildjick for being captured. When the Dekarangers faced Babon, none of their attacks fazed him, because of the Madou Circle on his chest that absorbed any laser attack, but the Magirangers could damage him and almost deleted him, if it wasn't for Ban trying to destroy him with his new Battlizer. Babon kidnapped Urara and Jasmine went after him. Babon is going to exchange the girls for the Flower of Heaven, when his thing for tall women is used against him with "Tetsuko & Hikaruko Ozu" (Hikaru & Tetsu in disguise). He and Agent X piloted Abutrex II before its destruction. He is beaten by MagiShine & Deka Break's "Deka Break Shining Fist" attack. He and Agent X are killed by the Fantastic Strike Out that is powered by the Flower of Heaven's Blizzard of Light. His name is a pun on bourbon.
  • Tylerian Durden (タイラー星人ダーデン Tairā Seijin Dāden?, 26): The owner of an illegal fight club gambling operation who is also selling an illegal steroid, Megagesterine. He meets his end at the hands of the newly formed Super Dekaranger Robo. Tyler Durden is the name of a character who appears in "Fight Club".
  • Speckionian Genio (スペキオン星人ジェニオ Supekion Seijin Jeneio?, 28-29, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): Charged with taking the freedom of over 1,000,000 people on 124 planets by trapping them in his own mirror world as his "art works". He is also the one to murder Tetsu's parents, after they inadvertently surprised him during an attempt to escape the Dekas on Earth. Because of his immense power, he is fiercely hunted down by Tetsu and eventually captured on Crysto, placed on the Alcapo Prison in solitary confinement (away from any reflective surfaces, to prevent him from escaping) as his death would condemn his victims. This infamy also made him something of a celebrity among criminals, acquiring lots of fan mail each day from riff-raff attempting to gain his favor by committing crimes as lavish and grand as his own. Two years later, Tetsu would question Genio about a recent rash of copycat crimes, with the Alienizer revealing Balipen as the culprit in exchange for asking Tetsu if he remembered what his mother said at the time of her death. He managed to make Tetsu cry when he tells his side of the story about the final words of Testu's mother. Using the tear, Genio escapes confinement and heads to Earth with intend on fulfilling his vow to make Tetsu suffer. He has a Batsuroid pilot Megaria in order to abduct Deka Red in Deka Bike Robo as a cleverly setup trap. Once Tetsu learned how to break Genio's hold on the people he captured, he is finally able to delete him. Genio is briefly resurrected in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger to gather life-force but is killed for good by Deka Break, Deka Blue, Deka Green, and Abare Blue. "Genio" means "genius" in Italian and Portuguese.
  • Ginjifuan Kazak (ギンジフ星人カザック Ginjifu Seijin Kazakku?, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): From Planet Ginjifu, Kazak is former director of the Minos from the Cosmic Violence Group. He attempted to resurrect Dezumozorlya and use its power to rule the world. He could take on the appearance of about just any kind of object, including the rug in Yatsudenwani's office, he also took on the appearance of Numa O and even took on the appearance of Yousuke Shiina as Hurricane Red in order to catch the joint Dekaranger/Abaranger team-up off-balance. Deleted by the team effort of the Super Dekaranger Robo and Killer Abaren'oh.
  • Karakazian Sanoa (カラカズ星人サノーア Karakazu Seijin Sanoa?, 32-33): A mass-murderer who is head of the Zundaz Family Space Mafia. He possessed the Gyutanium Crystal with intent of using it to power a dangerous weapon, only to be arrested. But he escaped thanks to his underling Zootaku. Using the Muscle Gear, he took Deka Break and Deka Master hostage. Deleted by the five Dekarangers with the new S.W.A.T. armor. His name is short for the name of Japanese Jidaigeki-actor "Asao Sano".
  • Pyrian Korachek (パイロウ星人コラチェク Pairō Seijin Koracheku?, 40): An arsonist in 4,103 cases and with 3 charges of planetary incineration. He is of the Pyrians, flame-based beings who sometimes wear protective suits to move freely in places like Earth. The Dekarangers are unaware of this until Tetsu figures out his weakness from the girl he has saved and is able to strike Korachek with his Super Impulse fist attack. Korachek also has an Extra LL giant sized version of his suit called Flame Gear, provided by Agent Abrella. His body temperature is 2,500 degrees Celsius and then when he becomes giant, it increases by 500. His suit is deleted by Deka Wing Cannon, leaving his naked body to be extinguished by the coldness of space.

Minor Alienizers[edit]

  • Lovelian Balan Su (ラブーリ星人バラン・スー Rabūri Seijin Baran Sū?, 1): A giant alien who held a bus and its occupants hostage in a fit of rage when the four Deka Rangers arrived at the scene at the beginning of the series. He is easily defeated and arrested, eventually revealed to have smuggled the Fan Crasher's control mechanism for Don Moyaida in his stomach, only to be betrayed. His name is pun on the word balance.
  • Diamantian Don Moyaida (ディアマンテ星人ドン・モヤイダ Diamante Seijin Donmoyaida?, 1-2): From Planet Diamante, he is charged with homicide of a child, vehicular homicide, and terrestrial resource burglary. Thought to have died in a carchase with Ban, Don Moyaida arrived on Earth disguised as a human to take back the control mechanism he deceived Balan Su to bring there. He managed to get Fan Crusher on the planet to harvest its resources for space jewelry. Deleted by Deka Red, but not before giving Abrella info on the Deka base's Anubisium. His name is an homonym of the word diamond.
  • Grorserian Hell Heaven (グローザ星人ヘルヘヴン Gurōza Seijin Heruhevun?, 3): From the Planet Grorser. He is charged with kidnapping for profit-making and murder in Star-29. Under the employment of Kevakia, he piloted the first version of Devil Capture to kidnap Erika and distract the Deka Rangers. Deleted by Deka Blue.
  • Rikomoian Kevakia (リコモ星人ケバキーア Rikomo Seijin Kebakīa?, 3-4): From Planet Rikomo, he is a digital-based being that traveling through the internet to emerge from other computers, with a host PC as his base of operations. But once out in the physical world, his strength fades. As a result, he used Hell Heaven to keep the Deka Rangers from getting in the way of his kidnapping a girl from a rich family for ransom of the Wellness Stone. Though he is deleted by Dekared & Deka Blue, his transferred his data into 2nd version of Devil Capture, becoming its AI.
  • Anrian Beildon (アンリ星人ベイルドン Anri Seijin Beirudon?, 5): A rhino-like Alienizer from Planet Anri, charged with mass-murder on five planets. Working for Manomerk of Planet Doltock, he turns humans into a red liquid gasoline for a share in profits his employer makes. He even committed bank robberies to get the money Manomerk needs to perfect his work. His armored body is hard to penetrate until K9 Unit Murphy came to the rescue. Deleted by the D-Bazooka.
  • Doltockian Manomerk (ドルトック星人マノ・マーク Dorutokku Seijin Manomāku?, 5): Though not an Alienizer, he is a scientist who attempt to deal with Beildon under the alias of Iwaki. But he is arrested for his part in Beildon's plan in the end.
  • Juuzaiann Braidy (ジューザ星人ブライディ Jūza Seijin Buraidi?, 6): Not actually Alienizer, but is made to look like one by Kersus due to his malice for cars, which played a part in his family's demise. He is enlarged by Abrella and is brought in by Deka Ranger Robo. Though he did wreck public property, his sentencing wouldn't be as severe due to the recent events that caused it.
  • Ridomihan Kersus (リドミハ星人カーサス Ridomiha Seijin Kāsasu?, 6): Charged with murder and planet invasion, she and her younger sister Karmia are from the "once-water, now desert" planet Ridomiha as invasion scouts to steal the Earth's supply of water. But Karmia has second thoughts at the last minute, caring for Earthlings, and is killed for it. She has another alien, Braidy, take the blame until Sen-chan uncovered the truth. Like other members of her race, she can use water in various ways like using it to secrete healing liquid from their stalks to heal herself and others or use high-power water streams she emits to slice through concrete and steel like butter. Deleted by the D-Bazooka.
  • Quotaian Dagonel (クウォータ星人ダゴネール Quota Seijin Dagonēru?, 7-8): A 10,708-year old Alienizer from planet Quota, however he acts just like a child. His crime is turning people into dolls. Manipulated a lonely little boy with the power to teleport objects into helping him. He piloted the Embarns. Deleted by Dekaranger Robo.
  • Zamuzan Sheik (ザムザ星人シェイク Zamuza Seijin Sheiku?, 9-10): Arrested on the charges of mass-murder via explosives, he is a genius bomb manufacturer, as shown by his escape from prison. He piloted the 1st version of Shinobi Shadow. Deleted by the D-Bazooka. His name is a pun on the word snake.
  • Intergalactic Hitman Gigandes (ギガンデス Gigandesu?, 11): He was originally the Bileezian Vino (ビリーザ星人ヴィーノ Birīza Seijin Vīno?), an old academy buddy of Hoji who retired from the Space Police out of disenchantment and lured into the life of a criminal by the money he is able to earn with his skills. Reconfiguring his body into a gun-for-hire with the ability of self-enlargement, Vino assumed the identity of Gigandes and committed acts of wide-area homicide before being hired by Ben G to assassinate Doggie Kruger. Though deleted by Dekaranger Robo, Gigandes revealed valuable Deka base info to Abrella.
  • Kajimerian Ben G (カジメリ星人ベン・G Kajimeri Seijin Ben G?, 13, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): From the Planet Kajimeri, Ben G swore revenge on Kruger for his near-death experience during a chase from the Anubinoid, undergoing cybernetic modifications to his body. Charged with mass-murder & infiltrating SPD, he kidnapped Swan as part of his revenge, but this only forced Kruger to assume his role as Deka Master. He has a Batsuroid pilot the 1st version of Terrible Terror to keep the Deka Rangers at bay. However, Deka master easily overcame BenG's army of 100, then deleted him. Ben G is briefly resurrected in Deka Ranger vs. Abaranger but is killed for good by Deka Master, Abare Killer, Deka Pink, and Deka Break. His name is a pun of the name, Benji.
  • Cristonian Ferley (クリスト星人ファーリー Kurisuto Seijin Fārī?, 14): From the Planet Cristo, he is charged on counts of burglary & homicide of many SPD officers. As his body could not take sunlight, he is after a mineral called 'Lunar Metal' so he could roam freely in daylight. He has a Batsuroid pilot Devil Capture to keep the Deka Rangers busy while he obtained his prize and ate it, enabling him to move freely in the light of day. But his victory is short lived as he soon meets his end at the hands of the Deka Rangers. Deleted by the D-Bazooka. Farley is later shown/used as a simulation training session for Deka Red and Deka Break, only this time, he is called Burning Ferley (Fari, Special). His name is a pun on the name "Christopher Lee".
  • Titanian Meteus (ティタン星人メテウス Titan Seijin Meteusu?, 15-16): Calls himself the "Destroyer King". A brutal figure from Titan, who is after a little android girl named Flora in the Deka Ranger's custody, so he could use her to control a giant machine he created named Gigas. He used a Batsuroid to pilot the 1st version of Cannon Gladiator and attack the Deka Base while he went to capture Flora to try to control Gigas. After a later battle against the Dekarangers, Meteus fooled the Dekarangers with a hologram that he committed suicide and went after Flora again while the Dekarangers are fighting Gigas. However, Doggy came to Flora's rescue and Meteus is deleted for good by Deka Master. His name seems to be a pun on the word meteor.
  • Ozchuian Ial (オズチュウ星人イーアル Ozuchū Seijin Îaru?, 17): Charged on medical violations and homicide, he posed as a restaurant master named Wang. His species could grow stronger when drunk, carrying a bottle of earth sake to use his drunken-fist kungfu. Umeko is able to drink some of the sake in order to keep up with his movements, but passed out shortly afterwards. Like Gigantes and Braidy, he could enlarge himself by self-groping. Deleted by Deka Ranger Robo, with Deka Master as the replacement driver for PatSigner.
  • Wojonian Jinche (ウージョン星人ジンチェ Wujon Seijin Jinche?, 19): Wanted in seven planets on charges of burglary and vandalizing, he tried to escape deletion by switching bodies with Hoji in order to take control of the Deka Base Robo. Piloted the 2nd version of Shinobi Shadow. Deleted by the D-Bazooka after he revealed Deka Base secrets to Abrella. Jinche is an anagram of the word change.
  • Guermerlian Byz Goa (ゲルマー星人バイズ・ゴア Gerumā Seijin Baizugoa?, 20): A destroyer of worlds, he set up a bomb to destroy Earth. Part of his MO is playing a game of 'find the bombs' with the SPD units in the worlds he destroyed, and became infamous because if it. Surprisingly, when no one else could find him, Ban found him inside a vehicle disguised as a walkie-talkie. His species' greatest height is after all only about 4-5 centimeters. Piloted the 2nd version of Cannon Gladiator. Deleted by Dekaranger Robo. His name is a pun on the term "high score".
  • Dradian Goldom (ドラド星人ゴルドム Dorado Seijin Gorudomu?, 24): He tricked another alien into holding a city block ransom with a bomb by kidnapping his child and making him believe the Deka Rangers did it, allowing him to rob a bank on the block in the confusion. Piloted the 2nd version of Terrible Terror. Deleted by Deka Bike Robo.
  • Spiritian Byoi (スピリト星人ビョーイ Supirito Seijin Byōi?, 25): A gas-based being is unlike any other spirit aliens, who possesses beings to commit crimes. He first possessed the man before secretly possessing Ban. Deleted by Dekaranger Robo and Deka Bike Robo.
  • Beesian Beeling (ビース星人ビーリング Bīsu Seijin Bīringu?, 26): Another fighter who consumed Megagesterine alongside Jeeva. Fought by Hoji and Tetsu. Resembled a giant lizard. His name is a pun on the name "Heath Herring" another pro mixed martial artist.
  • Bandarean Jeeva (バンダレ星人ジーバ Bandare Seijin Jība?, 26, 45): A huge boxer in the illegal fighting club who has a 2,000 match winning streak. Upon consuming Megagesterine, he bulks up even more with large wing-like horns growing out of his arms and neck. His streak is ended by Hoji, who figured out his weakness. He's seen later in the series, reformed and working as an actor. His name is a pun on the name "Wanderlei Silva" a professional mixed martial artist.
  • Barigean Milibar (バリゲ星人ミリバル Barige Seijin Miribaru?, 27, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): Murdering thief from Planet 48. He uses wind-based attacks. Has a partner named Niwande who helped him rob criminals to raise money to help orphans, until he became reckless. He is among the monsters could enlarge himself using his wind energy. Deleted by Super Dekaranger Robo. His name is a pun on the unit of atmospheric air pressure "millibar". Milibar is briefly resurrected in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, but is killed for good by Deka Red, Deka Green, Deka Blue, and Abare Yellow.
  • Pouchien Bolapen (パウチ星人ボラペーノ Pauchi Seijin Borapēno?, 28): A copycat criminal who not only committed the crimes of Kevakia, Beildon, Kersus, Dagonel and Sheik, but took on their forms as well, copying their DNA to assume their identity and powers. He committed these crimes to gain the appreciation of Genio, whom he idolized. He piloted another version of the God Pounder as Blitz and is deleted by Dekaranger Robo. His name is an anagram of Japanese faceless yōkai, "Nopperabō".
  • Pukosian Jackil (プコス星人ジャッキル Pukosu Seijin Jakkiru?, 31): A hitman charged with homicide. Hired to assassinate Princess Io Yonmerluicchi (who looked just like Umeko) by her maid. Deleted by Super Dekaranger Robo. His name is an amalgamation of the words "jackal" and "kill".
  • Botsian Zortac (ボッツ星人ゾータク Bottsu Seijin Zōtaku?, 32-33): The scatterbrained underling of Sanoa, he is the first to acquire Muscle Gear, a powerful exosuit with the ability to turn its wearer invisible and invulerable to most attacks. Deleted by the five Dekarangers with the new S.W.A.T. armor. His name is a pun on the name of Japanese actor "Takuzo Kawatani".
  • Thousanian Gineka (サウザン星人ギネーカ Sauzan Seijin Ginēka?, 34): A profligate son who has command over Decho and Siroger. His father is a member of the government counsel. Murdered 456 countless innocents via Heavy Industrial Machines in a specialized 'game' they set up with a rare jewel. Deleted by Deka Wing Cannon. His name is an anagram of the name "Carnegie"
  • Tentean Siroger (テンテ星人シロガー Tente Seijin Shirogā?, 34): A narcissistic follower of Gineka. Deleted by Deka Wing Robo.
  • Handorean Decho (ハンドレ星人デーチョ Handore Seijin Dēcho?, 34): Gineka's loyal follower. Deleted by Deka Wing Robo.
  • Tenkaonian Raja Namunan (テラン星人チョウ・サン Tenkao Seijin Raja Namunan?, 35): He killed a detective's daughter 13 years ago. He also charged on 103 count of burglary with his Tenkao partners, Goren Nashi and Yam Tomukun. He piloted the second version of Night Chaser. Deleted by Deka Wing Robo.
  • Poppenian Hymal (ポッペン星人ハイマル Poppen Seijin Haimaru?, 36): Though not an Alienizer, he helped Abrella. He worked with Swan once and is jealous when she is chosen for the Police Scientific Criminal Investigation Laboratory over him. Created the Frankensaurus which moved with a remote control operated by him. However, he is confronted by Deka Swan and she is able to shutdown his dangerous Hymal Reactor after Agent Abrella set it to explode. Afterwards Hymal wanted to commit suicide by jumping of a cliff into hostile sea waters but Swan stopped him and after a stern lecture from Doggie Kruger, that Swan's mecha are superior to Hymal because of her selfless nature, Hymal is arrested by Tetsu for his crimes.
  • Mikean Clord (マイク星人クロード Maiku Seijin Kurōdo?, 37): He is charged on counts of mass murder and inhuman experimentation, taking the nutrients from young women. However, unlike most Alienizers, he is not one who performs crimes for their own selfish needs. Clord killed the women in order to cure his elder sister Teresa of a deadly disease. He posed as a boy with a blue rose (which is a manifestation of the nutrients he has extracted from his victims). Teresa is in love with Hoji, which angered Clord. Hoji is ordered to Delete Clord in order to become a Tokkyou, but when told of Teresa's illness by Clord, he has second thoughts about his objective. Sadly, when Clord is about to kill another group of girls, Hoji instinctively shot him in the back with his D-Sniper, deleting him.
  • Aladonian Gyanjava (アラドン星人ギャンジャバ Aradon Seijin Gyanjaba?, 38): He is charged with burglary and child abduction, killing a child's parents so he could utilize her natural abilities to manipulate locks. He pilots the 4th version of Cannon Gladiator. He is deleted by Deka Red SWAT Mode. His name is a pun on the name "Jean Gabin".
  • Yuilwerian Mime (ユイルワー星人ミーメ Yuiruwā Seijin Mīme?, 39): She creates a youth potion by stealing young women's souls through their dreams. Among the young women she targeted is Umeko. Mime pilots the final version of Megarolia. Deleted by the teamwork of Deka Yellow and Deka Pink SWAT Mode.
  • Guirarkian Don Bianco (Girāku Seijin Donbianko, 41): A white-tigerish member of the mafia, rivaled that of Don Blaco, he is attacked and killed by Jingi. Bianco means white in Italian.
  • Zabunian Don Blaco (ザブン星人ドン・ブラコ Zabun Seijin Donburako?, 41): A cactus-like rival member to Don Bianco. He hires Jingi to kill Don Bianco, and is deleted, as well, by him.
  • Assassinian Jingi (アサシン星人ジンギ Assassin Seijin Jingi?, 41): An assassin who has made more than 1,000 kills in his career. He is hired by Don Blaco to kill Don Bianco, but is insulted by his employer and kills him as well. Considers his skills far beyond those of a typical killer, and gets murderously angry whenever someone questions or insults his abilities. His chain on his head can send someone to another dimension - where that dimension leads nobody knows. Deleted by Deka Wing Cannon.
  • Sumasuleenian Nikaradar (スマスリーナ星人ニカレーダ Sumasurīna Seijin Nikarēda?, 42): A Browgoul breeder, he sacrifices countless worlds to ensure the existence of his monstrous pets. On Earth he murdered the Minoroian Professor Monten (ミノロ星人モンテーン博士 Minoro Seijin Monteen Hakase?), feeding his corpse to a hatch Browgoul, and to disguise himself as him to redirect a meteor to Earth. Deleted by Dekaranger SWAT Mode.
  • Bokudenian Biskes (ボクデン星人ビスケス Bokuden Seijin Bisukesu?, 44): An old friend of Kruger's, they trained together, but Biskes is/was out of control and is/was likely to abuse any powers he had, eventually losing out on inheriting his father's dojo to Kruger, because of this, thus stemming his anger towards the Anubinoid. Has a sword similar to Kruger's called "Sword Altair" in addition has an attack called "Altair Slash", the rival of "Vega Slash". He showed up on Earth during Christmas to steal Deka badges for Agent Abrella as part of a smear campaign against the Dekarangers. He is also charged with illegally challenging 999 fighters to duels to the death, winning them all. Ultimately, he is deleted by Deka Master's Vega Impulse, a secret technique taught to him by their sword-master.
  • Sukekonoian Mashu (スケコ星人マシュー Sukeko Seijin Mashū?, 46): A con-artist who marries 273 times under aliases and killed his wives by using Psycho Mushrooms to manipulate their feelings. He targets Umeko as his 274th wife and poses as a man named Hironobu. He uses the Psycho-Mushrooms to transform into a human male, but the effect only lasts for 60 minutes. However, a suspicious Sen-Chan uncovers his plan and when he confronts Mashu, Mashu's plan is foiled when he unknowingly brags about his evil intentions in front of her. Deleted by Deka Pink SWAT Mode.
  • Dynamoian Terry X (ダイナモ星人テリー Dainamo Seijin Terī X?, 47): An Alienizer who absorbs the lifeforce of ESPers and turns them into plasma batteries. He is confronted by Hoji and Jasmine a few years back when they are yet rookies and almost killed them (specifically wanting to absorb the lifeforce of Jasmine due to her being an ESPer) but they are resucued by their senior, Gyoku Ryou, the first Deka Red of the SPD Earth branch. This is the fatal accident that paralyzed Gyoku Rou and forced him to retire. Deleted by Deka Wing Cannon.
  • Kulernian Jellyfis (クラーン星人ジェリフィス Kurān Seijin Jerifisu?, 48-49): Jellyfish-like Alienizer who possesses human beings and took control of their nervous system, which is forbidden by space law. He has first possessed Ban, and uses him to attack the other Dekarangers. When Ban begins to beg for his friends to kill him in order to stop Jellyfis, Tetsu is forced to risk Ban's life in order to save him from the evil Alienizer. Tetsu used the "Super Electro Fist" against Ban (who's Deka Suit has been deactivated by Jellyfis), causing Ban's heart to stop. When Jellifis left Ban's body, Tetsu used his Electro Fist technique as an unorthodox defibrillator, successfully resulting in Ban's revival. Jellyfis is used as a distraction to keep the Dekarangers busy so Abrella could invade the Deka Base. Piloted second version of Million Missile. Deleted by Super Deka Ranger Robo. Jellyfis is a pun on the word jellyfish.
  • Gimonian Angorl (ギモ星人アンゴール Gimo Seijin Angōru?, 49): An anglerfish Alienizer that Abrella saves from the prison Doggie sent him to and equipped with the powered Hyper Muscle Gear. He piloted Abutrex while Abrella and the others took control of the Deka Base. He is deleted by Deka Wing Cannon (Piloted by Deka Break) and Deka Bike Robo.
  • Gedonian Uniga (ゲド星人ウニーガ Gedo Seijin Unīga?, 49-50): Urchin-like Alienizer that Abrella rescues from the prison Doggie sent him to and equipped with Hyper Muscle Gear to help him invade the Deka Base. He managed to take down Deka Master, but is deleted by the assembled Dekarangers. Uniga is the base model for the powerful Igaroids, and even performed the same sword attack. UniIga is deleted by Deka Break.
  • Dragian Ganymede (ドラグ星人ガニメデ Dragu Seijin Ganimede?, 49-50): Crab-like Alienizer that Abrella breaks out from the prison Doggie sent him to and equipped with Hyper Muscle Gear to help him invade the Deka Base. Ganymede is deleted by Deka Blue and Deka Green.
  • Jergonian Sukeela (ジャーゴ星人スキーラ Jāgo Seijin Sukīra?, 49-50): She is one of the Alienizers that Abrella rescues from the prison Doggie has sent her to and is equipped with Hyper Muscle Gear to help him invade the Deka Base. Sukira is deleted by Deka Yellow and Deka Pink.
  • Chigukaden Buildjick (Chigukadeseijin Buildjick, Magiranger vs. Dekaranger): Giant mechanoid from Planet Chigukade. He picked up a restaurant that the Magirangers and Umeko are in and began eating it. Was captured by the Dekarangers' mecha, only to be eliminated by his partner Babon.


  • Machine Monster Gigas (マシンモンスター・ギーガス Mashin Monsutā Gīgasu?, 15-16): The machine monster that Meteus is attempting to find and control. It grows by consuming matter and electricity, and resembles a large metal pinecone with a mouth and a slew of metal tentacles. It is destroyed by Deka Base Robo.
  • Space Life Form Browgoul (宇宙生物ブラウゴール Uchū Seibutsu Buraugōru?, 42-43): Monstrous alien beasts that feed on the metal of meteors to increase in size. Two known creatures are brought to Earth by Nikareda. The first is used to eat Monten, so Nikareda can impersonate him and direct a meteor to Earth. Though the first Browgoul is killed by Super Deka Ranger Robo, its power is transferred to the just hatched younger sibling who overpowers Super Deka Ranger Robo before willing the meteor back on its course to Earth. With Nikareda dead, Abrella decided to take advantage and breed the Browgoul himself after Earth's destruction. But the meteor is successively destroyed and the second Browgoul is ultimately destroyed by Deka Wing Cannon, energized by Deka Ranger Robo, Deka Bike Robo and Deka Base Robo in an All-Star Ultimate Buster.

Heavy Industrial Machines[edit]

The Kaijuki (怪重機 Kaijūki?, Heavy Industrial Machines) are robots usually provided by Abrella himself, either the owners pilot them to fight the Deka Rangers' robots, or use them as a distraction with help from a Batsuroid. This is a grand departure from the other Sentai series, and is comparable to the situation in Bioman. In that case, there are no monsters-of-the-week, having instead five and later three recurring human-sized commanders that would pilot different giant-sized robots-of-the-week. While Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū?)" is usually taken to mean "mysterious beast", the characters for "Kaijuuki" are "heavy industrial machine".

  • Fan Crusher (ファンクラッシャー Fan Kurasshā?, 2): A Kaijuki that Don Moyaida uses to harvest planets for their resources to produce space jewelry. Bringing its components to Earth, don Moyaida activates the Fan Crusher prior to its destruction by Dekaranger Robo.
  • Devil Capture (デビルキャプチャー Debiru Kyapuchā?, 3-4, 12, 14, 30): The first series of Kaijuki the Dekarangers deal with, the first model piloted by Hell-Heaven before it was destroyed by Pat Striker equipped with the Judgment Sword. The next model was Devil Capture II (デビルキャプチャー2 Debiru Kyapuchā Tsū?, 4), which Kevakler transferring his data into to become the robot's AI prior to its destruction by Dekaranger Robo. Devil Capture III (デビルキャプチャー3 Debiru Kyapuchā Surī?) and Devil Capture VI (デビルキャプチャー4 Debiru Kyapuchā Fō?) were both piloted by Batsuroids and destroyed by Dekaranger Robo. Devil Capture V (デビルキャプチャー5 Debiru Kyapuchā Faibu?, 30) was piloted by Faraway before it was defeated by Dekabike Robo. The final model Devil Capture IV (デビルキャプチャー6 Debiru Kyapuchā Shikkusu?, 36) was controlled by Heimel before Dekabike Robo and Dekaranger Robo destroy it for good.
  • Enbance (エンバーンズ Enbānzu?, 7-8, 34): Piloted by Dagoneil. Destroyed by Dekaranger Robo. Later rebuilt and piloted by Shriogar. Destroyed for good by Dekawing Robo.
  • Shinobi Shadow (シノビシャドー Shinobi Shadō?, 9-10): A series of ninja Kaijuki. While the first model piloted by Sheik is destroyed by Dekaranger Robo, the second model Shinobi Shadow II (シノビシャドー2 Shinobi Shadō Tsū?, 19) is piloted by Jinche prior to its destruction by Dekabase Robo.
  • Terrible Terror (テリブルテーラー Teriburu Tērā?, 13): A Kaijuki piloted by a Batsuroid prior to Dekaranger Robo destroying it. A second model, Terrible Terror II (テリブルテーラー2 Teriburu Tērā Tsū?, 24) is piloted by Gordom before it was destroyed by Dekabike Robo.
  • Cannon Gladiator (キャノングラディエーター Kyanon Guradiētā?, 15-16): The first model was piloted by a Batusroid and was defeated by Dekaranger Robo before being eaten by Gigas. Following it were, Cannon Gladiator II (キャノングラディエーター2 Kyanon Guradiētā Tsū?, 20) piloted by Biz Gore and destroyed by Dekaranger Robo, Cannon Gladiator III (キャノングラディエーター3 Kyanon Guradiētā Surī?, 31) piloted by Jackyl and destroyed by Super Dekaranger Robo, and Cannon Gladiator IV (キャノングラディエーター4 Kaijūki Kyanon Guradiētā Fō?, 38) that was piloted by Ganjuba before it was destroyed by Dekabase Robo.
  • Big Drawer (ビグドローワー Bigu Dorōwā?, 18): The first model was piloted by a Batsuroid and destroyed by Dekabase Robo. Agent Abrella piloted Big Drawer II (ビグドローワー2 Bigu Dorōwā Tsū?, 44) before it was destroyed by Dekabase Robo.
  • God Pounder (ゴッドパウンダー Goddo Paundā?, 21-23, 28): The Hell Siblings' Kaijuki, it was originally piloted by Succubus before Blitz used it in his final stand off against Riding Dekaranger Robo. God Pounder is later rebuilt and piloted by Balipen posing as Blitz before the Kaijuuki is destroyed for good by Dekaranger Robo.
  • Killer Tank (キラータンク Kirā Tanku?, Movie): Piloted by Vorga. Destroyed by Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom.
  • Hunter Jet (ハンタージェット Hantā Jetto?, 25, 32): Originally piloted by Byoui, it was destroyed by Dekabike Robo before it was rebuilt for Sanoa's use. It's succeeding model Hunter Jet II (ハンタージェット2 Hantā Jetto Tsū?, 46) was piloted by a Batusroid until it wasconfiscated by the Dekarangers, after PAT Wing #5 crashed through its cockpit section and was used by the Dekarangers during a sting operation against Mashu.
  • Ultimate Evil (アルティメットイビル Arutimetto Ibiru?, 26, 34): A demonic series of Kaijuki, the first was piloted by Durden before it was heavily damaged by Super Dekaranger Robo, with Deecho using it before it was destroyed by good Dekawing Robo. It was succeeded by Ultimate Evil II (アルティメットイビル2 Arutimetto Ibiru Tsū?, 41) which Jingi before the Dekawing Cannon destroyed it.
  • Megaroria (メガロリア?, 29): The first was used by a Batusroid before being destroyed by Dekabike Robo. Megaroria II (メガロリア2 Megaroria Tsū?, 39) is then used by Mime before it is destroyed by Dekawing Robo .
  • PalletteView (パレットビュー Parettobyū?, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): Piloted by Kazakku. Destroyed by the teamwork of Super Dekaranger Robo and Killer Abaren-oh.
  • Knight Chaser (ナイトチェイサー Naito Cheisā?, 30): The first was used by Batusroid to pursue Faraway's Devil Capture V before being destroyed by Super Dekaranger Robo. The succeeding model Knight Chaser II (ナイトチェイサー2 Naito Cheisā Tsū?, 35) is piloted by Raja Namunan prior to its destruction by the Dekawing Cannon.
  • Million Missile (ミリオンミサイル Mirion Misairu?, 34, 48-49): A Kaijuki that Gineek used in his sick games before it is destroyed by Dekawing Cannon. The Kaijuki was later rebuilt for Jellyfis's use before it is destroyed for good by Super Dekaranger Robo.
  • Frankenzaurus (フランケンザウルス Furankenzaurusu?, 36): Created by Haimaru where most of its body aside from the power core and head is created from the parts of six previous machines: Fan Crusher's chest, Devil Capture II's Tail, Shinobi Shadow's legs, Terrible Terror's arms, God Pounder's boosters, and Million Missile's shoulders. Powered by the Haimaru Reactor, a dangerous reactor created by Haimaru. It is able to overwhelm Dekaranger Robo and Super Dekaranger Robo. After Swan is safely able to deactivate the reactor, the Dekarangers destroyed Frankensaurus with the Dekawing Cannon.
  • Abtrex (アブトレックス Abutorekkusu?, 48-49): Abrella's personal Kaijuki, it can assume the Abtrailer (アブトレーラー Abutorērā?) vehicle mode. Entrusting its use to Angol, Abtrex heavily damages Dekaranger Robo before being destroyed by Dekawing Cannon & Dekabike Robo. The next model Abotrex (アボトレックス Abotorekkusu?, Magiranger vs. Dekaranger) was piloted by Abrella's heir Abollos, who intended to destroy all love on Earth, but he required Miyuki's Flower of Heaven to do so. When Abotrex was about to blow up the planet, Dekawing Cannon and MagiLegend blasted it out of space, and it was destroyed with the combined mecha attack of MagiKing, Dekarnger Robo, Travelion and Dekabike Robo.

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