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A special effects supervisor (also referred to as a special effects coordinator or SFX Supervisor) is an individual who works on a commercial, theater, television or film set creating special effects. The supervisor generally is the department head who defers to the film's director and/or producers, and who is in charge of the entire special effects team. Special effects include anything that is manual or mechanically manipulated (also called "practical effects" or in camera effects).[1][2] This may include the use of mechanized props, special effects makeup, props, scenery, scale models, pyrotechnics and atmospheric effects: creating physical wind, rain, fog, snow, clouds etc.

Special effects (SFX) or (SPFX) are produced on the set, as opposed to those created in post-production which are generally called "visual effects" (VFX). In recent years real physical special effects have been increasingly overshadowed by computer-generated imagery (CGI) effects created in post-production."[1]

Some examples of special effects are explosions, car crashes and chases, gunshots, earthquake effects, special makeup, prosthetics, special set construction, snow and rain.

Special Effects Technician is a person working in the special effects department, under the special effects supervisor, and he is responsible for creating and assisting special effects. Major motion pictures, with many special effects many have many special effects technicians.