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Spectra (singular spectrum) are conditions or values that vary over a continuum.

Spectra may also refer to:


  • Polaroid Spectra, a type of instant camera and instant film formerly produced by the Polaroid Corporation—see List of Polaroid instant cameras#Spectra
  • RCA Spectra 70, the name for a series of mainframe computers made by RCA, and which were sold to Univac to become the Univac 90/60 series computer
  • Spectra, a keyboard manufactured by Kawai
  • Thales Spectra, an integrated defensive aids suite developed by Thales Group for the Dassault Rafale series of fighter aircraft
  • Motorola Spectra, a two-way radio. The later version of the Motorola Spectra is known as the Motorola Astro Spectra
  • Spectra is a brand of Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber


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