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Spectrophilia is sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images in mirrors, also the phenomenon of sexual encounters between ghosts and humans.

Spectrophilia as a fetish[edit]

Spectrophilia is a fetish that is classified as the paraphilia in which one is attracted to ghosts or spirits. One may be aroused by Ghosts, Spectrophiliacs fantasize about ghosts and often imagine scenarios involving sexual events between themselves or others and spirits.

Succubus and Incubus[edit]

In western folklore there figures know as the succubus and the incubus. A succubus is a demon or evil spirit who takes on a female human form to seduce men. The succubus most commonly seduces men through intercourse. The succubus is said to take semen from the male for use in impregnating a woman. The counterpart of the succubus is the incubus. The incubus is a demon that is said to take on a male human form. The incubus, much like the succubus, is said to seduce women into sex with the objective of impregnating the woman with its semen.[1] The belief that succubi and incubi are spirits or ghosts that have sexual intercourse with men and women classifies the phenomenon as spectrophilia.

Spectrophilia in Folklore[edit]

There is speculation on whether spectrophilia actually exists. Even before spectrophilia was a documented term there were stories of spirits having sexual relations and procreating with humans. Several cultures have their own versions of spectrophilia stories. Arabic, Greek, Hindu, and Celtic are just some of the cultures that have spectrophilia folklore. Folklore is full of spectrophilia. The name for spectrophilia just differs for each culture. The different names are anything from Jinns in Arabic folklore to Dusii in Celtic Folklore. The stories have differences but all have one thing in common: ghosts having intercourse with humans.[1]


No scientific evidence has been documented on the phenomenon of spectrophilia. All the proof there is are the stories of those who claim to have been visited by these seductive entities. Research and interviews continue to be conducted by those in the paranormal field. Spectrophilia has become a frequently talked-about subject among ghost hunters. Ghost hunters such as the Ghost Adventures Crew have come across several claims of sexual encounters between ghosts and humans. The Travel Channel is becoming well known for its documentary on spectrophilia titled ‘Ghostly Lovers’.[2] In this documentary there are several women who go into the encounters they have had. Although there is no documented scientific evidence, the research on spectrophilia is only becoming more thorough.[3]


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