Speedwell, New Jersey

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Speedwell is an unincorporated community located within Morris County, New Jersey, United States.


Alfred Vail of Speedwell received a one half share of the telegraph patents held by Samuel F. B. Morse on September 23, 1837 in exchange for Vail providing a working model from his Speedwell Ironworks.[1]


  1. ^ Coe, Lewis (2003). The Telegraph. ISBN 0-7864-1808-7. Vail had no money of his own, but his family was persuaded to advance money and make the facilities of the Vail iron works at Speedwell, New Jersey, ... 

Coordinates: 39°45′47″N 74°32′44″W / 39.76306°N 74.54556°W / 39.76306; -74.54556