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Not to be confused with the Postmedia Canspell National Spelling Bee, or the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

The Spelling Bee of Canada is a charitable, educational organization founded in the Greater Toronto Area in 1987, in an initial attempt to create a national Canadian spelling bee. That led to the development of an Ontario Spelling Bee. SBOC is now unifying all the Provinces for a National Spelling Bee. To date over 45,000 children have participated in the programme.

The SBOC organizes annual family of schools and communities spelling bees aimed at children and youth 6–14 years of age. The participants are placed into one of three categories, Primary age 6 to 8, Junior age 9 to 11 and Intermediate age 12 to 14, to vie for cash, trophies and prizes, 15+ students will become mentors to participants in their Region. Unique in its style, the Spelling Bee of Canada does not require that you attend a registered school, or have a prerequisite of a newspaper sponsor to take part in competition.

SBOC still only operates almost exclusively in Ontario, with its highest level of competition, the SBOC Ontario finals. Currently, they are taking registrations for future Provinces. The Spelling Bee of Canada Championship is aired on Rogers TV Rogers TV. It has received much less media attention than the now defunct Canspell National Spelling Bee. However, it is hosting the first Canadian Invitational during Busy Bee week in Toronto, in June 2012. They also organize an annual Multi-High School Spelling Bee Championship.

Recent SBOC Ontario winners[edit]

  • 2004 Junior:

1st place - Varjitt Jeeva 2nd place - Keerthana Ravigulan 3rd place - Samuel Heersink

  • 2004 Senior:

1st place - Dhivian Premakumar 2nd place - Jeffrey Baer 3rd place - Kiruthiha Vimalakanthan

  • 2005 Junior:

1st place - Gazal Grewal 2nd place - Charlie Gray 3rd place - Katie Martin

  • 2005 Senior

1st place - Jeffrey Baer 2nd place - Kiruthiha Vimalakanthan 3rd place - David Sheps

  • 2006 Junior:

1st place - Katie Martin 2nd place - Jill O'Craven 3rd place - Kim Tran Nguyen

  • 2006 Senior:

1st place - Leslie Newcombe 2nd place - Angus Benderavage 3rd place - Sarah Bowers

  • 2007 Primary:

1st place - David Chan 2nd place - Laura Newcombe 3rd place - Veronica Penny

  • 2007 Junior:

1st place - Katie Martin 2nd place - Zuhaer Anzum Zim 3rd place - Maleika Jeewanjee

  • 2007 Intermediate:

1st place - Umayangga Yogalingam 2nd place - Donald Bowins 3rd place - Merany Ganesan

  • 2008 Intermediate:

1st Place - Caitlin McLaren 2nd place - Alexander Newcombe 3rd place - Jessica Zung

  • 2009 Primary:

1st Place - Zakhar Husak 2nd Place - Zhongtian (Niuniu) Wang 3rd Place - Neharika Nair

  • 2009 Junior:

1st Place - Daniela Kistemaker 2nd Place - Janahan Selvanayagam 3rd Place - Veronica Penny

  • 2009 Intermediate:

1st Place - Jessica Zung 2nd Place - Alexander Newcombe 3rd Place - Ibrahim Tahir

  • 2010 Junior:

1st Place - Veronica Penny 2nd Place - Anna Lawrence 3rd Place - Laura Newcombe

  • 2010 Intermediate:

1st Place - Ibrahim Tahir 2nd Place - Alexander Newcombe

  • 2011 Primary:

1st Place - Maya Sen Chawla

  • 2011 Junior:

1st Place Umaiyahl Nageswaran 2nd Place

  • 2011 Intermediate:

1st Place - Veronica Penny 2nd Place - Emma McLaren 3rd Place - Laura Newcombe

  • 2012 Junior:

1st Place 2nd Place

  • 2012 Intermediate:

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

2013 Junior 1st Place 2nd Place

  • 2013 Intermediate

1st Place Veronica Penny 2nd Place

  • 2014 Junior:

1st Place - Evangeline Bodhuri 2nd Place - Sahar Fateema 3rd Place - Joshua M

  • 2014 Intermediate:

1st Place -
2nd Place - Justin Borromeo
3rd Place - Edgar A. Martinez Chavez


SBOC is not affiliated with the US-based Scripps National Spelling Bee. You need to compete in a local bee with a local media sponsor in order to qualify for the Scripps bee.

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