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For the TV series starring Robert Urich, see Spenser: For Hire. For list of Spenser: For Hire TV episodes and made-for-TV movies starring Robert Urich, see List of Spenser: For Hire episodes.
Spenser and susan.jpg
Joe Mantegna as Spenser and Marcia Gay Harden as Susan
Created by Robert B. Parker
Starring Joe Mantegna
Marcia Gay Harden
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 3 TV movies

Joe Mantegna portrayed Robert B. Parker's detective "Spenser" in three TV movies on the A&E cable network between 1999 and 2001.


Robert B. Parker had a significant role in the development of these TV movies (all three movies were adapted by Parker, with his wife co-authoring Walking Shadow) as opposed to the earlier Spenser: For Hire, but nonetheless he felt that the movies didn't get it right, but that it was nothing to do with the performances, but rather a money issue.[1] Parker had a small role in the first movie, and cameos in the later two movies. His son, Daniel, and wife, Joan, appear in Thin Air.

All three movies were filmed in Canada.

List of movies[edit]


Small Vices (1999)[edit]

Thin Air (2000)[edit]

Walking Shadow (2001)[edit]


Joe Mantegna has also narrated a number of Spenser novels;[2]

Year Title
2009 The Professional
2008 Rough Weather
2007 Now and Then
2006 Hundred Dollar Baby
2005 School Days
Cold Service
2004 Bad Business
Widow's Walk
2003 Back Story
2001 Potshot
2000 Hugger Mugger

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