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River Spercheios.jpg
The river Spercheios at Vitoli, Makrakomi.
Origin Tymfristos
Mouth Aegean Sea
38°51′50″N 22°34′35″E / 38.86389°N 22.57639°E / 38.86389; 22.57639Coordinates: 38°51′50″N 22°34′35″E / 38.86389°N 22.57639°E / 38.86389; 22.57639
Basin countries Greece
Length 82 km

The Spercheios[pronunciation?] (Greek: Σπερχειός, Latin: Spercheus) is a river in Phthiotis, central Greece. The river begins in the Tymfristos mountains on the border with Evrytania and flows to the east through the village Agios Georgios Tymfristou, entering a wide plain. It flows along the towns Makrakomi and Leianokladi, and south of the Phthiotidan capital Lamia. The river flows through an area of former wetlands, that have been reclaimed for agriculture. It empties into the Malian Gulf, a bay of the Aegean Sea, at 13 km southeast of Lamia. Several studies have been conducted, regarding the hydrological regime of Sperchios river.

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