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Spero River 42 38 145 30 is a river on the coastline of Tasmania, sometimes referred to as on the West Coast, sometimes in the South West region. It is located south east of Point Hibbs and opens onto Spero Bay, a south facing bay that is on the south side of the headland of which Point Hibbs lies on the north west corner.

It is a location on the 'Hibbs Lagoon to Low Rocky Point', '58 km 12 days plus', walk along the coast of Western/South Western Tasmania that is considered the most difficult section of the coast [1]

There is no direct contact with the outside world, however a Huon Pine timber venture in the 1930s and 1940s saw some level of activity in the area [2] and in the same era the closest council considered track making from Birchs Inlet on Macquarie Harbour [3]


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Coordinates: 42°38′S 145°20′E / 42.633°S 145.333°E / -42.633; 145.333