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The Sphinx Senior Society is the oldest honor and most prestigious society at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The organization, founded in 1900, is self-perpetuating and consists of a maximum of 30 members selected annually. Its members are a diverse and varied group, coming from all areas of achievement, community, activities, and backgrounds. However each member is chosen because of the singular achievements of his or her committed leadership to the university, its community and the public.


The undergraduate society ranges from 25-30 members per class depending on each class's preference. Members, officially called "Sphinges," represent outstanding individuals that have served the university in some form or manner and are selected based on their achievement, character, involvement, leadership, and vision. This membership perpetuates through "tapping" (a common society term meaning invite) every spring where current members personally nominate deserving juniors to attend a smoker. This informal smoker provides an opportunity for the taps to pick up an application as well as for the current members to meet and screen nominees before seniors go through the selection process.

Selected notable members[edit]