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SpiderBabe poster
Directed by Johnny Crash
Produced by John Bacchus
Michael Raso
Written by John Paul Fedele
Terry West
Starring Misty Mundae
Julian Wells
Darian Caine
Adam Cox
Music by Rachel Brune
Brooke Montgomery
Cinematography M.A. Morales
Edited by Johnny Crash
Distributed by E.I. Independent
Release dates
  • October 14, 2003 (2003-10-14)
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

SpiderBabe is a 2003 softcore pornographic parody of Spider-Man. The film was written by John Fedele and Terry West, and directed by Johnny Crash. Erin Brown, better known within the genre as Misty Mundae, stars as the titular character.[1]


Patricia Porker (Misty Mundae) is a shy New Jersey high school girl whose life is changed forever when she is bitten by a genetically-engineered spider and turns into a wall-climbing beauty with superhuman strength. Calling herself SpiderBabe, she uses her newfound powers to enter a wrestling contest and win enough money to move out of her Uncle Flem and Aunt Maybe's home and into her own apartment with best friend Lisa Knoxx (Darian Caine). However, a robber murders Uncle Flem and inspires Patricia to use her newfound powers to battle crime in New York City, while she also tries to tell her best friend Mark Wetson that she wants to be his girlfriend and has copious amounts of lesbian sex. Meanwhile, Lisa's ambitious sister, Lucinda Knoxx (Julian Wells), uses the same genetic engineering techniques that Patricia's science teacher, Dr. Dowell (Michael R. Thomas), had used on a spider on herself, and gains a villainous alter-ego, the sexy and evil genius Femtilian. Femtilian sets out on a quest for world domination that can only be resolved in a head-to-head showdown with SpiderBabe.



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