Spider Queen

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Spider Queen
Publication information
Publisher Fox Feature Syndicate
First appearance The Eagle #2 (September 1941)
In-story information
Alter ego Sharon Kane
Team affiliations Battle Axis
Abilities Wears bracelets that emit "web fluid"
Accomplished acrobat

Spider Queen was a fictional Golden Age comic book character. She first appeared in Fox Feature Syndicate's The Eagle #2 (September 1941). The character was later revived by writer Roy Thomas for Marvel Comics' 1993 Invaders mini-series.

Fox Feature Syndicate[edit]

Spider Queen was the secret identity of Sharon Kane, a "sworn enemy" of all wrongdoers. She fought crime in a red skirt and mask, light blue blouse open to the navel, and yellow sash, cape, and boots. She also wore a special pair of bracelets that fired spider webbing. Her detective boyfriend was Mike O'Bell.

Spider Queen appeared in only three issues of The Eagle, and that only as a backup feature. Her final Golden Age appearance was in The Eagle #4 (January 1942).

Marvel Comics[edit]

Spider Queen was briefly revived in 1993, as part of a Marvel Comics' four-issue mini-series featuring the Invaders. The story, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Dave Hoover, pitted the World War II super-team against the Battle-Axis, a group of minor Golden Age superheroes who were also Nazi sympathizers. The Spider Queen joined the Battle Axis because she opposed Communism, and believed the Nazis would destroy Communism. The Battle Axis were eventually defeated, and Spider Queen (along with the others) were taken into custody.[1] In 1959, she briefly allied with a secret American intelligence organization called Icon. She was again taken into custody by a team of heroes lead by Nick Fury.[2]

(She is not to be confused with Adriana (Ana) Soria, The Queen who has recently[when?] returned in the Spider-Man event "Spider-Island" as the person behind the citizens of Manhattan being infected with spider powers as seen in The Amazing Spider-Man #669.)

Powers and abilities[edit]

Spider Queen was an accomplished acrobat. She wore special bracelets that could shoot out a web-like substance (similar to Spider-Man's webfluid).


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