Spies (1943 film)

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Directed by Chuck Jones
Produced by Leon Schlesinger (producer)
Dr. Seuss (supervising producer)
Written by Dr. Seuss
Starring Mel Blanc
Music by Carl W. Stalling
Edited by Treg Brown
Running time 3 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Spies is part of the Private Snafu series of animated shorts produced by Warner Bros. during World War II. Released in 1943, the cartoon was directed by Chuck Jones and features the vocal talents of Mel Blanc.


'Private Snafu: Spies', complete episode

Private Snafu has learned a secret, but the enemy is listening and he'd better zipper his lip. However, Snafu - little by little - lets his secret slip (by telling the audience, calling his mom, and drunkenly relaying it to a bar girl who works as a Nazi spy): His ship is about to set sail for Africa at 4:30. The information is picked up by spies and quickly relayed to Adolf Hitler, who orders the Nazis to attack the American fleet - which they do.

A scene in which Private Snafu becomes drunk is musically accompanied by an excerpt from Raymond Scott's composition, Powerhouse.


  • When this cartoon was shown as part of Cartoon Network's ToonHeads special (which is available on the first volume of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD set) about lost, unknown, and rare cartoon projects, the scene of Snafu drinking alcohol and the alcohol hitting his stomach and rotting his brain was sped up, and all the scenes featuring Japanese spies were cut, except for the scene where Snafu is on the phone, which has the appearance of a Japanese spy in the phone digitally blacked out.


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