Spike (company)

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Former type Kabushiki gaisha
Industry Computer and video game industry
Fate Merged with Chunsoft
Successors Spike Chunsoft
Founded November 1, 2005
Defunct April 1, 2012 [1]
Headquarters Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
Website www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp

Spike (スパイク Supaiku?) was a Japanese video game developer and publisher. Most of the staff were part of Human Entertainment. Human's Fire Pro Wrestling series is owned by Spike. In April 2012, the company merged with Chunsoft to become Spike Chunsoft.


Vaill (ヴァイル株式会社): A development subsidiary established in October 1999, though eventually absorbed back into them.[1][2] Seemingly unrelated to the Vaill Corporation established in 2005.[3]

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