Spiral Architect

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For the Black Sabbath song, see Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
Spiral Architect
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Progressive/Technical metal
Years active 1993−present
Labels Sensory
Associated acts Arcturus
Website www.spiralarchitect.com/
Members Øyvind Hægeland
Steinar Gundersen
Lars K. Norberg
Asgeir Mickelson
Past members Andreas Jonsson
Kaj Gornitzka
Leif Knashaug

Spiral Architect is a progressive metal band from Oslo, Norway. They have recorded one acclaimed demo and one album, A Sceptic's Universe, since they began in 1993, as well as a Fates Warning cover "A Prelude to Ruin" for the tribute album Through Different Eyes - A Tribute to Fates Warning. Singer Øyvind Hægeland was lead vocalist of Norwegian progressive metal band Manitou during the 90s, symphonic avant-garde metal band Arcturus from 2003–2005 and Scariot for their latest studio album. Drummer Asgeir Mickelson played drums for Norwegian heavy metal band Borknagar from 2000–2008, as well as performing session and live drums for a variety of bands including Testament, Sturmgeist, Vintersorg, Enslavement of Beauty, Ihsahn and Lunaris. Guitarist Steinar Gundersen has since 2000 been working as session musician for Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. Steinar Gundersen and Lars K. Norberg are members of the black metal band System: Obscure. Asgeir Mickelson and Lars K. Norberg are members of the death metal band Thornbound.

Even though the band got together for a couple of songwriting sessions, a second album is long from the making at this point, mainly due to the band members' other projects.

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Andreas Jonsson − rhythm guitar
  • Kaj Gornitzka − rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Leif Knashaug − vocals


Band name[edit]

In a 2005 post on the band's Ultimate Metal forum by co-founding member Lars K. Norberg, the band name is unrelated to the Black Sabbath song of the same title from their 1973 album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. According to Norberg, the name "reflects the ‘spirit’ of the band, musically as well as ideologically".[1]


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