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Spiral Earth is an online news channel and website, based at Newmarket, Suffolk, England. It covers folk music, roots music and the alternative music scene in the United Kingdom. It is edited by Iain Hazlewood,[1] who founded Spiral Earth in 2004.[2]

Spiral Earth's website includes reviews of CD releases and music festivals and features about music. Its feature writers include Colin Irwin, former assistant editor of Melody Maker magazine and former editor of Number One magazine,[3] writer and folk musician Andy Letcher,[4] Kirsty Ambler and Dave Kushar.[5]

Spiral Awards[edit]

The Spiral Awards take place every year, when Spiral Earth invites the public to vote for the best album (in various categories), and the best male singer, female singer, duo, group, original song, songwriter, live act and festival.[6]


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