Spire Corp

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Type Private
Industry Computer hardware, Computer cooling
Founded 1998
Headquarters Maarheeze, Netherlands
Products Computer Cases
Power Supplies
Computer cooling
Employees 200
Parent Bytecom Fanner Corp
Website [1]
References: Manufacturer of PC components

Spire is a brand of computing components such as CPU coolers, Computer chassis and power supplies. Founded in 1998 by the parent company named Bytecom Fanner Corp headquartered in the Netherlands with a manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Currently the company is mainly involved in OEM and ODM business for pc system manufacturers and system integrators such as Dixons Retail plc and Olivetti. Recently the company also introduced new product lines for the pc retail and pc gamer markets. In 2006/2007 Spire Corp have done an interesting chassis project with a subsidiary of the Italian design group Pininfarina. This was one of the first all tool-free assembly chassis. Currently the company is actively sponsoring the gamer community through LAN Party, such as Campzone and Case modding events like Assembly demo party held in Finland.

The company have received credit from the PC media such as Tom's Hardware and HardOCP for their overclockers thermal solutions based on the DT (direct touch) heat pipe technology. Heat-pipes are in direct contact with the heat source of the CPU (microprocessor) which dissipate heat extremely rapid and bring processor temperature down. In 2013, this corporation also selling products that do not have drivers for Windows 7.


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