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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Betaproteobacteria
Order: Nitrosomonadales
Family: Spirillaceae
Genus: Spirillum

Spirillum winogradskyi

Spirillum in microbiology refers to a bacterium with a cell body that twists like a spiral.[1] It is the third distinct bacterial cell shape type besides coccus and bacillus cells.


Spirillum is the bacteria of a genus of Gram-negative bacteria (family Spirillaceae).[2] There are two species, Spirillum volutans and Spirillum winogradskyi.[3] The taxonomic position of Spirillum minus and Spirillum pulli is uncertain.[2] Spirillum minus is associated with rat-bite fever, and Borrelia burgdorferi with Lyme disease.[4]


It is a genus comprising elongated forms having tufts of flagella at both poles and usually living in stagnant water rich in organic matter. They are twisted and aerobic. They are small regularly coiled rigid organism measuring about 3μm-4μm in length.


Spirilla are rigid, motile (for example, Spirillum minus and those in the genus Borrelia are motile), and small and regularly coiled.


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