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Single by Pressha
from the album Don't Get It Twisted and The Players Club soundtrack
Released 1998
Format CD single, 12"
Recorded 1997
Genre R&B
Label LaFace
Writer(s) Pressha
Producer(s) Ice Cube
Pressha singles chronology
"Get It Ready, Here It Comes (Choo Choo)"

"Splackavellie" is an R&B song by American singer Pressha, released as the first single from his debut album Don't Get It Twisted and from the soundtrack to the 1998 film The Players Club, peaking at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #14 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart.[1]

Song information[edit]

"Splackavellie" describes a kind of man (or "superman") that women in a relationship can use for unencumbered sexual pleasure. Supposedly, when a woman's man isn't treating her right, her "Splackavellie" can "work it all night... until the morning light" in such a way that she is made to feel "right, right right!". The lyrics claim that "every woman needs her own Splackavellie".

"Splackavellie" is a portmanteau, a blend of "Splack" and "Machiavelli." "Splack" is an onomatopœia originally used by 2 Live Crew in their song "Put Her in the Buck" as follows: "Lay the bitch on the bed, flat on her back, hold her legs up high, make the pussy splack." Machiavelli is frequently cited by hip-hop culture e.g., Tupac Shakur's former stage name, Makaveli. The pragmatic use of deceit and subsumption of personal identity referenced in the lyrics are decidedly Machiavellian.


The song's remix has a more upbeat tempo and repeats the "Spell my name" chorus. Many favor the remix version of the song because it lacks a groove-disrupting snippet from The Players Club in which characters discuss options of persuading a debtor to settle their accounts.