Split Lake, Manitoba

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Entering the community of Split Lake

Split Lake is a community in Manitoba on the north shore of Split Lake (Manitoba) on the Nelson River about 150 miles west southwest of the river's mouth at Hudson Bay and is home to the Tataskweyak Cree Nation reserve.

It is located 169 kilometers (105 mi) west of Gillam, Manitoba and 143 kilometers (89 mi) northeast of Thompson on Provincial Road 280 in Manitoba's far north. It is considered the half-way point on the dangerous winter drive on MB 280.

Grey Goose Bus Lines and other companies such as Arctic Beverages and Old Dutch Foods provides the community with freight and goods on a daily basis. Despite its remoteness, it is one of Grey Goose's most important destinations.

Tataskweyak recently had its 100 year anniversary of its treaty signing. It also has an annual ice fishing derby, where the first prize is usually a vehicle as well asa sporting event every year which is called "indian days"

Split Lake is also the name of a lake on the Nelson River. The Burntwood River here joins the Nelson from the west. The Grass River (Manitoba) joins the Nelson just before it enters the lake.

Coordinates: 56°14′43″N 96°05′38″W / 56.24528°N 96.09389°W / 56.24528; -96.09389