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Split Works
The logo of Split Works, China-based independent music and festival promoters.

Company Logo
Status Active
Founded 2006
Founder Archie Hamilton, Nathaniel Davis
Country of origin China
Headquarters location Shanghai, Beijing
Publication types Wooozy, China Music Radar
Official website http://www.spli-t.com

Split Works, also known as Split United, is a Beijing- and Shanghai-based music company founded in 2006 by Archie Hamilton[1] and Nathaniel Davis.[2] Split Works provides concert promotion and music industry consultancy and has both produced and branded independent live music events in China and the wider Asia region. Conceived at a time when live music options in China were extremely limited,[3] Split Works is one of a few notable groups[4] that have aided the growth of the live music industry in China and wider Asia, working with both Chinese and Western music artists across many genres. Notable artists Split Works has organized concerts and tours for include Sonic Youth, Faithless, DJ Sasha, Jeff Lang, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Owl City, Jason Mraz, The Fray, Caribou, Grimes, The Whitest Boy Alive, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Ludacris, Grandmaster Flash, Death Cab for Cutie, Gang of Four, Girl Talk, Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, and Rob Swift.


Split Works comprises five subsidiaries:

  • Split (Music services)
  • Splatter (Music and creative consultancy)
  • Scorched (Asia/Southeast Asia/talent agency)
  • Wooozy (Chinese music e-zine)
  • China Music Radar (Music resource blog)

Foreign Artists[edit]

Split Works has organized China concerts/tours for the following visiting artists:

Yacht, Ozomatli, The Go! Team, Infadels, Killa Kela, Dandi Wind, Hard-Fi, Talib Kweli, Faithless, Maximo Park, Sonic Youth, Battles, Ghostface Killah, Young Knives, Jets Overhead, Socalled, Hollerado, Jens Lekman, These Are Powers, Clive Chin, Immaculate Machine, Andrew Bird, Patrick Watson, José González, Owl City, Trippple Nippples, Olafur Arnalds, Julie Doiron, Shackleton, The Inspector Cluzo, Throw Me The Statue, Ohbijou, Parlovr, Wil, illScarlett, The Racoons, Frank Turner, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Choir of Young Believers, Jets Overhead, The Cave Singers, Emilie Simon, The Field, Caribou, The Black Atlantic, The Besnard Lakes, Vitalic, World's End Girlfriend, Abaji, Yellowcard, 120 Days, For a Minor Reflection, Gold Panda, Perfume Genius, Weerd Science, Optimo, Mount Kimbie, Marianne Dissard, Laura Jansen, Chad Valley, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Death Cab for Cutie, Chapelier Fou, Eatliz, Courtney Wing, Steve Mackay, Devil Music Ensemble, Gallops, Mark Kozelek, And So I Watch You From Afar, Milow, Terror Danjah, The Fence Collective, The Fray, Jamie Woon, Lucy Rose, Thee Oh Sees, Grimes, Gang of Four, How To Dress Well, Marshall Allen, Amanda Mair, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Wye Oak, The Dodos and Japandroids.

Split Works-organized Greater Asian Tours[edit]

In the case of some artists, Split Works organized and managed tours of the Greater Asian region.

Scorched-organized Greater Asian tours[edit]

Starting in 2013, Scorched has put together Asian tours for the following artists:

Chinese Artists[edit]

Split Works has organized China concerts/tours for the following local artists:

Qu Wanting, The Beijing Live Hip-Hop Experience, The Lab DJ, DJ Chozie, DJ Youdai, YBbox, The Verse, Zenmala-Jalamaa, The Scoff, The Reason, Crazy Mushroom, Sonnet, Perdel, Da Bang (Bigger Bang), The Offset: Spectacles, WuJi aka Mr. Particle, Ourselves Beside Me, Carsick Cars, Queen Sea Big Shark, LAVA|OX|SEA, Wu Zhuoling, Boys Climbing Ropes, Hard Queen, VJ Fanpianer, Hush, Casino Demon, Banana Monkey, Redstar, Hedgehog, IZ, Bananas Soundsystem, Super VC, Dragontongue, DJ Wordy, Young Kin, Yuguo, Demerit, Discord, Rustic, Overdose, The Flyx, Pink Berry, Dead J, Liman, The Gar, B6, Gus MacMillan, Gala, Shanren, Snapline, AV Okubo, We Save Strawberries, Mr. Dadado, B-Side Lovers, 24 Hours, The Me Guan Me's, Mr. Graceless, Hanggai, Hebe, Peng Tan, P.K.14, Lil' Ray, CiaCia, Otakrew, CNdY, Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem, Rainbow Danger Club, Wang Wen, Omnipotent Youth Society, Namo, Mini Train Heart, Hao Meimei, Bloody Woods, Fuzzy Mood, Residence A, ROM, The Black Buttons, Achun, Meng Qi

Clients and Sponsors[edit]

In early 2010, Split Works established a partner brand activation agency to focus solely on representing clients and brands. This new agency is called Splatter. Splatter has created branded projects and events in China for the following clients and sponsors:

Branded Work[edit]

Smirnoff Experience (2008)[edit]

Split Works was contracted by Smirnoff’s global creative agency to be a part of the 2008 Smirnoff Experience campaign. They executed a multi-million dollar event in Shanghai for worldwide TV distribution,[5] transforming the Shanghai Sculpture Space. It featured 2 stages, 4 bars, a VIP room, a silver birch forest, over 1300 cocktail options, 2000 attendees, 47 artists, and 15 cameras.[6] Over 200 international and local media were present.

Converse Love Noise (2008–2009)[edit]

In association with the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, Split Works conceptualized, planned and produced the Converse Love Noise road trip, the first campaign in China of its kind. They designed and built China’s first and funkiest tour bus and, with the Olympics looming large, took two of the hottest Beijing bands (P.K.14 and Queen Sea Big Shark) on the journey that spawned the Love Noise.documentary Selected as the No. 1 campaign in China in 2009 by trade publication Ad Age,[7] the tour and post-event publicity generated immense buzz for the Converse brand in China.[8]

Bacardi Sino Sessions (2006–2008)[edit]

Split Works launched Bacardi’s B-Live platform over the course of 18 months, from November 2006 to March 2008. At a time when China’s live music scene was under-developed, Split Works proposed a series of well-produced and exciting shows featuring combinations of international and Chinese bands, supported by a fully integrated marketing and media campaign and culminating in the largest music festival in China up to that point. Split Works was Bacardi’s sole agency working on B-Live across this period, and continues to work to build Bacardi in China.

Apple Summer Series (2010)[edit]

To celebrate the opening of China's first flagship Apple store in Shanghai, Splatter curated a series of 6 weekly "in-store" performances running from July 25 - August 29, 2010. Artists included Wang Xiaokun, Li Jian and Silkfloss, among others. The summer series was supported by a fully integrated on-and-offline marketing campaign, which amplified the Apple Retail concept across China.

Diageo Gen Y Speaks (2011)[edit]

In the summer of 2010, Diageo flew 20 of its most Senior Global Executives into Shanghai for a 2-day sales meeting. They wanted to give these important decision makers an alternative experience to the usual “sightseeing activities” used at sales meetings elsewhere. Using a deep connection to and understanding of Chinese youth, Splatter created, planned and executed a one of a kind evening, allowing the executives leave to immerse themselves in Gen Y’s motivations, perceptions and leisure and buying habits.

TransmitCHINA (2011)[edit]

TransmitCHINA, the China branch of TransmitNOW selected Splatter in 2011 as the local host to lead the charge for all Chinese brand communications, building content, sharing intelligence and managing sponsorship for both the local and global clients. Splatter organized 3 days of round-table discussions, keynotes and business-to-business strategy sessions,[9] involving over 150 key international and domestic thought-leaders, including top representatives from BlackBerry, Baidu, Xiami and BigChampagne were contributors in attendance.[10]

Johnnie Walker (2012)[edit]

Splatter ideated, created, planned, and executed a multi-week “tour” for Johnnie Walker’s key Executives in the Branding, Marketing, and Innovation teams. Through "fieldtrips" hosted by local trendsetter, the project provided valuable insight into localized perceptions, motivations, trends, and buying habits.

Volkswagen (2013)[edit]

Splatter facilitated and contracted a deal between Jason Mraz and Volkswagen to license Jason Mraz’s hit song "I'm Yours" on a Think Blue commercial for mainland China, leading up to 4 intimate theater shows for Jason Mraz fans featuring full stadium production in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing.

Tuborg/Carlsberg (2013)[edit]

Splatter served as the expert content agency to coordinate "The Tuborg Truck Tour" - three traveling concert routes covering 51 lower tier cities with 160 outdoor concerts over a five-month period across China. Our staff handpicked a total of 11 rising underground bands to perform, covering huge territories in China and introducing the beer brand to several untapped and growing consumer markets.

Adidas Unite All Originals (2013)[edit]

Splatter was selected as lead Chinese agency for Adidas Originals’ Global 2013 Unite All Originals campaign and is currently developing and localizing the concept by bringing China's most innovative multi disciplinary artists in music, visual and digital arts, fashion, dance and film together to curate a series of "collisions" over the summer.

Apple Event Series (2013 - ongoing)[edit]

Following the success of the Apple Summer Series (2010) Splatter has been retained to curate and execute further live performances in Apple's major retail outlets within cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Featured artists include: Angry Birds, Cao Fang, Chen Huihong, Claudio Colucci, [College Night]], Comic Artist Series, Courtney Wing, Hu Yanbing, Irwin Hall, Kazuhito Kikuchi, Kong Xiangdong, Laura Jansen, Li Jian, Qu Wanting, Silkfloss, Sonnets, Wang Ye, Xue Zhiqian, Yu Quan, Zhang Xuanyan and Zhou Shiying.

GUINNESS® MORE Music (2013 - ongoing)[edit]

In a first for China, Splatter spent 3 years persuading GUINNESS® to align itself to a music genre and to activate a multi-level strategy for the long term. Through a combination of owned and earned media, Splatter and Split Works have created an entire platform to promote GUINNESS®’s multi-year support for music that is “made of more”.

The GUINNESS® MORE Music campaign consists of a series of concerts featuring Liu Dongming (刘东明), Hao Yun (郝云), Ajinai (阿基耐) and Hanggai (杭盖). Combined with the GUINNESS® Wood + Wires Festival 2013, this concert series aims to showcase China’s growing independent modern folk movement. Against the backdrop of a music scene heavily influenced by American and Japanese popular culture, modern Chinese folk music is gaining a following for its authenticity, deeper lyrical content, musicianship, and synthesis of traditional and historical influences. The idea behind the project is to bring music that is ‘Made of More’.

The campaign is ongoing.


Split Works owns and operates several independent events and festivals in China:[11]

Yue Festival[edit]

In October 2007, Split Works produced the Yue Festival, an outdoor music festival held in Zhongshan Park in Shanghai, China. Talents included Faithless, Talib Kweli, Ozomatli, Yacht, Banana Monkey, SuperVC, Hedgehog, IZ, Bananas Soundsystem, Dragontongue, Uprooted, and Redstar. A mini-Yue Festival took place at the Star Live in Beijing on October 2 and 3, 2007, with Faithless, Talib Kweli, and Ozomatli. Partners and sponsors included Bacardi, Converse and Neocha.com.

JUE | Music + Art Festival[edit]

In January 2009, Split Works produced the JUE | Music + Art, a 10-day event taking place at a range of concert venues, art galleries and theatres across Beijing and Shanghai. The event included 57 musicians, 34 visual artists and dramatic performers, and a total of 25 events between the two cities.

Featured events included the Maybe Mars/Sound Destruction! Showcases in Beijing and Shanghai, and performances from French electro group we are ENFANT TERRIBLE. The visual arts component of the festival included a solo exhibition from Chinese artist Chen Hang Feng, and a joint video-installation exhibition from American artist Bradford Kessler and Chinese artist Cong Longfei. Performing arts events included “To & From” by Shan Cheng Ju, and “Marriage Counseling: Three Sessions,” written and performed by the 5th Wall Ensemble.

Split Works produced the 2011 JUE | Music + Art festival which ran from March 11 to April 3, 2011. This marked the 3rd time the festival was held since its inception in 2009. It expanded its duration from 10 days in 2009 to 17 days in 2010 and 23 days in 2011. The JUE 2011 lineup included scheduled performances from more than 46 musical acts and 48 visual artists and performers. The Festival took place in 42 venues across Shanghai and Beijing.[12]

JUE | Music + Art 2011 featured musical acts including The Whitest Boy Alive, World’s End Girlfriend & Black Hole Carnival, The Black Atlantic, Vitalic, Shanren and We Save Strawberries .[13]

JUE | Music + Art 2012 ran from March 9 to March 25. That year, the festival debuted "Bike to JUE," a contest that encouraged choosing clean transportation. Prize vouchers were rewarded to attendees who rode their bikes to certain JUE events.[14]

The lineup featured performances from foreign headliners Death Cab for Cutie, Steve Mackay, Chapelier Fou, and Rob Swift, as well as from local acts such as Qu Wanting, Summer Lei, Residence A, and Yourboyfriendsucks!

JUE | Music + Art 2013 drew over 36,000 attendees to almost 125 events across Beijing and Shanghai. As the event swells year-on-year, Split Works always strives to maintain a strong sense of community, an intimate vibe, and a platform that showcases only the most amazing and relevant artists. A wrap-up video of the event showcases key highlights and captures the atmosphere, which the team are working to re-create for 2014.

Black Rabbit Music Festival[edit]

In 2011 Split Works worked with Taihe Live to produce the first ever Black Rabbit Music Festival Presented by OPPO Real in Beijing September 17 and Shanghai September 18. The festival had three stages in Beijing and four in Shanghai. Headline acts included Thirty Seconds to Mars, Ludacris and Hebe.[15] Other performers included Yellowcard, Grandmaster Flash, 120 Days, Gold Panda, Mount Kimbie, For a Minor Reflection, Hanggai, Rainbow Danger Club, Perfume Genius, Carsick Cars, Marianne Dissard, Weerd Science, Boys Climbing Ropes, Omnipotent Youth Society, Peng Tan, CiaCia, P.K.14, CNdY, Lil’ Ray, Iron Mic, Optimo, Otakrew, Namo, Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem and Wang Wen.[16]

GUINNESS® MORE Music: Wood+Wires Music Festival 2013[edit]

As part of the GUINNESS® MORE Music concert series, a three-day festival has been curated by Split Works, which will take place from the 1st to the 3rd of November at Shanghai's QianShuiWan Center. With a lineup of both Chinese and international independent musicians, the 2013 edition features China idol runner up Yunggiema, World’s End Girlfriend, and Sainkho Namtchylak, Tuva’s most renowned throat singer.

Other Properties[edit]

China Music Radar[edit]

Since November 2007, Split Works have written and maintained China Music Radar, a blog focused on the music industry in China. Written in English for the benefit of the music industry outside of China, the Radar is committed to generating more interest and investment in the China market.


Launched in April 2009, Wooozy is one of the first Chinese-language specialist web publications focusing on both underground and mainstream music. Wooozy Radio sits alongside Wooozy with weekly podcasts featuring Chinese and international independent music.


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