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Whipped cream fetishism
Mud messy boots

Wet and messy fetish (WAM), sometimes known as sploshing, is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, predominantly the face, or to the clothes people are wearing.[1] Several websites are dedicated to WAM.

Messy substances can include whipped cream, mud, shaving foam, custard, baked beans, dahl, ketchup, ice cream, pudding, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, Japanese-style lotion, paint, oil or gunge/slime, cake batter etc. A subject will often be pelted with cream pies, be slimed or sit on cakes. Wet substances are mainly water but can also include other liquids such as fruit juice, milk or alcohol (usually beer).

Bodily fluids such as feces, urine, vomit, semen, and female ejaculate are not considered part of WAM. The former three are typically considered coprophilia, urophilia, and emetophilia; urophilia is somewhat mainstream in pornography.[1] The latter two are also somewhat mainstream.

Videos of the fetish made by both fans and companies can be seen frequently on YouTube. Some of these videos are flagged, but most of them remain available despite the sexual undertones, mainly because a large majority of wet and messy videos on the site do not include nudity and are therefore safe for all audiences to view.

In media[edit]

The popular sex column Savage Love has mentioned WAM. In one article, there was a reply to a letter from the roommate of someone who masturbates with condiments. Daniel Savage, the writer of Savage Love, did not condemn the fetish in that incident, but instead, he only condemned the fetishist for using condiments that were used by others.[2]

Wet and messy fetishism made mainstream news when, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Bernard Bertola, who had taught for nearly 20 years at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School and headed its information-technology department at the time, was disciplined for searching for WAM-related terms on a school computer. An article about the incident in the Halifax Evening Courier described what Mr. Bertola was looking for as "bizarre."[3] He was given a two-year conditional registration order.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

  • The television show Attack of the Show! did a piece on a pie fetish showing different pie related videos including eating pies and being hit by pies, inaccurately labeled all of the videos as Vorarephilia,[4] when in fact videos shown included videos related to WAM and Saliromania.
  • The 1999 Jonathan Creek episode Miracle On Crooked Lane features WAM as a major subplot.
  • 2004 film A Dirty Shame featured a woman who enjoyed WAM, described as "an English fetish". This scene was filmed with input from the British Splosh! magazine.
  • CSI: NY aired on November 4, 2009 an episode which included a WAM-related subplot, though this involved "sploshing parties" - an extremely uncommon practice invented principally for an episode of HBO's Real Sex series.
  • The fetish featured in series three, episode four of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, aired in February 2010.
  • The UK print magazine Bizarre has featured WAM activities and known WAM models, generally under the UK term 'Sploshing', on several occasions, and fully messed up WAM models have competed in their "Bizarre Babe Of The Month" competition from time to time.
  • The cult film Tommy featured a "WAM" scene with Ann-Margret covered in baked beans, chocolate, and foam.
  • In an episode of the second season of The Client List, one of Riley Parks's clients, acted out by Trevor Donovan, asked Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) for sploshing.

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