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Spokane Raceway Park or Spokane County Raceway is a 2.5-mile road course and a quarter-mile drag strip near Airway Heights, Washington. The track is currently an International Hot Rod Association member; it previously hosted National Hot Rod Association and American Hot Rod Association events. It is used as well for driving schools for marque-specific clubs. It has also hosted ICSCC championship events.


The track was founded in 1974 when investors produced more than two million dollars to build the facility.[1] The track was questionably managed, resulting in a lawsuit[2] against trustee Orville Moe, and bankruptcy hearings.[3] Moe was eventually fired.[4][5] The track was sold as of April 10, 2008, and purchased by Spokane County. The park has been renamed; it is now "Spokane County Raceway."


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