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Directed by Lee Hwang-sun
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 432 (as of June 1 2012)
Producer(s) Lee Hwang-sun
Running time Approx. 60 minutes per episode
Original channel KBS2
Picture format

NTSC, PAL (November 8, 2003 November 11, 2011),

DVB (November 18, 2011), ATSC, ISDB(2012.3)
Audio format Stereo
First shown in November 8, 2003

Sponge (Korean: 스펀지) is a South Korean TV variety show that debuted in 8 November 2003 on KBS2. The show claims to be "infotainment," and revolves around presenting various pieces of triva in an entertaining fashion. The pieces of trivia are often sent in by viewers who wish to broadcast some piece of little known information they have. Sponge ended in November of 2007 because of low TV ratings and continued as Sponge 2.0 in a new format.


The show had three hosts: Kim Kyung-ran and Lee Hwi-jae. Additionally each week a panel of celebrities is present.

Former Hosts[edit]

  • 1st: Hwang Soo-gyeong
  • 2nd: Kim Kyung-ran
  • 3rd: Goh Min-jeong

All of them (from the list) are the KBS announcers.

The Show's Format[edit]

Each piece of trivia is introduced as a sentence with a blank missing. A pannel of guests including singers, comedians, and actors then attempt to fill in the missing blank. After the guests make their guesses, the answer is revealed and then proof is offered to show how this piece of trivia is true.

Following the video evidence a panel of 50 judges vote on how interesting the particular piece of trivia was, rating it on a scale of one to five stars. For people that submitted items that received five stars, a cash prize of 1,000,000 won is awarded.

However, the new version, Sponge 2.0, has a different format. Instead of viewers submitting items, professionals from specific fields would appear on the set and provide intriguing and interesting facts which is presented with video footage.

Instead of 50 judges, the show now invites 100 people to usually assist in on-stage polls and demonstrations. The panel of celebrities remain.

Top Web Searches[edit]

Each week the program ended with that week's top internet searches on Naver. In version 2 however, the program ends with a way to develop the brain and stimulate it.


The show was criticized for being very similar to a trivia program produced by Fuji TV in Japan. The show in question was called Trivia no izumi was first broadcast in October 2002. When Sponge debuted the following year, producers of Trivia no izumi complained about the stylistic similarities between the two shows, which lead the producers of Sponge to slightly retool the format.

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