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Splayds are a brand name of sporves.
A lightweight plastic sporf. This style is increasingly popular as a utensil for weight-conscious trekkers.

A sporf (plural sporves) is a single eating utensil combining the properties of a spoon, fork, and knife.[1] One popular brand was invented by William McArthur in the 1940s in Australia and sold with the brand name Splayd. Another brand with a serrated edge is the Eazi-Eater.[2]


A sporf typically has a spoon shape with fork tines in the middle and flat edges on one or both sides suitable for cutting through soft food. An alternate shape involves the knife part being incorporated into the handle. One company manufactures a sporf that additionally includes a can tab opener on the end of the handle.[3]

The edge of a sporf is similar to a butter knife in sharpness and use.


The name is a similar portmanteau to that of other combination utensils:

  • spife - a spoon and knife combination
  • spork - a spoon and fork combination
  • knork - a knife and fork combination
  • chork - a fork and chopsticks combination

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