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The Sport Australia Hall of Fame was established on 10 December 1985 to recognise the achievements of Australian sportsmen and sportswomen.[1] The inaugural induction included 120 members with Sir Donald Bradman as the first inductee and Dawn Fraser the first female inductee. [1] In 1989, the Hall of Fame was expanded to include associate members who have assisted in the development of sport in Australia. In 2012, there were 518 members. [2] Each year the Hall of Fame inducts notable retired athletes, associate members and upgrades one member to 'legend' status.

The main award each year is the 'Don' Award but other awards include Team Sport Australia Award, Spirit of Sport Award and Hall of Fame Moments.[3]

The National Sports Museum located at the Melbourne Cricket Ground houses the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. [3]

The Don Award[edit]

This award was first awarded in 1998. It is named after Sir Donald Bradman and recognises the sporting achievement of the year which has inspired the people of Australia.

Year Athletes
1998 Mark Taylor (Cricket)
Heather Turland (Athletics)
2000 Cathy Freeman (Athletics)
2001 Pat Rafter (Tennis)
2002 Alisa Camplin (Freestyle Skiing)
2003 Damian Oliver (Horse Racing)
2006 Kerryn McCann (Athletics)
2007 Glenn McGrath (Cricket)
2008 Matthew Mitcham (Diving)
2009 Steven Hooker (Athletics)
2010 Lydia Lassila (Freestyle Skiing)
2011 Cadel Evans (Cycling)
2012 Sally Pearson (Athletics)
2013 Adam Scott (Golf)[4]


Each year a member is elevated to 'Legend' status.

Athletes Legend
1985 Sir Donald Bradman (Cricket)
1985 Jock Sturrock (Sailing)
1985 Betty Cuthbert (Athletics)
1985 Bill Roycroft (Equestrian)
1985 Dawn Fraser (Swimming)
1985 Ted Whitten (Australian Football)
1985 Dunc Gray (Cycling)
1985 Edwin Flack (Athletics) 2009
1985 Evonne Cawley (Tennis)
1985 Heather McKay (Squash)
1985 Herb Elliott (Athletics)
1985 Hubert Opperman (Cycling)
1985 Jack Brabham (Motor Sport)
1985 Mark Richards (Surf Riding)
1985 John Landy (Athletics)
1985 John Raper (Rugby League)
1985 Ken Rosewall (Tennis) 2009
1985 Margaret Court (Tennis)
1985 Marjorie Jackson-Nelson (Athletics)
1985 Murray Rose (Swimming) 1999
1985 Peter Thomson (Golf) 2001
1985 Reg Gasnier (Rugby League)
1985 Rod Laver (Tennis) 2002
1985 Shane Gould (Swimming)
1985 Shirley de la Hunty (Athletics)
1985 Walter Lindrum (Billiards)
1985 John Bertrand (Sailing) [4] 2013
1986 Scobie Breasley (Horse Racing)
1986 Keith Miller (Cricket)
1986 Vic Patrick (Boxing)
1987 Ron Barassi (Australian Football) 2006
1988 Greg Norman (Golf) 2007
1991 Bart Cummings (Horse Racing) 2008
1994 Leigh Matthews (Australian Football)
2002 Susan O'Neill (Swimming) 2012
2005 Cathy Freeman (Athletics) 2011

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