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This article is about the Portuguese sports network. For the similarly named and themed network in Brazil, see SporTV.
Sport TV
Sporttv logo.png
Sport TV logo
Launched September 16, 1998
Owned by Controlinveste (50%)
NOS (50%)
Picture format Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 576i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Slogan "O seu desporto favorito." ("Your favorite sport.")

Sport TV is the brand name for a group of five Portuguese sports-oriented television channels. The first channel, then known as only Sport TV, was launched on 16 September 1998. It is owned by NOS and Controlinveste (and originally had the participation of Radiotelevisão Portuguesa). It is available in almost all television distribution operators in Portugal as a premium subscription channel.

Sport TV broadcasts mainly association football, Formula One, basketball, volleyball, rugby, surf, golf, athletics, wrestling and American sports, combat sports, auto racing and tennis. It also features debates, news and sports reports.

The most important Primeira Liga games are shown exclusively on Sport TV, with the exception of Benfica home games which are broadcast by BTV.


On 16 September 2005, seven years after the opening of the first channel, Sport TV launched a second channel, Sport TV 2. It regularly broadcasts alternative sports such as mountaineering, cycling and radical sports. The channel was available only through ZON TV Funtastic Life package, but the model didn't work. They relaunched the channel as a premium channel, also available on Cabovisão and Portugal Telecom's MEO. This was followed in June 2008 by Sport TV 3.

Sport TV shown UEFA Euro 2008 in HD, through ZON TV.

On January 22, 2010, the thematic golf channel Sport TV Golfe and its HD simulcast, SportTV Golfe HD were launched.

On August 13, 2010, they launched Sport TV Liga Inglesa, a HD channel dedicated to the Premier League, broadcasting 380 games and 400 highlights per season, made by the Premier League (also broadcasting on other countries).

On January 7, 2011, Sport TV 1, Sport TV 2 and Sport TV 3 started to broadcast in 16:9.

On August 13, 2011, all of the Sport TV main channels started to broadcast in HD and it was launched a new channel, Sport TV 4, that also is available in HD. At the same time, the SportTV HD channel ended its two-year run.

On June 5, 2013, Sport TV stopped broadcasting in the United States.

On August 1, 2013, Sport TV launched a new channel, Sport TV Live, replacing Sport TV 4.

On August 14, 2014, Sport TV Live was renamed to Sport TV 4 again (there's also Sport TV 4 HD). Sport TV Golfe was renamed to Sport TV 5, which is also available in HD.


Sport TV is widely regarded as anti-competitive, since it is the only group of channels in Portugal with the rights to broadcast the Primeira Liga matches (except Benfica home games).[1][2] Portugal is one of the few countries in Europe where Formula One is broadcast on a premium channel, the others being Finland and Sweden.

On September 2007, Sport TV sent a cease and desist to a Portuguese live TV streaming website [1], because the latter was providing links to streams of UEFA Champions League matches that only Sport TV had the rights to broadcast in Portugal. This has caused great public concern with regard to the monopoly abuse status of the Sport TV channels.[3][4]

On 17 January 2011, Sport TV was publicly criticised by Benfica, after a match against Académica. João Gabriel accused the channel's commentators of bias against the club.[5][6]

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Current channels[edit]

Former Channels[edit]

  • SportTV HD
  • SportTV 4 (2011-2013)
  • SportTV Liga Inglesa
  • SportTV Live

Sport TV Américas[edit]

On August 13, 2010, Sport TV launched Sport TV América, a dedicated sports channel for the Portuguese diaspora in North America. The channel was launched in partnership with American Portuguese-language broadcaster SPT TV. It airs live football matches every week from the Portuguese First & Second divisions as well as coverage of the League Cup and Portuguese Cup.

On June 5, 2013, for reasons exclusively imputable to RTP - USA Inc. dba SPT (Seabras Portuguese Television), SPORT TV Portugal S.A. was forced to restrain the access to the respective signal in the United States.

Association football programming on Sport TV América includes:

Sport TV América is no longer available in the United States via cable, satellite or any other TV system.[7] Also not available in Canada. Liga sagres available on bell satellite as a ppv. four installments of $83.07


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