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Sports table football is a competitive game based on the table top game of Subbuteo. It is administered globally by the Federation of International Sports Table Football, or FISTF. While the inspiration for STF comes from Subbuteo, but the S is used for SPORT an not for the products name. The playing rules and playing equipment employed, mark it out as a separate game (sport) in its own right.

FISTF was a result of negotiations between FISA (Federation of International Subbuteo Associations) members and ETF (European Tablefootball Association) members to unify the sports table football (STF) world into one governing body. FISA was actually run through Waddingtons (Subbuteo Sports Games) and ETF through its Member Nations on a democratic basis. FISTF is an independent federation and a non-profit organization.

The World of Subbuteo and Sports table football was unified with rules, regulations, equipment and friendships. Great players and nations were now able to see competitions to be organised under FISTF. See below the Hall of Fame of winners of the FISTF, FISA and ETF competitions.

Playing Rules[edit]

Sports table football rules are now laid down by FISTF, and based on the original Subbuteo rules (way back to the 1950s), with ETF and FISA versions of rules, used to set up modern playing rules. Significant number of changes where made in 1992, when FISTF got started. Today the playing rules are stable and in little steps adapted with experience of playing situations.

World Governing body[edit]

The board of the international governing body, FISTF, is elected every four years at the FISTF Congress, usually held the day (Friday) before the World Championships (Saturday and Sunday). The first board was elected in 1992, although the first FISTF event was later hosted in September 1993 in Belgium.

Board of Directors (since 26 September 2013 board meeting)[edit]

  • President Alan Collins  England
  • General Secretary Joe Zammit Pavia  Malta
  • Sports Vice-president George Drazinakis  Greece
  • Finances Vice-president Fred Vulpes  Germany
  • Marketing & Promotion Vice-president Thossa Büsing  Germany
  • Communications Vice-president Vincent Coppenolle  Belgium

Disciplinary Council[edit]

  • President Tony Braham  Belgium
  • Council Member Janus Gersie  Germany
  • Council Member Giulio Fazio  Italy
  • Council Member Pio Giorgio Di Leo  Italy
  • Council Member Peter Keough  England

Honorable FISTF Members[edit]


Referees for a tournament are currently drawn from the pool of players. In the group stage of an event, inactive players are used to referee games. In the knockout stage, players eliminated from the group stage are used as referees. Referees are placed usually outside of their own qualifying group and away from team mates or compatriots where possible. In familiar surroundings such as a club, or in regions where sportsmanship is highly regarded, a referee is considered unnecessary for a match or practice match. In case both players agree, then no referee is not necessary.

Playing Equipment[edit]

FISTF "homologates" certain playing equipment - i.e., agrees on its use in competition play. Playing figures on bases, pitches (cotton or artificial cloth simulating grass), goals and balls must all comply with standards and be officially homologated from FISTF Board. Sports table football (also known world wide as Subbuteo) equipment can be used, but many higher-level players prefer to use sturdier and more expensive sports equipment manufactured by a number of different specialist companies. Training equipment is now also available for better practicing the sport, as well as measuring tools.


FISTF sanctioned competitions are held in many of its member nations, featuring individual competitors divided into a variety of categories by age group and gender (Open, Veteran, U-19, U-15, U-12 and Ladies) as well as competitions for teams (Open, Veteran, U-19, U-15, U-12 and Ladies). All these categories are played during a World Cup weekend each year. A team consists of 6 players on the protocoll of play, while 4 players of each opposite team are picked by the team coach (or captain) and written onto the protocoll. The 2 reserve players remain, and only one of them are able to be exchanged during half-time on one of the four playing tables, in case of injury or tactical reasons. The FISTF World Cup is held annually and took place 2013 in Madrid (Spain), and in 2014, Rochefort (Belgium), will be the Host City.

The FISTF champions league 2010 (18th edition, Host TFC Matterburg from Austria) and the Europa league (Host Lazio Rom, Italy where played for the first time in 2010). The FISTF Champions League (19th edition) and the Europa League 2011 (2nd edition) where hosted by Gruppo Calcio de Tavolo GLF Gorizia from Italia, which was actually played for the first time on Slovenian territory in 2011. Both events took place on 22 and 23 October 2011. The FISTF Champions- and Europa League 2014 will be hosted in Frameries (Belgium), after the organizers in France (Issy-le-Molineaux) where not able to warrant the event and returned it to FISTF, to issue a new announcement (Jan/Feb 2014). There are several Major Grand Prix, International Open and Satellite tournaments all over the world. National competitions are organised by the national federations such as Individual and team competitions with promotion and relegation systems. Cup competitions (Knock out) are also played and loved by the players. Internationals between Nations are also on the score board and very popular as well. Each Players has the chance to get international caps. Matches between Nations or clubs see the emotions rise sky high and patriotism is big. Great atmosphere in a world cup match or Final is guaranteed.

FISTF Member Nations 24[edit]

  • Argentina - LAFM Liga Argentina de Fútbol de Mesa,
  • Australia - ATFA Australian Table Football Association,
  • Austria - EÖTV Erster Österreichischer Tischfußball Verband,
  • Brasil - CBFM Confederação Brasileira de Futebol de Mesa,
  • Belgium - FBFTS Federation Belge de Football Table Subbuteo,
  • Cyprus - CTFA Cypriot Table Football Association,
  • Denmark - DSBU Dansk Subbuteo Bordfodbold Union,
  • England - ESA English Subbuteo Association,
  • Finland - SUBU Suomen Pöytäjalkapalloyhdistys,
  • France - FFFTS Fédération Française de Football de Table Sport,
  • Germany - DSTFB Deutscher Subbuteo Tischfußballbund,
  • Greece - UHTF Union of Hellenic Table Football,
  • Gibraltar - GTSA Gibraltar Table Soccer Association,
  • Italy - FISCT Federazione Italiana Sport Calcio da Tavolo,
  • Japan - NOSKSJ Nihon Ohajiki Soccer Kyokai Subbuteo Japan,
  • Malaysia - Hartamas Tigers Table Football Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Malta - MTFSA Malta Table Football Sports Association,
  • Netherlands - NSVB Nederlandse Subbuteo Voetbal Bond,
  • Portugal - APS Associação Portuguesa de Subbuteo,
  • Scotland - SSTFA Scottish Sports Table Football Association,
  • Singapore - TFAS Table Football Association of Singapore,
  • Spain - AFM Asociacion Española de Jugadores de Futbol de Mesa,
  • Switzerland - SSTV Schweizerischer Subbuteo-Tischfussball-Verband,
  • United States of America - ASA American Subbuteo Association,
  • Wales - WSTFA Welsh Sports Table Football Association

FISTF Partner Nations 6[edit]

  • Canada - CSTFA Canadian Sports Table Football Association,
  • Ireland - TFAI Table Football Association of Ireland,
  • Israel - ISA Israel Subbuteo Association,
  • Northern Ireland - NITFA Northern Ireland Table Football Association,
  • Norway - NBFF Norges Bordfotball Forbund,
  • South Africa - SATFA South African Table Football Association

FISTF Nations[edit]

  • Many Nations still missing in the world of sports table football.
  • Countries already participated in the past:
  • FISTF Nations participated: Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Norway, Bosnia & Herzegowina, China.
  • FISTF Nations in development: Hungaria, Sweden, Chile,
  • FISA: Luxemburg, Bahamas
  • Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, South Corea, New Zealand and many, many others.

All over the planet associations can be created and organize national championships and cups.

Hall of Fame[edit]

  • ___
  • ETF European Cup (Individual players, Open)
  • ETF European Nations Cup (National teams, Open)
  • ETF European Nations Cup (National teams, B-team) similar like a reserve team.
  • ETF European Nations Cup (National teams, Junior)
  • ___
  • FISA European Championship (Individual players, Open, Junior)
  • FISA European Championship (Team competition, 1xOpen and 2xjunior players)
  • FISA World Championship (Individual players, Open, Junior)
  • ___
  • FISTF European Championship (Individual players, Open, U-19, U-15, Vet, Lad)
  • FISTF European Championship (National teams, Open, U-19, U-15, Vet, Lad))
  • FISTF World Championship (Individual players, Open, U-19, U-15, U-12, Vet, Lad)
  • FISTF World Championship (National teams, Open, U-19, U-15, U-12, Vet, Lad)
  • ___

FISA World Subbuteo Championships[edit]

FISA World Subbuteo Championships
Year Place Senior Champion Senior Finalist Res. Junior Champion Junior Finalist Res.
1970  England, London Peter Czarkowski  West Germany Pierre Tignani  Belgium 2-0
1974  West Germany, Munich Dick Rietveld  Netherlands Mike Dent  England 2-1
1978  England, London Phillipe Outmans  Belgium Norman Gleave  England 1-0 Andrea Piccaluga  Italy Dirk Bärwald  Germany 3-0
1982  Spain, Barcelona Renzo Frignani  Italy Horst Becker  Germany 2-1 Joseph Bonfante  Gibraltar Bruno Debray  France 6-5 a.e.t.
1986  Greece, Athens Willy Hoffman   Switzerland Renzo Frignani  Italy 5-2 Mario Baglietto  Italy George Grillakis  Greece 2-1
1990  Italy, Rome Angelos Tsakiris  Greece Frédéric Hernandez  France 2-1 Vasco Guimares  Portugal Joris Van Braker  Netherlands 3-2
1994  United States, Chicago Dominique De Marco  Belgium Christophe Fuseau  France 4-3

The 1994 World Championship was the last under the patronance of FISA (Subbuteo). The organization was already well under way in 1992/1993 and the event was played in Chicago. The real first FISTF World championship was played in Paris. So in 1993, two European champions reigned (ETF and FISTF), 1994 two world champions reigned (FISA and FISTF) and again 1996 two European champions (FISA and FISTF).

FISTF World Sports Table Football Championship[edit]

FISTF started in 1993 with a European Championship and are mistakenly used as World Championships. 1993, 1995, 1997 and 1999 where European Championships, and not World Championships. The Ages changed from U-20 to U-19, U-16 to U-15 after 1999 (to be checked). The Ages for the Veterans started at 35 and was increased steadily to 40Years of Age, and is now once again in process to go up to 45Years, from 2013 to 2018.

Individual European Championships
Year Host City Open Under 20/19 Under 16/15 Ladies Veteran Under 12
1993  Belgium, Verviers Christophe Fuseau  France Fabian Brau  Belgium Bertrand Sartisse  Belgium Véronique Garnier  France not played
1995  Germany, Wuppertal David Ruelle  Belgium Vasco Guimarães  Portugal Thomas Wittmann  Austria Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium not played
1997  Greece, Athens Vasco Guimarães  Portugal Dionisis Koutis  Greece Nikos Beis  Greece Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Gerhard Ecker  Austria
1999  Netherlands, Delft Massimo Bolognino  Italy Efrem Intra  Italy Nikos Beis  Greece Cynthia Bouchez  Belgium Thierry Vivron  France
Individual World Championships
1994  France, Paris Dominique De Marco  Belgium Joseph Borg Bonaci  Malta Darren Scicluna  Malta Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium not played
1996  Denmark, Silkeborg Vasco Guimarães  Portugal Simone Bertelli  Italy Wolfgang Haas  Austria Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Gerhard Ecker  Austria
1998  Belgium, Namur Gil Delogne  Belgium Simone Bertelli  Italy Wolfgang Haas  Austria Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Thierry Vivron  France
2000  Austria, Vienna Massimo Bolognino  Italy Nicolas Wlodarczyk  France Simão Fonseca  Portugal Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Horst Deimel  Austria
2001  Portugal, Oporto Massimo Bolognino  Italy Nicolas Wlodarczyk  France Simão Fonseca  Portugal Carla Conceiçao  Portugal Renzo Frignani  Italy
2002  England, Birmingham Gil Delogne  Belgium Sami Targui  Belgium Jessica Hardenne  Belgium Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Stefano De Francesco  Italy
2003  Malta, Cottonera Massimiliano Nastasi  Italy Roderick Sciberras  Malta Arnaud Nullens  Belgium Kamilla Kristensen  Denmark Arturo Martinez  Spain
2004  Italy, Bologna Giancarlo Giulianini  Italy Daniele Bertelli  Italy Ricardo Barros  Portugal Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Renzo Frignani  Italy
2005  Belgium, Tournai Massimo Bolognino  Italy Daniele Bertelli  Italy Juan Manuel Noguera  Spain Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Renzo Frignani  Italy
2006  Germany, Dortmund Efrem Intra  Italy Stefano Buono  Italy Kristian Staal Nielsen  Denmark Kamilla Kristensen  Denmark Martijn Bom  Netherlands
2007  France, Les Herbiers Daniele Bertelli  Italy Stefano Buono  Italy Ruben Português  Portugal Françoise Guyot France Renzo Frignani  Italy Mathew Pace  Malta
2008  Austria, Vienna Eric Verhagen  Netherlands Juan Manuel Noguera  Spain Björn Kegenbein  Germany Michaela Scherbaum  Austria Martijn Bom  Netherlands Diego Tagliaferri  Italy
2009  Netherlands, Rotterdam Daniele Bertelli  Italy Björn Kegenbein  Germany Emanuele Lo Cascio  Italy Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Martijn Bom  Netherlands Diego Tagliaferri  Italy
2010  Germany, Rain am Lech Carlos Flores  Spain José Antonio Gómez Ros  Spain Marcel Kwiatkowski  Germany Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Juan Carlos Granados Spain Kai Hagenkötter  Germany
2011  Italy, Palermo Massimiliano Nastasi  Italy Björn Kegenbein  Germany Luigi Colangelo  Italy Giuditta Lo Cascio  Italy Vincent Prats  Spain Marco Di Vito Italy
2012  England, Manchester Carlos Flores  Spain Björn Kegenbein  Germany Matteo Ciccarelli  Italy Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Francesco Mattiangeli  Italy Marco Di Vito Italy
2013  Spain, Madrid Alberto Mateos  Spain Luigi Di Vito  Italy Claudio Panebianco  Italy Delphine Dieudonné  Belgium Massimo Bolognino  Italy Claudio La Torre  Italy
2014  Belgium, Rochefort Juan Manuel Noguera  Spain Luigi Di Vito  Italy Matteo Ciccarelli  Italy Jessica Hardenne  Belgium Francesco Mattiangeli  Italy Francesco Vezzuto  Italy

FISTF started in 1993 with a European Championship and are mistakenly used as World Championships. 1993 (not played), 1995, 1997 and 1999 where European Team Championships, and not World Team Championships.

Team European Championships
Year Host City Open Under 19 Under 15 Ladies Veteran Under 12
1993  Belgium not played not played not played not played not played
1995  Germany  Portugal
1997  Greece  Portugal  Greece  Greece not played  Austria
1999  Netherlands  Italy  Belgium  Belgium  France  Belgium
Team World Championships
1994  France  Belgium
1996  Denmark  Belgium  Belgium  France  Belgium  France
1998  Belgium  Italy  Italy  Austria  France  Belgium
2000  Austria  Belgium  Portugal  Belgium  Belgium  Belgium
2001  Portugal  Italy  Portugal  Belgium not played  Belgium
2002  England  Italy  Belgium  Belgium  Belgium  Netherlands
2003  Malta  Italy  Malta  Portugal not played  Italy
2004  Italy  Italy  Italy  Portugal  Belgium  Italy
2005  Belgium  Italy  Belgium  Portugal  Belgium  France
2006  Germany  Italy  Belgium  Denmark  France  Italy
2007  France  Italy  Spain  Italy  Belgium  Italy  Italy
2008  Austria  Italy  Spain  Italy  France  Italy  Italy
2009  Netherlands  Italy  Spain  Italy  Belgium  Italy  Italy
2010  Germany  Malta  Netherlands  Italy  Belgium  Italy  Italy
2011  Italy  Italy  Italy  Italy  Italy  Italy  Italy
2012  England  Spain  Italy  Italy  Belgium  Austria  Italy
2013  Spain  Italy  Italy  Italy  Belgium  Italy  Italy
2014  Belgium  Italy  Italy  Italy  Belgium  Italy  Belgium

FISA European Subbuteo Championship[edit]

FISA European Subbuteo Championship
Year Place Open Winner Open Finalist Res. Junior Winner Junior Finalist Res.
1980  Italy, Rome Italy  Italy Belgium  Belgium 2-0  Italy 3-0  Germany (S/F)  Belgium 3-0  Scotland (S/F)
1984  France, Paris Renzo Frignani  Italy Lionel Abecassis  France 1-0 Dominique De Marco  Belgium Marco Santachiara  Italy 4-3 a.e.t.(2x5min)
1988  Belgium, Bruxelles Mario Baglietto  Italy Dominique De Marco  Belgium 4-3 a.e.t.(2x5min) Raymond De Marco  Belgium Kostas Sohoritis  Greece 1-0
1992  Germany, Hamburg Paulo Sobral  Portugal Dominique De Marco  Belgium 3-2 Bertrand Sartisse  Belgium Hugo Carvalho  Portugal 2-1
1996  England, London Felipe Maia  Portugal Joseph Borg Bonaci  Malta 1-0 Dionisis Koutis  Greece Sergio Loureiro  Portugal 2-1

In 1996 another FISA event was organized, although the FISTF was already established since 1993. Several Nations (Switzerland, Austria, Danmark, Netherlands, Cyprus, Norway) where not invited or did not participate. Real information is not known why. ETF defunct in 1993 accordingly. The Subbuteo (Owner/manufacturer) tried to carry on for itself to play an event. The players participated where also FISTF members or partner Nations. The 1996 competition was then the very last of FISA. All matches played 2x15min., a.e.t.=after extra time with 2x5min, if then necessary 5x penalty shots.

ETF Europa Cup for Individual Players[edit]

  • Participating Nations where:
  • Founding nations: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany (All 1964)
  • Joined later: England (1965), Switzerland (1970), Malta (1971), Austria (1974), Scotland (1974), Italy (1975), Gibraltar (1979), Wales (1979), France (1989) and sensationally Australia (1991). Which was an indicator for the upcoming FISTF and new world federation.
E.T.F. Europa Cup (Individual)
Year Host City Winner Finalist Result
1964  Netherlands, Rotterdam Marius Schild ( Netherlands) Jean-Pierre De Joncker ( Belgium) 4-1
1965  Belgium, Bruxelles Johnny De Bruining ( Netherlands) François Van Cauwelaert ( Belgium) 4-3 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1966  West Germany, Dortmund Pierre Tignani ( Belgium) Jean-Pierre De Joncker ( Belgium) 5-1 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1967  England, London Pierre Tignani ( Belgium) Bertus Mulder ( Netherlands) 3-1
1968  Netherlands, Rotterdam Willi Hogeweg ( West Germany) René Schoukens( Belgium) 3-2
1969  Belgium, Jambes Bertus Mulder ( Netherlands) Jean-Marie Delahaut ( Belgium) 4-3
1970  West Germany, Altenmarkt Dick Rietveld ( Netherlands) Pierre Tignani ( Belgium) 1-0
1971  England, Romford Dick Rietveld ( Netherlands) Bertus Mulder ( Netherlands) 4-3 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1972  Netherlands, Maassluis Antoon Verhaal ( Netherlands) Marius Schild ( Netherlands) 1-0
1973  Belgium, Spa Antoon Verhaal ( Netherlands) Gerard Donk ( Netherlands) 3-1 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1974   Switzerland, Basel Jacques Brichaud ( Belgium) Kurt Erb (  Switzerland) 1-0
1975  West Germany, Haibach Peter Czarkowski ( West Germany) Norman Gleave ( England) 2-1
1976  Malta, La Valletta Mike Dent ( England) Norman Gleave ( England) 2-0
1977  England, Bracknell Kurt Erb (  Switzerland) Richard Stolwijk ( Netherlands) 3-2
1978  Austria, Wien Bertus Mulder ( Netherlands) Jacques Brichaud ( Belgium) 3-2 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1979  Netherlands, Rijswijk Jacques Brichaud ( Belgium) Philippe Outmanns ( Belgium) 3-2
1980  Scotland, Uddingston Kurt Erb (  Switzerland) Joe Enriles ( Gibraltar) 2-1 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1981  Belgium, Verviers André Beckers ( Belgium) Kurt Erb (  Switzerland) 1-0
1982   Switzerland, Wallisellen Willy Hofmann (  Switzerland) Marc Clairbois ( Belgium) 1-0
1983  West Germany, Haibach Willy Hofmann (  Switzerland) Marc Clairbois ( Belgium) 3-2 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1984  Belgium, Verviers Willy Hofmann (  Switzerland) Marc Clairbois ( Belgium) 2-0
1985  Wales, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan Bruno Goset( Belgium) Martijn Bom ( Netherlands) 1-0
1986  Netherlands, Boskoop Didier Stévenot ( Belgium) Horst Becker ( West Germany) 1-0 a.e.t.(2x10min)
1987  England, Birmingham Willy Hofmann (  Switzerland) Gerherd Ecker ( Austria) 4-1
1988  Austria, Salzburg Willy Hofmann (  Switzerland) Horst Deimel ( Austria) 4-1
1989   Switzerland, Wallisellen Dominique De Marco ( Belgium) Martijn Bom ( Netherlands) 1-0
1990  Scotland, Edinburgh Willy Hofmann (  Switzerland) Martijn Bom ( Netherlands) 4-1
1991  Germany, Stennweiler Dominique De Marco ( Belgium) Gil Delogne ( Belgium) 2-1
1992  Malta, La Valletta Christophe Fuseau ( France) David Baxter ( Scotland) 2-1
1993  England, Fareham Horst Deimel ( Austria) John Barrons ( Northern Ireland) 2-1 (a.e.t. 2x10min and 1x10min golden goal in 63min.)

The ETF founded in 1963, defunct after the 30th Edition of Europa Cup in 1993. Its was a strong and consequent association and the base for the fusion of ETF Nations (associations) and FISA Nations (associations), to form and built FISTF. Some countries had two (2) table football associations each affiliated to ETF and FISA. That took time to melt together. The main problems where the playing rules and equipment manufactured. FISTF made a new start to melt all players into one democratic global federation with sport rules and material, with several manufacturers offering sports equipment. The development of FISTF is ongoing and more Nations around the Globe are joining. All matches played 2x20min., a.e.t.=after extra time with 2x10min, if necessary 1x10min. golden goal decision. Corrections: Willi Hogeweg was German, and not Dutch. Kurt Erb won the 1980 Europa Cup in Uddingston, and not his brother Peter Erb. Both mistakes corrected, which were previously mentioned.

ETF Nations Cup for National Teams[edit]

E.T.F. European Nations Cup (Team)
Year Host City Winner Finalist Result 3rd Place 4th Place Result
1966 - 1969 One home and one away match for each team // 1970 - 1982 no Nations Cup // 1983 - 1991 one host nation
1966/67 Dortmund, Vries, Brüssel  Netherlands  Belgium 4-4  West Germany FRG 2-6 NLD BEL 5-3 FRG
1967/68 Rotterdam, Dortmund, Brüssel  West Germany  Netherlands 3-5  Belgium BEL 5-3 NLD BEL 2-6 FRG
1968/69 Dortmund, Amsterdam, Lüttich,  Belgium  West Germany 8-0  Netherlands BEL 5-3 NLD NLD 3-5 FRG
1983  West Germany, Lohmar  Belgium  West Germany 3-1  Austria  Netherlands 2-1
1987  England, Birmingham  West Germany  Belgium 1-0  Scotland  Wales 2-1
1991  Germany, Stennweiler  Austria  Germany 3-1  Belgium  France 4-0

The season 1966/67, 1967/68 and 1968/69 also saw the ETF Nations Cup for National B-Teams and Junior teams. Results will follow. All matches played 2x20min., a.e.t.=after extra time with 2x10min, if necessary 1x10min. golden goal decision

FISTF Europa Cup for Club Teams[edit]

Europa Cup for Club Teams
Year Host City 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
1993 Milan  Italy Goldfingers Cornesse  Belgium A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy Olympique Vitry  France
1994 Cornesse  Belgium T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy Goldfingers Cornesse  Belgium S.M.V. Rotterdam  Netherlands A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
1995 Vienna  Austria Goldfingers Cornesse  Belgium G.D. Dias Ferreira  Portugal F.T.C. Issy-les-Moulineaux  France A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
1996 Delft  Netherlands A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium G.D. Dias Ferreira  Portugal S.C. Charleroi  Belgium F.T.C. Issy-les-Moulineaux  France
1997 South Queensferry  Scotland G.D. Dias Ferreira  Portugal S.C. Charleroi  Belgium A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium Falcons Athens  Greece
1998 Dolo  Italy S.C. Charleroi  Belgium Falcons Athens  Greece T.S.C. Latina  Italy Atlas T.F.  Greece
1999 Issy-les-Moulineaux  France S.C. Charleroi  Belgium A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium S.C. Stembert  Belgium T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy
2000 Bologna  Italy T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria A.C.S. Perugia  Italy S.C. Charleroi  Belgium A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
2001 Kamen  Germany T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria C.C.T. Eagles Napoli  Italy A.C.S. Perugia  Italy A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
2002 Gembloux  Belgium A.C.S. Perugia  Italy Reggiana Subbuteo  Italy C.C.T. Eagles Napoli  Italy A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
2003 Beausoleil  France Reggiana Subbuteo  Italy C.C.T. Eagles Napoli  Italy A.C.S. Perugia  Italy A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
2004 Vienna  Austria T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria A.C.S. Perugia  Italy S.C. Charleroi  Belgium T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy
2005 Murcia  Spain A.C.S. Perugia  Italy Reggiana Subbuteo  Italy C.C.T. Eagles Napoli  Italy T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy
2006 Almada  Portugal C.C.T. Eagles Napoli  Italy A.C.S. Perugia  Italy S.C. Charleroi  Belgium A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium
2007 Atene  Greece C.C.T. Black & Blue Pisa  Italy T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria San Siro Worthing 5 Star  England T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy
2008 Manchester  England C.C.T. Black & Blue Pisa  Italy Real Murcia CF  Spain Bologna Tigers Subbuteo  Italy Stembert  Belgium
2009 Tournai  Belgium C.C.T. Eagles Napoli  Italy T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria C.C.T. Black & Blue Pisa]  Italy Reggiana Subbuteo  Italy

FISTF Champions League for Club Teams - since 2010 as Champions League -[edit]

Champions League for Club Teams
Year Host City 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2010 Mattersburg  Austria F.lli Bari Reggio Emilia  Italy T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria C.C.T. Black & Blue Pisa  Italy A.C.S. Perugia  Italy
2011 Nova Gorica  Slovenia C.C.T. Black & Blue Pisa  Italy T.F.C. Mattersburg  Austria T.S.C. Stella Artois Milano  Italy A.C.S. Perugia  Italy
2012 Atene  Greece Fiamme Azzurre Roma  Italy Atlas T.F.  Greece S.C. Stembert  Belgium F.lli Bari Reggio Emilia  Italy
2013 Napoli  Italy F.lli Bari Reggio Emilia  Italy C.C.T. Black & Blue Pisa  Italy S.C. Fiamme Azzurre Roma Italy CCT Eagles Napoli  Italy
2014 Frameries  Belgium .... .... .... ....

FISTF Europa League for Club Teams[edit]

Europa League for Club Teams
Year Host City 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2010 Rome  Italy Atlas FTC  Greece CCT Roma  Italy ASD Bari  Italy SC Bologna Tigers  Italy
2011 Nova Gorica  Slovenia SC Bologna Tigers  Italy CCT Eagels Napoli  Italy SC Fiamme Azzuri  Italy Olimpia SC  Greece
2012 Atene  Greece SC Bologna Tigers  Italy AS Hennuyer  Belgium Roligans TSC  Greece CS Virtus 4 Strade Rieti  Italy
2013 Napoli  Italy TSC Falcons Athens  Greece A.S. Hennuyer  Belgium A.S.C. Sessana 82  Italy S.C. Pobladores Griegos  Spain
2014 Frameries  Belgium .... .... .... ....

Historical sources[edit]

  • Historical sources and data via FISTF, which has the historical data from ETF and FISA.
  • National associations with archives and also collectors.
  • Table football Publications, magazines and newsletters from several member associations.

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