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Sportscotland (officially styled sportscotland), formerly the Scottish Sports Council, is the national agency for sport in Scotland. Their stated aim is to help everyone in Scotland enjoy sport's many benefits.

The Scottish Sports Council was established in 1972 by royal charter.[1] The body works in partnership with public, private and voluntary organisations. As an executive non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government, sportscotland advises ministers and implements government policy for sport and physical recreation. In 2002/03 sportscotland invested approximately £48 million of government grants and lottery funds.

Together with partners, Sportscotland play a leading role in driving forward Reaching Higher, the National Strategy for Sport. A key element of its role is overseeing the Active Schools project and the related Fit For Girls initiative. It is also a major partner in Active Nation, a campaign aimed at increasing public participation in sport with the 2014 Commonwealth Games as its focal point.

The organisation runs three national sport centres:[2]

In 1998 Sportscotland set up the sportscotland institute of sport at the University of Stirling.

Sportscotland is the main sponsor for scottishathletics.


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