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Sportsworld (a.k.a. NBC SportsWorld) is a sports anthology series which aired on NBC on Saturday afternoons from 1978[1] until 1992.[2]


It presented a wide variety of lower-profile and oddball sporting events, in the same fashion as ABC's Wide World of Sports, and was generally scheduled to air during the winter and spring in lieu of college football.


The series covered several professional bowling events throughout its run that were not broadcast as part of the Pro Bowlers Tour on ABC. From 1984[3]-1991,[4] it had its own series called The PBA Fall Tour. Jay Randolph & Earl Anthony were the commentators.

From 1988[5]-1990,[6] bowling had its own version of the Skins Game called The Bowling Shootout. Four bowlers (three pros and an amateur in the 1989[7] & 1990) competed. Each frame had a designated value & to win, you must be the only bowler to strike, spare or have most pin count to claim the prize. Two tie meant all tie, but all players bowled regardless (where there was a game within a game). If it was still tied after the 10th frame, a one ball roll-off happened. The bowler with the most money won the Shootout. Plus, the bowler who threw the most strikes (the game within a game) won a boat (Marshall Holman) won all three boats. Brian Voss was the only bowler to win a frame with a spare.

  • 1988: Muskegon, Michigan (Mark Roth/Marshall Holman)
  • 1989: Reno, Nevada (Mark Roth/Marshall Holman)
  • 1990: Atlantic City, New Jersey (Brian Voss/Marshall Holman)


SportsWorld aired the CART/PPG Indy Car World Series from 1979 to 1990, being the exclusive home of the series during its first four seasons. The Indianapolis 500, which was sanctioned by USAC, was televised by ABC Sports.


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SportsWorld aired the Fall Charlotte race from 1979[8] to 1981[9] and the Winston 500 from 1983[10] to 1985.[11]


Mike Adamle[12] was one of the first, and one of the longest-running anchors. Dick Enberg[13] also appeared regularly during the series' early years.

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