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Spratleys Japs was a British psychedelic rock band formed by Cardiacs leader Tim Smith and Joanne Spratley. The band is known to have been inspired by the sound of a malfunctioning Mellotron loaned to Tim Smith by Planet Mellotron coordinator Andy Thompson. The Mellotron is used extensively on the Spratleys Japs recordings. (It has since been repaired).[1][2]

The band's lineup was Tim Smith (bass guitar, vocals, Mellotron), Joanne Spratley (vocals, flugelhorn, Theremin), Heidi Murphy (electronics devices and synthesisers), Mark Donovan (guitar) and Viv Sherriff (drums). Murphy, Donovan and Sherriff were allegedly members of a band called the Rev-Ups, which initially formed near Mexico but subsequently moved to the New Forest area of England.[1] (As Spratleys Japs have never played live and the Rev-Ups members have not been seen in public, it's possible that both they and the original band are fictional).

The band has released one album - 1998's Pony - and one single - 1999's "Hazel". Both of these were released on Smith's own All My Eye And Betty Martin Music label. There have been no further releases since then.

Joanne Spratley went on to work with Christian Hayes' project MIKROKOSMOS.


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