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Type Student Run, Non-Profit Cultural Event
Genre Cultural
Founded 1978
Place Warangal, India
Institute National Institute of Technology Warangal
Website www.springspree.org

SpringSpree, sometimes written as Spring Spree[1] and popularly known as Spree, is the annual cultural festival of the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. It is a three-day long carnival held towards the end of January or in the beginning of March every year. It is run by students and includes various cultural performances.Cultural performances range from quiz events,treasure hunts to professional shows and many more.It also includes events related to business planning and stock marketing. It was established in 1978 and will be in its 28th edition very soon.


Shobha Naidu at SpringSpree 2010

Started in the year 1978 by the students of National Institute of Technology, Warangal, it was an intercollegiate annual sports and cultural event held between January and March every year. That year the students with the idea of holding a small festival, which would lay down a platform for the students to showcase their skills in the areas of sports, athletics and cultural activities. Additionally, the festival was to unify a diverse student body by celebrating the culture of the regions to which they belonged along with the culture of India as a whole. It was the first college festival in southern India and was conducted every year till the end of the 90s. SpringSpree was not conducted for a few years in the early 2000s. Its revival was gradual with small fests from clubs finally giving rise to a mini cultural festival called Elysium in 2006. The revival was complete when, in 2007, SpringSpree was brought back[1] and has since been an annual event.In 2013,Spree took a huge jump where,one of the INDIA's best playback singer KK and one of the top10 finalists of indianidol TIA KAR did a live concert for SpringSpree and it expects more stardom in 2014 and will be entering it's 28th edition very soon. SpringSpree is now one of the largest cultural festival of INDIA.



SpringSpree conducts over 55 events in the span of 3 days, with various events in the fields of art, literature, drama, dance, music, photography and painting.In 2013 it had an ethical hacking workshop conducted by CYBERCURE. SpringSpree also holds a national video gaming competition featuring the most anticipated games like Age of Empires, DotA, Counter-Strike, FIFA and Need for Speed. To cater to the young entrepreneurs there are even events involving business planning and stock marketing.Springspree not only serves as a platform for cultural things but it serves as a great platform for analysts and hackers also.


Spotlights are events that have been the mainstay in the Sprees over the years. These events tend to draw large crowds as well as a wide array of participants. These events include a rock competition known as iRA, a fashion show, Allure, a talent show called Minute Made, a model United Nations and a dance competition called Tear it Up.


iRA is a competition held between homegrown college rock bands. The rules of the competition are very simple. The contestant bands perform their own rock music compositions and the winner is decided by the crowd. This Spotlight has become synonymous with the final day celebrations of SpringSpree. The iRA competition is an effort to nurture the growing taste for Rock Music among Indian Students today and provides a platform for those bands which are looking to test their wings.


Allure, the fashion competition at SpringSpree 2011

Allure is a fashion show completely for the students. Colleges across India are invited to compete with the models and designers, all of whom are students, of NIT Warangal. SpringSpree 2011 saw the students of SRM compete in a ramp walk-off with the hosting college.

Students of all years are allowed to participate. The scores of each college participating are decided by a celebrity judges. SpringSpree 2010 and 2011 saw judges like Rakhi Sharma and Mahima Sandoval (Miss Spain 2009 contestant) as judges.

Minute Made[edit]

The event Minute Made is loosely based on the reality TV show, 60 Seconds to Fame. It is a talent show put together to bring together all the students of each participating college under one roof. The rules are very simple, each participant or group of participants is allowed 60 seconds to win over the crowd and the judges with their unique talent(s). Judges choose the participants who would advance through to each next round.

Tear It Up[edit]

B’boying crews across India are invited to compete with each other in this Spotlight event. Popular crews like Freak N’ Style have graced the occasion. Tear it Up generally sees participation from five to six colleges every year and has been part of SpringSpree for more than five years.

Dancing crews are asked to pick a song of their choice to which they must do their routine. They must prove and showcase their creativity, synchronization, uniqueness, song choice, attitude, overall ability to dance etc. Participants must advance through a various number of rounds to reach the finals. SpringSpree 2011 saw German B’Boying legend Zeb.roc.ski do some of his famous moves, as well as head the judging panel.

NITMUN (National Institute of Technology Model United Nations)[edit]

The General Assembly, NITMUN

Students from participating colleges are assigned their countries prior to the start of the Model United Nations event. They are required to do previous research on their respective countries, the issues their countries face, and possible the possible outcomes of the policies they are to follow. In the NITW simulation of the United Nations, the delegates from various colleges will engage in discussions to converge on resolutions and policies about current, pressing issues. Delegates are encouraged to present solutions to the problems presented in each discussion.


Parikrama performing at SpringSpree 2008

Pronites are what SpringSpree calls the concerts conducted during the three days of Spree. Famous musicians are invited to close each day of the fest with a bang. In the years prior, NITW has seen the likes of Naresh Iyer[2] and Stephen Devassy.[2] Indian rock bands like Parikrama and others also performed. This year, Bollywood Playback singer, KK is scheduled to perform live on the 23rd of February at SpringSpree.


Bboying Workshop at SpringSpree 2011

Workshops are conducted in every possible field related to culture. The workshops range from acting, graffiti, painting, sketching, movie making, creative writing etc. Each workshop has a fee and is taught by a recognized professional in the field. In the 2011 edition the Graffiti workshop was taught by the famous German graffiti artist Loomit.[2]

Sponsors and past associates[edit]

Various corporations have sponsored SpringSpree including Murugappa Group.[citation needed] Airtel,[citation needed] Nestlé (in 2010),[3] Nokia,[citation needed] Pepsi,[citation needed] Polo Ralph Lauren (in 2010),[3] The Raymond Shop,[citation needed] State Bank of Hyderabad,[citation needed] TVS Motor (in 2009),[1] Virgin Mobile (in 2009),[1] Vodafone (in 2010)[3] and Wipro (in 2010)[3] to name a few. Sponsors from the media sector include several brands such as The Hindu,[citation needed] TV9,[citation needed] Red FM,[citation needed] and Maa Music.[citation needed] [4]

Working committee[edit]

The SpringSpree is a fest conducted by the students of NIT Warangal. Every year a core committee of students is chosen by the student council of the college to oversee the smooth running of the fest. They are aided by a faculty advisor chosen by the administration to assist them in their tasks.

The core committee looks after the all important aspects of the fest like Event Conduction, Sponsorship, Publicity, Logistics, Hospitality, Design, Decoration, Accounting and Prizes. Every member of the committee is dedicated to either of these departments. The synchronization between all the working committees is taken care by the student coordinator of the fest.

To assist the core committee, a sub-core committee and a work force body is chosen forming an apex structure contributing to a students working team. The success of the fest heavily depends on the efforts and idea of the entire students working team.

Records,Artists and Celebrities[edit]

Kadam, Footprint painting world record 10,592sq.ft

SpringSpree 2010 saw a performance by prominent Kuchipudi dancer Shobha Naidu.[3]

The 25th edition of Spring Spree got underway on a colourful note here this evening and film director Sekhar kammula graced the occasion exhorting the students to dream and work to realise them.

Concerts of Naresh Iyer,Stephen devassy and Pakistani sensational band "Noori" made each day of 25th edition of SpringSpree end with a bang SpringSpree 2011 saw the setting of a world record for the largest footprint painting.[5]

SpringSpree 2013 was dazzled by the performance of one of the INDIA'S greatest playback singer krishnakumar kunath or KK.TIA KAR one of the Top10 Indian idol finalists also made Spree more fantabolous by opening for KK.

One of the most important noticeable feature of Springspree 2013 was the presence of most renowned Tollywood music director R.P.Patnaik. The presence of model turned actress Vithika Sheru and R.P.Patnaik at the inaugural, paved the way to the inaugural of the most awaited cultural festival SprinSpree with flying colors.

Social activities[edit]

AaSHAYAM-to literate India(2013)[edit]

Aashayam a social initiative with a motto of eradicating child labour from INDIA and educating each and every child of INDIA is a brainchild of few students of NIT Warangal. For the SpringSpree 2013 these were some records and tasks that it attempted: SAVE GIRL CHILD-ICE CREAM Stick mosaic, STOP CHILD LABOUR-SALT mosaic, WALK FOR A CAUSE-a candle march on the closing of spree in the campus made the spree more dazzling with shinning lights of candle all over the campus for a while.


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