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Industry Fast food
Founded June 1974
Founder Kim Culley & David and Barbara Leggate
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Products Baked potatoes and other snacks
Website http://www.spudulike.com/


Spudulike is a British fast food franchise founded in Edinburgh in 1974. In 1979, Spudulike was acquired by the British School of Motoring (BSM), a partnership that enabled Spudulike to grow its franchise operation considerably. It demerged in 1982, retaining all of its High Street branches.

Its products are baked potatoes (potatoes being known as "spuds" in colloquial English), with a wide range of fillings. It has branches across Britain, although these are mostly now in shopping centres, rather than on the High Street.

There are over 50 Spudulike restaurants in the UK.

A Spud-U-Like franchise

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