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A spur is a metal instrument fastened to the heel of a horse rider.

Spur may also refer to:

In fauna:

In flora:

  • Spur (botany), an elongated appendage of certain sepals
  • Spur (vine), one-year-old wood of a grapevine that is pruned back to leave just one or two buds to be used for next year's crop of grapes

In geography:

  • Spur (topography), a mountain ridge projecting laterally from a main mountain or mountain range
  • Spur, Texas, United States
  • Spur line, a short railway (railroad) branching from a main line
  • Spur route, a short road branching from longer, more important route
  • Spur trail, a shorter trail which branches from a longer route

In organizations:

In other:

  • Spur (architecture), the ornament carved on the angles of the bases of early columns
  • Spur (typography), a small continuation of part of a printed letter, especially an uppercase G
  • Spur, or a spurious tone, a tone in an electronic circuit which interferes with a signal
  • Spur, or trace (linear algebra), sum of the elements on the main diagonal
  • Spur Award, an annual literary prize awarded by the Western Writers of America
  • Spur gear, the simplest and probably most common type of gear

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