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Sputnik Monroe was an American indie band. Formed in early 2003, Los Angeles, California, the focus of the band was to reach beyond the normal constraints of mainstream radio. The group takes their name from Roscoe Monroe Merrick's wrestling pseudonym, Sputnik Monroe.

In 2005 Sputnik Monroe recorded a full length record "Wake the Sleeping Giant" at famed studio Bear Creek Studios with Producer Ryan Hadlock, who has worked with Modest Mouse and The Strokes). The record was released in 2006 with the singles Shamu Suicide, Tokyo Sky Surprise and eee Funk. The band released their second album in April 2008, titled, "'We're Doomed: The Great Depression Celebration Part 1." The band released their third album in July 2009, titled, "'The Celebration: The Great Depression Celebration Part 2."

Sputnik Monroe combined elements of emo, punk, electronica and pop to create a sound all their own. The band employs innovative guitar effects, funk bass slapping and, vintage synths in their music. Their influences include At The Drive in, Mars Volta, Dredg, Pink Floyd, Ours, and Radiohead. Kevin's vocals are often compared to the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.

G4 personality Kevin Pereira, has said of the band "I'm always a little shocked when I hear an "indie" band that has a refined sound... let alone a good one. Enter Sputnik Monroe."

Sputnik Monroe disbanded on December 2, 2009.


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