Spy Smasher (serial)

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Spy Smasher
Directed by William Witney
Produced by William J. O'Sullivan
Written by Ronald Davidson
Norman S. Hall
William Lively
Joseph O'Donnell
Joseph Poland
C. C. Beck & Bill Parker (character)
Starring Kane Richmond
Marguerite Chapman
Sam Flint
Hans Schumm
Tris Coffin
Music by Mort Glickman
Cinematography Reggie Lanning
Edited by Tony Martinelli
Edward Todd
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release dates
  • April 4, 1942 (1942-04-04)
(serial) [1]
1966 (TV) [1]
France: January 2003
Running time
12 chapters (214 minutes)(serial)[1]
100 minutes (TV)[1]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $153,682 (negative cost: $156,431)[1]

Spy Smasher is a 12-episode 1942 Republic movie serial based on the Fawcett Comics character Spy Smasher. It was the 25th of the 66 serials produced by Republic. The serial was directed by William Witney with Kane Richmond and Marguerite Chapman as the leads.[2] This serial was Chapman's big break into a career in movies and television. Spy Smasher is a very highly regarded serial. In 1966, a television movie was made from the serial footage under the title Spy Smasher Returns.


Alan Armstrong (Kane Richmond) as the Spy Smasher is a costumed vigilante and freelance agent, not associated with the US government as the country has not yet joined its allies in World War II. After discovering information about Nazi activities in occupied France, he is captured and ordered to be executed. However, with the help of Pierre Durand (Franco Corsaro), he escapes back to the United States, meeting with his twin brother Jack (Kane Richmond). Jack is incorrectly recognized and attacked killed by Nazi agent on American soil codenamed The Mask (Hans Schumm). Eve Corby (Marguerite Chapman) plays Jack's fiancé. The Mask, operates from a U-Boat near the coast.

The Mask's attacks on the United States begin with an attempt to flood the country with forged money and destroy the economy. When this is defeated, he continues with other attacks including destroying aircraft, oil and munitions intended for Britain. Constant defeats at the hands of Spy Smasher, with support from Jack Armstrong and Admiral Corby (Sam Flint), also leads the villain to take the fight back to the masked hero. In the end, the villain is killed aboard his own U-Boat in a sea of flaming oil.

Chapter titles[edit]