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American squat toilet with tank (Saline, Michigan)
A contemporary Japanese squat toilet including toilet slippers
How to Use

A squat toilet (also known as an Indian toilet or Turkish toilet) is a toilet used by squatting, rather than sitting. There are several types of squat toilets, but they all consist essentially of an opening in the floor. The only exception is a "pedestal" squat toilet, which is of the same height as a sitting toilet. It is also possible to squat over sitting toilets, but this requires extra care as they are not specifically designed for squatting.

Squat toilets are commonly found in Asia, Middle East, South America, North Africa, some parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and to some extent in Southern Europe, although they are getting less common there. Squat toilets are not common in Central and Northern Europe, North America, Japan, Australia.

It may be a Flush toilet with water that should receive Wastewater treatment, a Urine-diverting dry toilet, a Composting toilet, an Arborloo for later planting trees, a Pit latrine, but hopefully not perched over an open body of water.