Squaw Island (Buffalo)

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The location of Squaw Island and Bird Island Pier.

Coordinates: 42°55′40″N 78°54′16″W / 42.927771°N 78.904495°W / 42.927771; -78.904495 Squaw Island is an island in the Niagara River (and is regarded as an island in Lake Erie[citation needed]), located within the city limits of Buffalo, New York.

A recreational area known as Broderick Park is located in the southern portion of Squaw Island, and has been the scene of high profile visits of local congressmen.[1] The north end of the island is known as Squaw Island Park, and the middle has the Bird Island waste water treatment plant for the city, beginning operations on July 1, 1938.[2]

Bird Island

Squaw Island is connected to Bird Island via the Bird Island Pier, which is a popular fishing area.[3] The islands were 2,915 yards apart before being connected.

Bird Island was labeled on some 19th century maps, but isn't labeled often on current maps as it is essentially a reef today.[4]

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