Squaw Island (Buffalo)

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The location of Squaw Island and Bird Island Pier.

Coordinates: 42°55′40″N 78°54′16″W / 42.927771°N 78.904495°W / 42.927771; -78.904495 Squaw Island is an island in the Niagara River (and is regarded as an island in Lake Erie[citation needed]), located at within the city limits of Buffalo, New York.

A recreational area known as Broderick Park is located in the southern portion of Squaw Island, and has been the scene of high profile visits of local congressmen.[1] The north end of the island is known as Squaw Island Park, and the middle has been a waste water treatment plant for the city since the 1970s.[citation needed]

Bird Island

Squaw Island is connected to Bird Island via the Bird Island Pier, which is a popular fishing area.[2] The islands were 2,915 yards apart before being connected.

Bird Island was labeled on some 19th century maps, but isn't labeled often on current maps as it is essentially a reef today.[3]

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