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Squeamishness (Squeamish) may refer to either a mild feeling of nausea or the quality of being easily disgusted or upset. May also cause feeling faint or general uneasiness.


Anything can cause someone to feel squeamish. It could be insects or the texture of fish to blood, war, hospitals, and death. Past experiences with certain things can trigger a response from somebody. It is quite common for people to feel this way while viewing or speaking about an unpleasant topic.


Some symptoms of squeamishness may include nausea, shaking, and pallor

Depending on how exposed the person is to the subject or how squeamish they are, they may also experience vomiting and lightheadedness

And sometimes a person may even lose consciousness (pass out)

Public reaction[edit]

Squeamishness may be seen as a sign of mental or physical weakness. Those who display it in public are sometimes chided for it. People who are squeamish can be urged not to join the medical profession or serve in the military because of the risk of involvement with triggers, such as blood and violence.