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Ryan Inglis Jo Holley

Spike T. Penguin
Country of origin New Zealand
Camera setup Single
Running time 30 minutes (plus commercials)
Original channel TV 2 (New Zealand)
Original release 1 March 1996 – 26 November 2006
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Squirt was a New Zealand children's television show, produced in Dunedin. It had been aired since 1996 and on two different TV networks, coming to a close on 25 November 2006. Squirt was aired every Saturday morning, originally from 7am to 9am, then from 8:30am to 10am, eventually running from 8:30am to 9am for only 30 minutes. In the original time, many cartoons were aired, such as Cow & Chicken, Batman of the Future and Earthworm Jim just to name a few. There were also weekly competitions, and many informational segments such as "Out There!" and "Astounding Squirt Facts".

It was notable for Dunedin-based production company TaylorMade, and Animation Research Limited's (ARL) pioneering use of "live" motion capture, used in the 3D animation of the digital co-host Spike The Penguin. A performer was off camera in a special costume, making all the moves and vocal responses to the main host's comments, which played back in real time on a monitor for the crew, while all the motion was digitally recorded, which could then be applied to a fully rendered Spike, and composited into shot in post-production, ready for broadcast.

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